ARMv8 detailed: first 64-bit chip, backwards compatible

“ARM on Thursday outlined some of the details of its first 64-bit chip architecture, ARMv8,” Electronista reports.

“The design is an extension of the current 32-bit ARMv7 and either keeps or expands on features like its Neon instructions, security, and virtual machine support,” Electronista reports. “Most of the benefit comes from the move to 64-bit by itself, which lets it handle much larger data sets and support more virtual memory, sometimes leading to faster performance.”

Electronista reports, “Its 32-bit component keeps all the same features and is backwards compatible. An OS could theoretically build in support for legacy apps, although ARM hasn’t said if the v8 platform supports running 32- and 64-bit code at the same time.”

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  1. What’s the point of all this computing power when Safari refreshes tabbed pages all the time? It’s irritating as hell. It’s time Apple put 1GB of RAM on the iPad 3, when it’s eventually released. I can’t understand why they’re so stingy on RAM. It’s not as if $5 more in cost per iDevice is going to put a dent on that $82 billion cash pile.

      1. Yes, RAM consumes actually quite a lot of power.

        However, if iPad 3 will have Retina display (2048×1536), then 1 GB RAM is inevitable, since screen buffer will take four times as much as for current iPads/iPhones — up to 256 MB from the current 64 MB.

        1. iPad 3 is not going to have a 2048×1536 “Retina” display. If such a component existed, they would have to start producing and stockpiling them in the millions right NOW, to meet required iPad volume. There would be leaks and photos of the actual part out there, just like there were during the six months before the Retina Display debuted in iPhone 4.

          Also, 2048×1536 is 85% of the pixels in a 27-inch iMac, squeezed into a 10-inch touch-sensitive display. Even if the component existed and was ready for volume manufacturing, it would be far to expensive (at this time) for use in an iPad.

          I predict Apple will follow the path of iPhone… After the initial iPhone, there were two sets of two generations, where the external appearance did not change and the improvements were to internal component. iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S. The iPad had its initial model, which changed for iPad 2. The next iPad will look like iPad 2, with improvements to internal components.

          The iPad AFTER that will have a significant change in appearance.

          1. Ken1w, you really should do some research before ranting on the Internet, because you make yourself look silly.

            “If such a component existed…” we’ll the CEO of LG was recently demonstrating exactly that component and also said that Apple were planning on using it in iPads. Other manufacturers have similar DPI screens of larger sizes.

            Also, if you were an iOS developer you would know that the SDK has had iPad 2048×1536 images in it for some time. Also interestingly, Lion has built in support for ultra high DPI screens even though none are available on Macs (yet).

            1. I did not say it would NEVER be used. I just said it was unlikely to be used for the next iPad, the one for 2012 (probably around March or April), the one that people are already calling “iPad 3.”

              I said, “The iPad AFTER [the next one] will have a significant change in appearance.” And that one will probably have a different display. Maybe a choice of two display sizes will be the change (instead of “going Retina”), which makes more sense to me.

              The people who are speculating about the next iPad having a “Retina Display” are the same people who were absolutely sure there would be an iPhone 5 this year, with a 4-inch screen. There were no leaks about a 4-inch display component being produced in the tens of millions prior to the iPhone 4S release, so I was pretty sure THAT would not happen either.

    1. Because apple is very stupid.

      I dont buy ios devices anymore because safari refreshes tabbed pages all the time. The opera browser doesn’t do that on ios devices. But Opera doesn’t work as good as Safari, exept for that idiotic refreshing.

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