NetApplications: Apple’s U.S. Macintosh Web share hits all-time record 14%

NetApplications’ has measured Apple’s Mac market share at a record 14.07% in the USA in October.

Worldwide, Mac came in at 6.94% and Linux had 1.19%. In the USA, Linux had 2.99%%.

NetApplications’ collects data from the browsers of site visitors to their exclusive on-demand network of HitsLink Analytics and SharePost clients. The network includes over 40,000 websites, and spans the globe.

The company ‘counts’ unique visitors to their network sites, and only count one unique visit to each network site per day. This is part of their quality control process to prevent fraud, and ensure the most accurate portrayal of Internet usage market share. The data is compiled from approximately 160 million unique visits per month. The information is an aggregation of the data from this network of hosted website traffic statistics.

NetApplications’ Desktop Operating System Market Share – Worldwide

NetApplications' Desktop Operating System Market Share - Worldwide
Source: NetApplications

NetApplications’ Desktop Operating System Market Share – USA

NetApplications' Desktop Operating System Market Share - USA
Source: NetApplications


  1. The tipping point will be reached I think between 20-25% market share when Mac adoption in terms of self regenerative sales will make the platform irresistible to corporate IT departments due to the network effect of more apps being written specifically for the Mac platform. I think that’s when Steve Ballmer will start wetting his pants thinking that Windows might end up in the scrap heap of history.

    1. I’d love to see a breakdown of Mac OS X “Lion” vs Windows 7 usage. I’d bet that the Mac percentage would be MUCH higher. There are still millions and millions of old XP machines out there (since 2002-2003) that may wind up getting replaced with a Mac, not Windows. A Lion vs 7 chart would more realistically show a CURRENT breakdown and be a better predictor of where things are headed.

      1. I have Windows 7 installed in my MBP running Lion due to the need to boot into Windows to view websites that are designed only to be viewed by IE. Lame but true. Some dunderheads in corporate IT imposed this policy due to security issues, the implication being that IE is more secure than Safari which is laughable. Still I have to contend with MS entrenched IT doofuses on a daily basis. MS made a sale but it doesn’t mean I won’t ditch it in a heartbeat if corporate IT woke up to the idea that MS doesn’t guarantee lifelong job sinecure for these bastards. 

        1. Unfortunately there are hundreds of vertical applications written for Windows only causing structural friction for switchers in business for years.
          That’s why we should at least support open data formats to ease the pain to get rid of the dark side.

  2. What about the total iOS+OS X percentage of ALL web traffic. Must be somewhere in between 62% and 14%. Is is it something like 25% of all web traffic is from apple devices?

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