Apple CEO Cook: Tablets will be bigger than PCs

“During a conference call with analysts… CEO Tim Cook noted that this was the first quarterly report since co-founder and chair, and former CEO, Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th. Cook remarked at the start of the call, ‘The world has lost a visionary, a creative genius and an amazing human being. Steve was a great leader and mentor and inspired everyone at Apple to do extraordinary things. His spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple and we are dedicated to turn using the amazing work that he loved so much.’ Cook expressed gratitude for condolences sent to the company regarding Jobs’s passing away,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“CFO Peter Oppenheimer noted that the company’s sales of 4.89 million Mac units was a record for the company, and beat the record from the prior December quarter by 750,000 units,” Ray reports. “Oppenheimer said growth of 21% in sales of the iPhone, to 17.1 million units (which missed analysts’ estimates of 18 million to 20 million units) was better than the company expected, and a new record for the September quarter… ppenheimer said the company had expected a decline in iPhone sales after rumors of the new unit, the iPhone 4S, circulated following Apple’s June developer conference.”

Ray reports, “As regards the iPad, when Cook was asked about the potential market size, he remarked, ‘I still believe it will be larger than the PC market.'”

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    1. But you see, them streaming in Flash is why they will not be big. I believe Netflix streams in something more standard as I can access them on my iPhone.

      Skate to where the puck is….

      Just a thought,

  1. I’d buy an iPad, but it still requires a pc in order to do anything. (unless you want to spend a day waiting for your stuff to “stream” or download)
    add support for external backup disks and Xcode (theres no reason it shouldn’t run Xcode, both the hardware and os could do it, they just don’t let you)

    yea they’ll be bigger, but a heck of a lot less helpful. until that’s fixed I’ll stick with my mac.

    1. Hmmm m complaining about the slowness of streaming and about having to dock at the same time. Which option do you wish??? I am sorry that its not quite star trek time here on planet Earth just yet.

      However, one company is trying to do blood sugar analysis using a special attached sensor and an iPhone. We do appear to be heading towards the tri-corder after all.


    2. Programmers will probably continue to need a full computer for some time to come. As will graphic artists and such. There will still be uses for full computers but for 90% of the population, an iPad fits the bill.

      Also it doesn’t take a day for stuff to stream/download. They added an Airport app for iPad, you can admin your home Wifi right from your iPad and have cable internet speeds on it with no computer needed.

  2. Apple may build more-powerful tablets in the future. Maybe some models will even run OSX at some point to compete with the Windows 8 tablets. Personally, I’m not looking for any tablets running desktop OSes. I’ll keep my desktop Intel Macs for that. All I need is a mobile OS tablet than can run 10-12 hours on a charge even if I watch a few full-length movies.

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