RIM slashes prices, PlayBooks continue selling like snotcakes

“BlackBerry PlayBook prices were cut by $200 in the US last month as retailers cried out for something extra to help shift mountain mounting stock levels estimated at some half a million units across the world,” Paul Kunert reports for Reg Hardware.

“Last week, retailers PC World and Currys lopped £150 off the price of the 16GB and 32GB models, and other partners including Carphone Warehouse, Phone4U, Best Buy along with business resellers Insight, Vodafone and Orange all had access to the same rebate deal,” Kunert reports. “But sources reckon that while the discounts have given ensuing sales a slight uplift, adoption remains disappointing.”

Kunert reports, “RIM last month dismissed industry talk that it is set to jettison the PlayBook as “pure fiction’…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Amateur hour is over. People don’t want fake iPads, they want real iPads.

[Attribution: Electronista. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  2. Hey, buy this, it has Flash, the iPad doesn’t!

    (but we don’t have built-in apps for email, calendar or contacts, because we want you, yes even you Joe Consumer, to buy and pair with a Blackberry locked on an expensive enterprise server plan to go with it too!)

  3. Yeah, they will eventually all sell, once the desperation fire sale price goes low enough (like with HP TouchPad). And those sales will count as “units” versus iPad units selling at full retail price, and give the false impression that non-iPads have a significant and sustainable share in the tablet (iPad) market.

    The only tablet that has a shot at sustaining market share against iPad is Amazon’s Kindle Fire. And that is because they intend to sell it at close to those “fire sale” prices from the start; maybe that’s why it’s named “Fire.” 🙂

    People who want an iPad will still buy an iPad. People who don’t want to (or can’t) spend $500 on a tablet will get a “fire sale special” or a Kindle Fire; after they are comfortable with being tablet users, they will buy a “real” iPad the next time.

    1. ken1w,

      You’ve always struck me as a reasonable sort, on MDN and on other Mac forums. Why the Kindle hate? Amazon is following a different business model. The Fire isn’t Android (by Google’s definition). Apple has always said they welcome competition that doesn’t infringe on their IP; is there any proof the Fire does? Amazon has been selling Kindles for a few years now, so they must have a good idea about Kindle owners buying books and other media, and how much money they can make from those customers.

      The Fire may not be for you and I, but why knock it if it is trying to claim a legitimate piece of the action?

      1. I don’t read it as kindle hate, just the observation that some will buy the Fire expecting an iPad-like experience (the remainder will be happy with a kindle experience). Some of the first set will have their tablet appetite whetted, and will decide that a great tablet really is worth $500 and buy an iPad. The rest will be split between those that are satisfied with the limited tablet experience of the Fire and those that are soured to the notion of tablet computing. Amazon is carefully neither proclaiming or denying comparison of Fire to iPad, I assume to maximize initial sales, but this may bite them in the long term.

      2. I think Kindle Fire is actually a great move by Amazon. Amazon is (or will be) effectively increasing the base of tablet users, to a much higher level than even Apple can manage on its own, and at a much faster clip than Apple can manage on its own.

        It’s a win-win for Apple and Amazon, because those new users will buy e-content from Amazon, and many of those users will upgrade to iPad next. But the great thing for Amazon is that they will continue to buy e-content from Amazon, whether they stay with Kindles or move to iPads.

        And that’s the whole point of Kindle Fire in the first place, to sell content. Does Amazon really care if customers buy with an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, PC, or Kindle? And Apple does not want to sell $200 tablets; let Amazon sell them (and LOSE profit per unit), train those customers to be experienced tablet users, and “graduate” a percentage to iPad every year. A lot of those future iPad customers will exist only because they used a Kindle Fire first, just as A LOT of new Mac customers (“switchers”) were Windows users.

        The loser is Google. Amazon has taken an older stable version of Android and customized it to be unrecognizable as “Android.” Instead of using Google’s services, Kindle Fire will be linked to Amazon’s services. So Google gains some Android market share in tablets with almost zero benefit.

        1. I see no evidence that selling content makes money. Apple sells billions of apps and songs, millions of movies and tv shows; so how much money do they make out of iTunes?

          Apple is the largest seller of music, apps and streaming video and they only break even on those sales. The market is littered with the corpses of other music and video retailers. The reason is the 80/20 split between the content producers and the seller, ie Apple. You can’t make a decent profit on 20% revenue. After all the costs apple must barely make a few cents on the dollar from content sales. All their profit comes from hardware where they are the “content producer”.

          What is amazon doing? Selling hardware at a loss. The hardware version of PlaysForSure 😉

          Good luck with that

          Apple makes its money on hardware

          1. > I see no evidence that selling content makes money.

            What, are you kidding? Amazon started their empire selling a thing called “books.” That is old-school “content.” And they are now transitioning to sell more of it digitally, along with other types of digital content such as music and videos. I use my iPhone and Mac to buy content from Amazon. Also, you have to believe that Kindle Fire will be strongly linked to the general Amazon web store, which sells “everything.” I buy a lot of that from Amazon too…

            Amazon’s profit margin is thin (because their main business is retailing, not manufacturing), but there is no doubt they make a profit.

            1. Of course, but amazon can get a much better rate on books. Retailers can take as much as 70% of the purchase price on a paper version. They used to get that on their ebooks but since Apple started iBooks they’re back to the 25% cut that apple charges. As for their other products like DVDs that’s hardly a growth market. Most of what they sell is thru affiliates. As for music and movies they’re at the mercy of the content companies with the 20% cut. How much does apple make on iTunes again 😉
              It’s gets worse too. They recently announced that they were selling more ebooks than paper versions. So they’ve gone from a product where they make 70% profit to one they make 30% before costs. And they’re having to sell a device to read them on at a loss. And the more they sell the greater the loss.
              Not to mention the whole book market itself is shrinking too.
              Remember all those PlaysForSure and other music stores? Amazon is trying to emulate microsofts strategy. Expect to make the profit on the license you sell to a manufacturer and a bit from the content. Amazon is being even more foolhardy by taking on the hardware sellers role while MAKING A LOSS on every device.

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  4. Nobody wants Blackberry’s lame effort. One of my friend is having a Playbook foisted upon her by her employer. She’s dreading it.

    The only current competition the iPad has is from the Kindle as far as I’m concerned. Nothing else has any traction behind it.

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