Analyst says Apple ‘iTV’ integrated television set coming in 2012

“A Jefferies analyst is predicting that Apple Inc. will launch ‘iTV,’ an integrated television set that lets people access their music, TV and videos stored remotely in ‘the cloud,’ in the second half of 2012,” The Associated Press.

“The analyst, Peter Misek [with Jefferies], said he thinks Apple will initially make about 5 million to 10 million of the iTV. He is basing this on quotes from Steve Jobs’ new biography by Walter Isaacson, which went on sale Monday,” AP reports. “In it, Jobs tells Isaacson he has come up with a way to make TVs as easy to use as the iPhone or the iPad. He says: ‘I finally cracked it.'”

AP reports, “Misek thinks that in addition to making money from subscription revenue, Apple could benefit from a ‘halo effect’ of increased sales of its other products because of an iTV.”

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    1. then you just don’t get it. All your media stored at one location, where all your devices feed off it. Maybe you prefer the old days of having to make sure each device has the biggest hard drives you can buy, and then have to download and transfer all your media to each one separately.

      Search youtube for “steve jobs cloud computing 1997” and maybe you’ll understand better

      1. Thanks for the condescending update Ed. I live in an area with terrible internet, so for me at this point in time it IS overrated. I can totally see the merit in iCloud and how technology like this is the wave of the future. But at this point in time, it’s not for everybody.

        1. Yes but that is hardly iCloud’s fault is it. Its like saying the car is massively over rated because ‘I live half way up a mountain’. Its hardly sensible to wait till the industry has perfected the vertical road as in ‘I Robot’ is it before they produce the car.

    1. Jobs was never religious about it. Court trials and practical business rationalities go well together. So Apple will keep using Samsung’s parts, if the quality and price are right. And Jobs did not decline Google’s services even though the company stole iOS’ UI to use in Android.

  1. Most are rating it for what it will be, rather than solely on what it is today. It will be great and influential.

    But this is Apple’s modus operandi: release a new feature that does barely anything, but does it well; then expand its capabilities. No where is f’ing magic involved.

    1. The difference would be about $2000 for Apple. AppleTV = $99. iTV = $2099.

      I’m just kidding. I honestly don’t see an Apple iTV coming down the pike. If that’s the case, Apple could just stick a tuner or the guts of an AppleTV into a 27″ iMac and call it an iTV. I like Apple products but I doubt if I’d pay for an Apple-built TV if they’re going to charge more than some high-end Sony, LG or Toshiba. I’d rather just buy the $99 external device and put it on any flat-panel TV of my choosing that’s on-sale at the moment.

  2. This analyst is already suckering in the Apple bulls. He’s trying to build a fictitious Apple iTV into Apple’s 2012’s revenue numbers. The bloggers will jump on this article and help “raise expectations” based on an outright lie. When it doesn’t show up, analysts and investors will show their disappointment and give a good reason for Apple’s failure of “missing” their numbers. These analysts will continue to “dick” honest Apple shareholders with nonsense. Apple will never claim to have any any iTV in the works, but the Apple bloggers will be making up all sorts of fantasies of a coming Apple-branded TV. Look for Apple share price to crumble again after the holiday quarter while the so-called Apple faithful happily chirp that it’s just another “buying opportunity” for the next quarter. That’s what they always say when Apple’s share price plunges for no good reason. Misek doesn’t know jack about Apple’s plans or production numbers. He’s just another Apple manipulator.

    1. There is definitely a need for a completely redesigned and redefined TV and there have been past hints that they’d make one. Now Steve Jobs has admitted to having been developing an idea that some of us have anticipated for years. It seems that the only thing here that’s fictitious is the Wise in TheWiseInvestor.

  3. IF Apple ever releases an iTV, full blown AppleTV, whatever, it will be something special and game-changing.

    But I think that’s a long ways off. There would be so many media content deals that need to be put into place, and with the current attitude of the movie/TV studios, I just don’t see it happening for quite some time. They don’t want to be tied to one supplier like the music industry has become with iTunes, even though that is a great system for the music industry.

  4. Given the low margins on TV sets, the fact that the high price tag would limit the market, and the additional fact that the TV market is a mature one, it would seem to me that it would make more sense for Apple to come out with a next generation set top box (AppleTV 2) with a much lower price than a full fledged TV thereby having a broad based market, probably margins equivalent to iPhones and iPads, and relatively few people already own then. Presumably the ingenuity is in the features in the box rather than the TV itself.

  5. If only there was some way to get HD content to this new Apple integrated TV that could somehow bypass the crappy Internet connection so many of us are stuck with. I don’t know, maybe some way of storing 50gb or so of data in some portable form that would be simple to use by even non-techies. If only…

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