Apple still in process of selecting retail head Ron Johnson’s replacement (updated)

UPDATE: 3:30pm EDT: An Apple spokesperson contacted us with the following statement: “The search is underway with lots of interest and we are carefully selecting Ron’s successor. We have nothing to announce today.”

Reports on Monday suggested that Apple hasn’t found a replacement for [Ron] Johnson, its highly-regarded Senior Vice President of Retail. But we’ve been told by a source that Apple has already promoted an internal candidate to Johnson’s job,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac.

“Apple’s new retail boss boss isn’t just some suit, though. He’s one of the first retail employees Apple ever hired, a California surfer dude who has climbed from the sales floor to the very top rung of Apple management,” Kahney reports. “It’s a real rags-to-riches story that should be inspiration to every stressed out Apple Store sales associate or overworked Genius: your work can be noticed, and you too can go to the very top.”

“According to our source, Apple is replacing Johnson with his long-time lieutenant, Steve Cano,” Kahney reports. “It’s a great promotion for Cano, who started with Apple ten years ago as the manager of the flagship Palo Alto store, Steve Jobs’s local Apple Store.”

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    1. Cano is only a lucky SOB. He’s not terribly talented but is a great a$$ kisser with a knack for right place, right time.. It would be funny to see him at the top after he nailed most of the SMs who are now GMs and MMs. Not to mention the folks he threw under the bus while climbing.

      I assume Cook is smart enough to go hire absolute top talent rather than a feel good story.

  1. Right place at the right time noticed by the right people. Just luck sometimes to get promoted and climb the ladder. Of coarse, the talent and skills need to be in place, too.

    1. Maybe for you…. Why so but hurt over a little guy making it as one of Apples main leaders.

      And who are these fools you speak of… I see we have a very jealous poster.

      And life goes on.

      Surf on Dudes…….

      1. He’s right. It’s one thing to say “look, even a store manager can eventually become Senior Vice President of Retail” but totally wrong to spin this as a rags to riches story. He was hired as a store manager. This wasn’t some ass-busting part-timer that worked his or her way to the top while making shit for pay. Let’s be very clear: jealousy has nothing to do with it. This is a riches to richer story. That is all.

        “Little guy” — like hell.

        1. The average Apple Store Manager total compensation is about $65k. I’d hardly call that “rich”. So to call this a “riches to richer” story is silly.

          If you really believe that a person can’t work their way up from a low level position to one of the top positions within a company, then all I can say is – “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

          People who sit back and complain about other people being successful are just looking for excuses as to why they aren’t successful themselves. Notice I didn’t say “why they can’t be successful”, but why they aren’t successful.

          1. Your estimate for SM compensation is way off. Most SMs are banking near $100K with stock and bonuses. Multi-store managers do more.

            Please don’t comment about things you know nothing of.

            1. Actually, I’m not commenting about something I know nothing of. High end on single stores total compensation is about $115k. Average is between $65k – $78k (who said anything about multi-store managers? I didn’t.).

              Either way, to say that someone who makes on the high end making slightly over $100k is somehow the “rich” is still ridiculous.

  2. So the dude made it to the top of the corporate chain in his field… Good for him… I like the short story… A combination of talent and luck… A cool pattern of life.
    I hope he carries on well with his responsibility now and for the future.

  3. Stev Cano is probably a good choice. I knew Steve when he was a Supervisor/Asst. Mgr at CompUSA in their downtown SF store and I was the local HP retail marketing rep. He left there and got a job at Apple and had steadily risen to district sales manager, area sales manager etc. Not sure of the exact Apple positon designations. I think he was an area retail manager ?? in Europe or Great Britain for a period of time.

    Congrats Steve!

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