WSJ dubiously claims Samsung beat Apple in smartphone shipments as world waited for next-gen iPhone

“Samsung Electronics Co. shipped more than 20 million smartphones in the quarter ended Sept. 30, a person familiar with the situation said Thursday, beating close competitor Apple Inc., which sold 17.1 million units in its fiscal fourth quarter ended Sept. 24,” Yun-Hee Kim reports for The Wall Street Journal which ought to know better.

“Samsung, the world’s second-largest maker of cellphones by shipments after Nokia Corp., has sharply ramped up its shipments of smartphones this year, taking advantage of the popularity of Google Inc.’s Android operating system and strong demand from consumers as they shift from feature phones to smartphones,” Kim reports. “It is also stepping up production of its own software-based phones in Europe and launching new phones based on Microsoft Corp. software. Samsung doesn’t disclose its smartphone shipments.”

MacDailyNews Take: “A person familiar with the situation said” and “Samsung doesn’t disclose its smartphone shipments.” Hence the use of “dubiously” in our headline. And, oh by the way, Apple doesn’t have to give away every second or every second and third phone away to entice those who would settle for pretend iPhones. (smirk)

Kim reports, “The company shipped 12 million smartphones in the first quarter of this year and more than 19 million units in the second quarter, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics. In the second quarter a year earlier, the company sold slightly more than 3 million units. Robust shipments put the company on pace to pass market leaders Nokia in the second quarter and Apple in the three months ended September.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple does disclose its smartphone sales. In the first calendar quarter of this year, ended March 26th, Apple sold 18.65 million iPhones. In the second calendar quarter of this year, ended June 25, 2011, Apple sold 20.34 million iPhones. Samsung’s undisclosed, third-party-estimated first half 2011 shipments total 31 million units. Apple’s disclosed first half sales total 38.99 million. Add the claimed 20 million from this “person familiar with the situation” and, through the first three quarters of 2011, Samsung shipments total 51 million. Apple just sold 17.07 million iPhones (as the world waited for the next-gen iPhone, no less) or 56.06 million iPhones through the first three quarters of 2011. 51 million undisclosed shipments for Samsung vs. 56.06 million disclosed sales for Apple. Some “beat” that is, WSJ. Are you really that desperate for an anti-Apple headline?

And, yes, Apple will beat Samsung and everyone else this quarter with their iPhone 4S.

Kim reports, “Mr. Hong said the company “welcomes” Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. ‘This is to protect the Android ecosystem and its partners,’ Mr. Hong said.”

MacDailyNews Take: If Mr. Hong believes that, then Mr. Hong is a fool in addition to being the figurehead for a bunch of derivative knockoff hacks who have no respect for others’ patented IP.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we said the other day, Samsung is on a mission to displace Microsoft as Apple’s Hedy Carlson.

Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. I’ve always maintained that the evolution of smart phones towards bigger screens means that Apple in releasing a 3.5″ iPhone 4S is increasingly falling behind in the high stakes game of smart phone wars. Samsung has a take no prisoners approach – they will do whatever it takes to boost smart phone sales including scaling hardware towards the 4.5″ end of the spectrum. 

    The iPhone screen looked completely spacious compared to its then 2007 competitors, primarily BlackBerry. But the landscape has shifted to such an extent that the modern iPhone screen looks cramped by comparison. BlackBerry is no longer the iphone’s main competitor – Samsung, HTC and Nokia are.  

    I think if Apple does not evolve to meet the needs of the current generation of users it will look increasingly like Microsoft which actively retards the development of Windows due to a backward looking policy of having to support legacy programs. I think Apple is in some danger of falling into the same backward compatibility sandpit if it doesn’t evolve towards 4″ in the next iPhone 5 iteration. 

    1. Which is why Apple just smashed the launch weekend record with over 4 million units sold and AT&T just set a new all-time activations record with iPhone 4S.

      Smart people want phones that fit in their pockets and, when they want larger screens, they use their iPads.

      1. There’s no doubt that Apple retains a fanatical following, chief among them readers of this forum. But whether that is sustainable over the long time in light of upcoming smart phone releases from competing brands remains to be seen. BlackBerry received a 50% boost in international sales back in 2010 in third world markets but the boost has increasingly been seen as a mirage.

        1. BLN…
          And there is an equally fanatical following of anti Apple. Just a thought,

          The janitor says he wants a phone that cleans the floors for him… He is a solid sale when they come out… as long as they don’t cost more than $20. Yea, Apple must be worried.

          PS,, did you forget the part that Apple is selling only 5-10% of the phones and making 60% of the profit?????? Apple does not do the race to the bottom.


          1. Hi EN, thanks for replying to my post. I would willing part with hard earned cash, no questions asked, for an iPhone 5 that cost exactly the same as an iPhone 4S, but with a bigger screen, say 4″. I know I’m getting quality with Apple with an unsurpassed after sales support and a brand I love. 

            Not asking them to race to the bottom, just reimagining the iPhone to fit in my lifestyle of doing more with my phone, including looking at email attachments you don’t have to pinch and zoom too much to read. 

        2. Repeat after me,” a very high resolution 3.5″ screen is way better than a low resolution 4.5″ screen”.

          I want you to repeat it over and over again until you understand it.

          It really is a no-brainer.

          1. Some of you guys just don’t get it. Not everyone wants a 3.5″ screen. Similarly, not everyone wants a 10″ tablet. Apple makes fantastic stuff no doubt. But there definitely is a demand for different screen sizes.

    2. It’s more like Samsung has a make no profits approach. Apple’s quality is unmatched, its profit margins are stunning and, as pointed out here, the 4S, described at first as a disappointment by many of us blowhards, is a screaming success. Phones larger than the 4S are not smart phones, they are slab phones, the equivalent of a 21-inch laptop. All of Apple’s would-be competitors can’t make their products better, so they make them bigger — bloated, clumsy, pocket-devouring SUVs of the cell phone world.

      1. I carry my iPhone around with me everywhere. Not so much my iPad. I am constantly asked while I’m on the phone to refer to spreadsheets, diagrams, schematics, charts and tables to extract information to pass to the caller. Multitasking on the iPhone enables me to do that and have a conversation going at the same time. Many a time I’ve wished that text and drawings could be more readable/visible so information could be extracted quickly and without error. A larger screen would accommodate that. 

    3. I’ve looked at my new 4S next to a 4″ android, and the android screen looked like shit. Yes it’s bigger but my screen has a higher resolution so it looked crisp and more readable even in a smaller size. I’d choose my more readable screen over the 4″ mess any day of the week. Size isn’t everything, unless of course you’re compensating for something.

  2. Samsung smartphones are throwaway commodities designed to last a year or so, at best. Android is yet another Google “beta” project, changing and morphing at a whim. How many smartphones would Samsung sell if they sold at, say, $200-$400, without the 2 for 1 discounts?

  3. It seems that Koreans-American have a serious bias towards Samsung. It is not a coincidence that the journalist who wrote this article for WSJ is Yun-Hee Kim. Kind of makes me worried since the judge who presides over Apple-Samsung trial in US is Lucy Koh is first Korean American U.S. District Court Judge. I surely hope she stays objective throughout the case, but I am still worried.

  4. “I’ve always maintained that the evolution of smart phones towards bigger screens means that Apple in releasing a 3.5″ iPhone 4S is increasingly falling behind”

    I couldn’t disagree with you more, I would never buy a 4.5″ smartphone, the concept is ridiculous. “Hey, is that a smartphone in your pocket, or are just happy to see me?” 4.5″ smartphones are for the same obese Americans that buy SUVs and supersizeme burgers. Most normal people, and that includes virtually all women, would never put a 4.5″ slab up to their ear. “Hey, look at me, I’m about as geeky as it gets!”

  5. So, Apple had a quarter where iPhone sales were down. Hardly a big deal now that it’s going into the holiday quarter when sales really pick up. 17 million is low compared to the previous quarter. Accept it. Other companies can spin their numbers any way they want but when it comes down it, Apple is performing financially better than the rest of the bunch.

    Wall Street has this thing about unit sales numbers being the overriding reason to boost or break a stock’s share price. It can’t be helped. Apple can just ignore it and continue the way they’ve been doing. Apple will sell over 25 million iPhones this quarter and that will be sufficient enough proof that the iPhone 4S is in demand.

    1. It may be low compared to the previous quarter but thats never a good comparison. It’s higher then the same quarter a year ago and thats what matters. Apple beat them selves, thats all they need to do.

  6. They shipped some to Australia and they were blocked.
    They shipped the same one in the Nederlands and were blocked.
    They then decided to ship those to elsewhere… etc.

    Yes, 20 M shipments is a real possibility! 😉

  7. “blocked”
    They may have shipped the same phones three times.

    My first new cell-phone this century is a 4S. What a feeling of power, . . . having more computer in my pocket than all of NASA did with the first moonshot.
    Perhaps the iPhone 4S should be nicknamed “Moonshot”, or “Little NASA”.

  8. Samsung’s primary market is domestic, and then India, where it’s a cheap alternative to Apple products. India’s relatively poor but growing middle class is more cost conscious over value.

  9. Apple Sold over 17.x Million.
    Samsung shipped 20. Million

    Big difference for Sold to real customers and just shipped to stores.

    These fools are banking on the quick reader not to catch that.
    ( Sold vs. Shipped ) very big difference.

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