Evidence shows Apple already working on Mac OS X 10.8

“Apple has already begun work on the next major revision to Mac OS X which is being labeled as version 10.8,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“Apple only just released the final version of OS X 10.7 (Lion) to customers in July,” Kim reports. “While Apple has yet to announce plans for the next major version of OS X, evidence of 10.8 first began appearing in our web logs in August, and have since accelerated.”

Kim reports, “While it is trivial to falsify these records, the requests originated from Apple, Inc. IP addresses and surrounding areas. Also, the overall clustering is consistent with limited internal testing. We saw a very similar pattern for the early OS X 10.7 requests which began in October, 2009.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mac OS X LionS (pronounced “lioness”). 😉


    1. Liger would be an excellent name for a hacked version of Mac OS X Tiger that has features of Mac OS X Lion. Such a thing could be great for old Macs that can’t run Lion. And naming it after the unnatural wildcat hybrid animal fits perfectly.

    1. Actually, I think the big news is that the next Mac OS will be Mac OS X – everyone was speculating that Lion would be the last Mac OS X, and that the next one would be completely different. This sounds like that’s not the case after all. So OS X 10.8 does give us a glimpse into what the future holds for Mac.

  1. Hey Apple! In your infinite wisdom you’ve gotten rid of save as in Lion. Why not go all the way and get rid of save in 10.8? Save is so 2010, such an archaic idea that a mere end user could decide when a document’s contents are to be preserved. I’m sure we’ll all be happy to let the operating system decide how and when to retain our work. Let the dumbing down continue!

    1. ^ Speaking of dumbing down.

      Those of us that work in apps like Lightroom are accustomed to not having to save, and understand the relatively simple concept apparently better than you’ve been able to manage.

      Maybe you should take a class.

    2. Uh, hey genius: Lion does allow you to determine when to preserve a document’s contents. By default, it saves everything. If you want to get rid of changes you made, choose revert. If you want to make a copy of the file, freaking make a copy of the file.

      Apple’s new model is the way document saving should have been done from the start.


      1. When Lion was introduced, the biggest feature I was cheering about… the way things are saved now in Lion!

        About F’n Time someone threw out the BS way things used to be done.

        Take a few clicks away from me so I can just work?…. yes please.

  2. Next release will not be an OSX. It will signify the beginning of the use of Apple’s processors and a major step forward in computer usability and functionality. Any current use of OS X is simply a development name and one used to maintain secrecy for the coming changes.

    Calendar it. (Okay, no date yet.)

  3. Lion is the King. True or not, that is the top of the chain here. Sabertooth tiger is unlikely. Therefore, the end of the cats… the end of OS X.

    OS XI just doesn’t ring anyone’s bell.

    The next OS leaves OS X.

    As significant as was the change from OS 9 to OS X, we hope the coming change may also be. Either way, it’s coming.

    Apple has been putting all in place. They’re almost ready.

  4. It’s reasonably common knowledge that apple has 2 OS team working at the same time. When a major release is done that team works on the point releases while the other works on the next major one, Then they swap over.

  5. Of course they are already working on the next release. They were probably working on it even before Lion was released.

    But I doubt that it will be referred to as version “10.8.” I think it will be a MAJOR rewrite that includes (among other things) complete resolution independence (so that Mac display’s can have ultra-tiny pixels too), Menu Bar that is resizable and optional (or can be set to hide like Dock), support for both Intel and Apple’s “A-chip,” Siri (with emphasis on the “AI” aspect), and overall rethinking of the Mac GUI (but NOT including touch screens) like Mac OS 9 to X.

    Still, interesting MDN take… an interim version (to be released earlier than normal) that just incorporates Siri (and maybe some other stopgap enhancements) into the current Lion. It would be somewhat like Leopard to Snow Leopard. Is there a marketable name for a sub-species of Lion? I guess the suggested “Lion-S” (lioness) would be fine for that purpose.

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