Google TV review: ‘Apple wouldn’t dare to put out the crap that Google does’

“Since Steve Jobs’ biography was released, there’s been a lot of talk about an Apple television. Apparently Jobs figured out the perfect interface for such a device, and he thought it would make a big impact on the industry,” Derek writes for Stableboy Selections. “Well, I really hope Apple does this as soon as possible, because I own a Google TV. And Google TV is a piece of shit. Leave it to Google to throw out another flawed beta product (Does anybody use Google+ anymore?).”

“Only after I bought this piece of junk did I realize the flaws of my judgment. GoogleTv is so unnatural to use as a web browser that I hardly try any more. It’s so much more efficient to just open up my Macbook Air and get things done,” Derek writes. “I’m tired of the cumbersome task of switching between tabs. First you need to hold down the Home button for a second. Then you need to push on a directional pad. Then you need to push Select. This was truly designed by an idiot. On a computer all I need to do is use a trackpad and click. And as for the Logitech full-size keyboard? It is terrible, too. The trackpad isn’t even half the size of my Macbook’s. You can’t just tap the pad to click. You need to click a separate button. This was also designed by an idiot.”

“Apple wouldn’t dare to put out the crap that Google does. When Apple makes a TV it is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen. I can imagine it now. You won’t need three remotes to turn on your A/V equipment. You won’t need to study the manual that shows you what each button does on your remote,” Derek writes. “You will just tell Siri if you want to switch from watching a movie to browsing the web. You won’t need to remember the numbers to every channel. You will just tell Siri what program you want to watch, and Siri will automatically change the channel for you.”

Derek writes, “You know what’s amazing about all this? I am not an engineer. I am average when it comes to understanding technology. But I have common sense because I am a consumer of technology. I know what experiences are good and which aren’t. Everything Apple makes is intuitive to use. Apple’s competitors generally don’t know how to make anything intuitive unless they copy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, now, there’s a lovely review (to go along with all the rest).

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  1. If an Apple TV comes out with Siri, I hope it allows: “Gonzo (what I will name my TV) go to Chanel 13.” or “Gonzo, find a I Love Lucy rerun.”
    Things like that would be helpful. No more hand held devices to loose in the cushions.
    Oh, and “Gonzo, shut off at 11:00 tonight.”

    That would be great.

  2. I’m having a hard time figuring out how Siri is going to work, especially during a Superbowl party with five guys shouting at the screen. What if a child walks in front of the screen in the middle of the game and says, “I wanna watch Egbert Duck” in the middle of the Superbowl, would Siri change the channel? What if there is a player named House and a viewer shouts “Go House,” would Sirit change channels to the medical show if it was in reruns on another channel? What if the announcer says, “Stay tuned for more news” immediately after you told Siri to change the channel? Would she change channels or not?

    I just can’t get my head around this.

    1. You might have a remote with one button the button to activate Siri… Like on the iPhone…. Or proceed all commands with a phrase like “Siri… Please change to channel x”… There are many solutions to the issues you describe… Apple will surely pick the best ones…

      1. Yes there has to be a remote with mic pickup with one button (sort of like the current Apple TV button) for noisy situations and a TV mic for more quieter environments, easy to wrap your head around. Who knows maybe Siri will be also to recognize only specific voices by then too.

    2. Stop thinking before you seriously hurt yourself.

      You remind me of the times before the iPhone came out. People were saying things dumb things like…..”so when I touch the phone to my ear will it start to dial my mistress while I am on the phone with my wife?” We all know what bozo’s they turned out to be. Don’t we!

    3. Apple really has things figured out. You know that second mic on the top of your iPhone? It does stuff. Magical stuff. Stuff like filter out background noise (even the really loud stuff) Worry not, sports fan. Whatever Steve had up his sleeve, it will just work.

    4. Not being constrained by battery issues, an AppleTV-based Siri could be listening for commands the whole time, and only analyzing and interpreting sentences that are preceded with something like “Siri, …”

      Just like in Star Trek, people have to deliberately say clearly, while not being in the middle of a sentence; “Computer,…” before asking for something

    1. Watching Netflix and YouTube on Apple TV helped me keep my sanity when I was housebound taking care of my dying father. The best part was pausing shows to handle emergencies. It kept me entertained while I kept an ear out for problems and it was a good catharsis. Back then, if a movie character broke a tea cup, it would move me to tears. Now everyone is dead but me. The tea cups don’t bother me any more, but at least the Apple TV is still here.

        1. I have a 1080p set, but because it is a 32-inch set, I can’t really tell the difference between 720p and 1080p from the vantage point of the sofa. I think most people see the difference at about 50 inches or larger. A 1080p Apple TV wouldn’t give me enough additional picture quality to compensate for the larger downloads. At least for now.

          If Apple increases the Apple TV to 1080p, their customers will start to run into data-cap problems. So Apple is motivated to stay at 720p.

  3. Exactly as it should be;

    This review uses Apple as the standard against which other companies must be measured.

    We will see this more and more.
    And all non-Apple tech companies should be sweating blood.

    1. Really? So Apple TVs don’t actually connect to flat screens and the people talking about watching Youtube and Netflix videos are either lying or just imagining things? I guess you think Macs can’t connect to the internet and have no USB, Ethernet DVI, HDMI, WiFi, PCI or even audio connectors.
      You are not just an idiot, you’re an ignorant IDIOT.

    2. just glancing my mac is connected to a Wacom, HP and EPSON printers, scanners, various hard drives… I can even link my mac to PCs…

      I connected my iPod to my .. CAR.

    3. You don’t know Apple.
      My Mac Pro is connected to 3 external firewire hard drives, a Samsung 2nd monitor, an X-keys keypad, a Matias half keyboard, a Targus keypad, a Wacom tablet, a 3D Connexion Space Naviagtor, a Lexar Firewire card reader, an Epson photo printer, a Nikon film scanner, an Epson scanner, 2 Dymo Labelwriter printers and, of course to a bunch of Apple stuff. And yes, I use all of those things – Every Day – and it all JUST WORKS!

    4. “If I know Apple, it will be closed system and won’t allow any other equipment to be connected to it.”

      Wow, a likely candidate already!

      @Bob is my nominee for anonymous coward TardTroll of the month. Say something even more inane Bob! You’re going to have a lot of competition before November 30th.

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