Samsung heir apparent invited to Steve Jobs memorial, says source

“The president and chief operating officer of Samsung Electronics, Lee Jae-yong, has been invited to Apple Inc’s private memorial service for Steve on Sunday, a source with the knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Sunday,” Hyunjoo Jin reports for Reuters.

“‘Apple plans to hold an invitation-only memorial service for Jobs apart from an employee event. Samsung’s president Lee Jae-yong plans to attend the service to offer condolence to Jobs,’ the source said,” Jin reports. “Lee is the only son of an heir apparent to Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee.”

Jin reports, “Media reported that Lee would have a separate meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook after the memorial service and discuss bilateral cooperation, but the source did not confirm the report.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Jax44” for the heads up.]

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    1. Seems to me SamDung is trying to catch Tim at a very emotional time to hold a meeting straight after the event. Look out Tim. Tell him to take a hike! Arrange another time.

  1. If I had been Steve I would have given strict instruction to dis invite all Samdung Heirs, that mole-weasel Schmidt, Brin, Page and anyone from Adobe. But then again, Steve Jobs is far greater man than I.

  2. Caution: the headline is not supported by the article. It’s not the “heir apparent” who’s invited, it’s the son of the heir apparent. Remote enough from the fray that courtesy can prevail without overthrowing the determination to halt the IP thieves.

    1. The article presents scrambled information. Lee Jae-yong is the only son of the Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee and is indeed the heir apparent to Samsung Electronics. According to the Korean press he has a good relationship with Tim Cook stemming from TC’s frequent visits to Korea in the past.

  3. Apple has always played with as much honor as the given thief or scoundrel would allow. Apple has never been one to roll over for aggressors, save for the sugared-water guy.
    That said, it is always better to be the “better man” in situations like this.
    If I were a Samsung board member or outside marketing wiz employed by them, I would be titling all my emails BRAND DISASTER – PUBLIC RELATIONS DISASTER

  4. Just because you have disputes that you are letting the courts decide doesn’t mean you can’t continue personal relationships that go back years.
    Besides, Apple is still doing business with Samsung, a reduced amount, but still doing business.

    A good decision by Jobs & Apple on many levels.

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