Apple engineers contacting iPhone 4S owners to solve battery life issue seen by some

“Apple engineers are contacting some iPhone 4S owners to try to solve problems with battery life on the new device, after some people have seen dramatic drops in longevity compared to previous models,” Charles Arthur reports for The Guardian.

“One owner has told the Guardian that Apple contacted him directly and asked him to install a monitoring program on the phone to try to diagnose the problem, which is so far unexplained,” Arthur reports. “In some cases the short life has been blamed on corrupted contacts imported from Apple’s MobileMe or iCloud services, or from Google’s Contacts list; deleting and then reinstalling them sometimes seems to fix the problem.”

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      1. Yes but some companies barely do that, some just do the bare minimum that is required

        Apple does free overnight shipping both ways for warranty repairs… How many companies would even pay for the product to be shipped back to them let alone give you an overnight shipping label

  1. The conspiracy antenna went up when I detached that Google may be the source of the problem with corrupt data.

    “he short life has been blamed on corrupted contacts imported from Apple’s MobileMe or iCloud services, or from Google’s Contacts list; ”

    If this coruption is traced to Google wold that be a criminal act if done intentionally?

    1. Actually, Google does suck. Their calendar, contacts, and email are dead slow on my iPhone. My employer uses Google crap, so I’m forced to deal with it. By contrast, my i-stuff syncs and loads in a very, dare I say it, “snappy” manner.

  2. I’ve been an iPhone owner since the first one came out. I was very happy with the battery life on my 4. Just got the 4S last week. One thing new I’ve noticed is that my 4 would easily go from one day to the next without being charged and still have a good charge left the next morning. If not plugged in, my 4S dies overnight. My usage hasn’t changed. Very disappointing.

  3. My usage and standby times were virtually the same even overnight with everything off. Reset, reinstall, visit to genius did nothing. On second visit to genius they gave me a new phone. Everything works fine now. My guess is firmware but what do I know?

  4. There’s a different take over at AppleInsider, no mention of corrupted contacts being the problem.

    Over on AI many people, myself included, have had the same problems on our iPhone 4 after installing iOS5 –

    Quote –
    “I’ve found exactly the same since I installed iOS5. My iPhone 4 used to last between 2-3 days, or over 1 day at worst if I hammered its use – long phone calls and web browsing.

    Since reading these posts on AI, I’ve deselected iCloud and document data as others said they have done. I’ll wait and see how this pans out, but this seems to defeat the object of upgrading to iOS5 if you can’t leave the features switched on.

    Come on Apple, you should have tested this out better than this. :no:”

  5. Wonder what happens if you leave Siri on and talk in your sleep? My 4S lasts as long as my 4 did – give it an overnight charge every other night. Has survived an entire weekend without plugging in.

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