Apple’s iOS 5 release caused ‘highest ever’ Internet traffic spike in UK

“Apple’s release of iOS 5 caused ‘the highest ever traffic’ over the UK broadband network, BT has confirmed,” Giles Turnbull reports for Cult of Mac.

Turnbull reports, “John Petter, managing director of BT Retail, said: ‘Over the last two nights we’ve seen the highest ever traffic levels over BT Retail’s broadband network in the UK, with unprecedented demand for Apple’s new iPhone operating system.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. On the other hand, Android ice cream sandwich caused the biggest ‘meh’ ever seen on BT Internet. It was buried between two tweets originating from a RIM message that had been held up in Slough since last Monday.

    1. I installed mine on my 3GS on Friday. The features were great. Although, it did take about 3 hours. The reason being is because I kept getting this unknown error where it said “Failed to verify backup due to an unknown error”. So, the upgrading process kind of infurriated me but when it was finally over, I was quite satisfied with what apple had done.

  2. I installed it on my 3gs only to find out half my apps disappeared from iTunes even though I transferred everything from the phone, updated all of the apps and synced before IOS upgrade.

    No problem I thought, will just re-download from app store, only to find out most of the apps don’t work on IOS 5.

    Guess who’s reverting back to IOS 4……ooops, iTunes doesn’t even let you do that with restore…..thank God there is Google.

    1. You are kidding, right? All the apps work with ios 5 and if you backed up your phone correctly everything would be there. Don’t bring your crappy google fanboy b.s. here. It’s not welcome.

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