SNL parodies ‘Charlie Rose’ and reaction to Steve Jobs’ passing (with video)

In this “bonus sketch” from Saturday Night Live’s dress rehearsal, host “Charlie Rose” welcomes the following guests:

• “Mark Zuckerberg”
• “Arianna Huffington”
• “Reed Hastings”
• “Rupert Murdoch”

The assorted luminaries discuss the legacy of the late Apple CEO, “Steve Jobs.”

Direct link to the video via Hulu here.

MacDailyNews Take: You know a sketch blows when it isn’t even good enough make SNL’s live show. 😉

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. It was OK funny. They should have done something with Jobs and heaven, etc.
      This was certainly was no John Belushi level SNL skit but he’s dead too, so that level of humor isn’t coming back.

      Funniest SNL Apple skit was with the invisible iPod. “…Holds a BILLION songs…Every photo EVER taken.”

    2. Absolutely agree! SNL is know for its satire! Seems to me to be dead-on with this skit. SJ and Company truly puts all others to shame when it comes to innovation, and CLASS.

  1. Impersonations critique:
    Charlie Rose – Barely recognizable. Huh?
    Arianna Huffington – NAILED! Fun satire. More please!
    Reed Hastings – Kind of weak, but fun lines.
    Mark Zuckerberg – Very good. Obvious lines however.
    Rupert – Sucked. But excellent satirical lines nailing the nature of his disease vector. And, he needed a pie in the face.

    Summary: Rightfully deleted.

    1. The vague attempt at true impersonation is the SNL (Loren Michaels) way. There have only been a few SNL cast members over the years who could truly impersonate. Remember Dan Akroyd, with his big mustache doing Jimmy Carter, or Chevy doing Gerald Ford? Not even close. The SNL way is to stick someone in front of a camera with caption of who they are supposed to be.

  2. I laughed, I cried. As a regular CR viewer (and saw the Jobs episode), I’d say most of the inflections were spot-on…and his fetish about “the table.” Hilarious!

  3. My favorite parts were, “Zuckenburg saying he dressed up” and the guy from Netflix saying, “Apple started out in a garage and Netflix will soon be in a garage, preferably without cars–but then flips and says cars could be used as desks”. LOL. Just funny. Also the dare from Murdoch to find one complete sentence in the Post was funny too.

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