Jonathan Ive’s excellent 8-minute tribute to Steve Jobs (with video)

As we reported over the weekend, Apple has posted a video of the October 19th celebration of Steve Jobs’ life featuring reminiscences by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Bill Campbell, Al Gore, and Jony Ive, and musical performances by Norah Jones and Coldplay.

The 1:21:09 streaming video requires Safari 4 or 5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, Safari on iOS 3 or later, or QuickTime 7 on Windows. You can watch the complete special event, filmed live at the Apple campus in Cupertino, California, here.

FairerPlatform writes, “Lots of folks have quoted Ive’s speech to Apple coworkers and the gathered digerati at the company’s 1 Infinite Loop campus on Wednesday, October 19. Now, you can watch the design genius deliver his emotive address, snarky humor and all — yeah, he’s complicated, too.”

MacDailyNews Take: Our own SteveJack wrote the following over eight years ago, in August 2003:

Watch Ive in the Power Mac G5 intro video. Ive first appears about 40% in, at the 2:50 mark of the 6:33 minute video. Note that he is almost wearing a black mock turtleneck already. Contrast his presentation style and enthusiasm with the other Apple presenters. Can you sense the almost Jobsian, call it Junior Jobsian, aura? Ive has “it” while all of the other Apple employees in the video are just nice people talking about a computer. And Ive should only get better with time.

Tim Cook should seriously consider having Jony Ive do Apple’s keynote presentations or, at the very least, participate in a significant fashion.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


      1. About the only times you’ve ever seen Tim Cook present he’s been dealing with either the imminent or recent loss of SJ. Give him a break.

        OTOH, somebody was saying recently that Ives was no public speaker. This day he proved that to be totally wrong. Should he do keynotes in the future? No question that he would be the best. Let Cook deliver the overview and then introduce him for the product specifics. Wow!

        1. Cook numerously took stage before the latest tragic times and his styles was always more subdued. He has totally different temperament comparing to Jobs, so nothing more could be expected.

          As to Ive, his role at Apple is too much about “Leberal Arts”, even though industrial design is actually not that liberal since it crosses manufacturing process.

          But I agree, that Ive thinks “craziest” among the team, so it would be interesting to hear him doing keynotes if he would not be so much design-driven person, which is too narrow. This narrowness, besides great craziness of Ive, could be the reason why Jobs made Cook head of Apple, not Ive.

  1. Thanks so much for highlighting this uniquely special part of the memorial. It was a pitch-perfect send-off from a friend to a best friend. And thank you for sharing your insides, Jonny. This is the stuff of legends.

  2. The hotel part was too funny! Reading his biography (not finished yet), recent articles, and watching videos like these, shows a side of Steve that was a mystery before.

    He really was quite the character!

    P.S. There is something odd about reading his biography on my iPad.

  3. The part about the hotel was hilarious.

    There is something about Ive’s voice and delivery that is very captivating.

    I think he would do absolutely awesome on stage wowing people with Apple tech.

    1. You could save the stream… Or there is a 1.5gb torrent out there with the entire memorial in 540p all ready to import into iTunes. I doubt apple will put it up for all to download.

      Just browse the Mac apps on a certain well known “pirate” site and you will find it. Just search for the most resilient torrent site… You’ll find the bay you are looking for.

      You’ll have to do the rest, but that where I found it.

    1. I remember reading that he doesn’t like public speaking, so I think you’re right.

      Obviously to pay his respects to Steve would be a good reason to make an exception.

      I doubt we’ll see Jony doing any keynotes anytime soon.

  4. Mr Ive is a dynamite speaker! Gorgeous voice, emotion and enunciation. WOW !!!

    For Apple not to use him in this capacity is insane.

    Thank you Steve for lighting up the world.

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