PC Magazine reviews Apple iOS 5: The best phone and tablet OS, Editors’ Choice

“iOS 5 is now here, and it surpasses iOS 4 with its overhauled alerts and notification system, wireless syncing, the ability for users to activate iPads without first connecting them to a Mac or PC, and many other much-welcomed features,” Jeffrey L. Wilson reports for PC Magazine.

“No operating system—be it mobile or desktop—is without flaws, but Apple iOS 5 manages to keep the dings to a minimum and retains its place as the best phone and tablet operating system,” Wilson reports. “iOS 5 is an excellent mobile operating system that dares to do more than Android, BlackBerry, and Windows.”

Wilson reports, “If you own a compatible iDevice, consider this a must-have upgrade.”

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  1. I have no doubt that iOS 5 pushes the frontiers of mobile computing forward. The notifications system alone is worth the price of admission. It’s so streamlined now that it’s like night and day between the new version and the one that came with iOS 4.3.5. Pulling a window shade down to read all notifications is great.

    It’s the iPhone hardware department that’s lacking in terms of a bigger screen which Apple should address in the next revision update.

    1. I guess since the glossy screen crying didn’t get anywhere it’s on to the next bitchfest for your kind, the horribly undersized iPhone screen. I envision you as an obese, unwashed, half-blind retard with fingers the size of Polish sausages, unable to see or manipulate an iPhone like the rest of the world.

      Please migrate to Android where you belong.

      1. that’s too mean.

        no doubt many people honestly find a bigger screen easier to use and would buy the larger model if both iPhone sizes were offered. there is nothing sacroscant about 3.5″. i guess it would be thinner too.

        a 5.5″ iPod touch model would be very popular too, for the same reason. and that size has been shown in the market to be best for gaming.

        Jobs was too stubborn sometimes. hopefully the next Apple generation will be just a bit more flexible.

        1. Well yeah, it was kinda mean. But after all, it’s “Bln” we’re talking about. OK, I will retract the unwashed comment. I’m sure he takes a bath once a year, whether he needs it or not.

    2. Two reasons perhaps why Apple has not gone to a 4″ screen?

      1) Retna display not yet perfected/available in the larger size.
      2) More difficult for the majority of users to navigate the screen one-handed (most people’s thumbs cannot reach the far side of a 4″ screen when held in one hand).

      1. There’s what, half a million apps in the App Store? That’s an awful lot of work to make those fit a larger screen. Too much work. The screen size in fine, bln is about the only one with a problem.

        1. I don’t believe that Apple would change the number of pixels (currently 960 x 640) if they increased the display from 3.5″ to 4.0″ diagonally. The would simply reduce the resolution (pixels per inch, or ppi) a bit to around 280 ppi and the pixels would be slightly larger. I suppose that they could not call it a retina display anymore (under ~300 ppi), but it would still look fantastic and everything would be a bit easier to read and manipulate.

        2. In order to avoid fragmenting the iOS App market, I believe that Apple will maintain the iPhone aspect ratio and number of pixels for some time to come. The current resolution is quite high, so there is no real reason to add pixels unless the display size increases substantially.

          The current iPhone display is 960 x 640 pixels. The current resolution of the iPhone is 326 ppi and its dimensions are approximately 2.912″ in height by 1.941″ in width (3.5″ diagonally).

          If you increase the dimensions of the iPhone display to approximately 3.328″ in height by 2.219″ in width (4.0″ diagonally), the display resolution would drop to around 288 ppi. I would be fine with this slightly reduced resolution, even if Apple could not call it a “retina” display anymore.

          The increase in dimensions from a 3.5″ to a 4.0″ diagonal display seems rather small – 0.416″ in height and 0.278″ in width, or approximately 14.3%. In fact, it might even be possible to squeeze the 4.0″ diagonal display into the current iPhone 4S form factor. But the effect on display area is substantial – an increase of approximately 30.6%. I sketched the two displays to scale and overlaid them, and I assure you that the increase would be quite noticeable.

          The current iPhone 4S display is very nice. But a larger 4.0″ multitouch iPhone display would be welcomed by many, IMO. I wish that I could easily post the image of the overlaid displays.

    3. I don’t know if you realize that a bigger screen means a larger device. Apple makes a bigger screen called the iPad. No one want to carry a huge device and stick it up to their ears to talk.

      Get real.

  2. Frankly, I don’t understand what’s the big deal is about having an additional half inch of screen size. The “bigger is better (even if the screen resolution isn’t optimal)” mantra was concocted & is being propagated by Apple competitors who don’t offer Retina display. And to offer a bigger screen size while sacrificing screen resolution would be one step forward, two steps back for the smartphone category re-creator (that’s Apple). Thus, I give Steve Jobs’ team super props for adhering to Apple’s core values & refusing to be swayed by pseudo-trends.

    1. +1

      With that sharp Retina screen, I see no need for a bigger iPhone screen, and I certainly don’t want the iPhone itself to become larger.

      A really bigger screen does come in handy, of course, for serious Web browsing or reading. That’s why I’ve got an iPad2 and Macs. But that slightly larger screen on some other phones doesn’t cut it for those uses, especially as most of them have lower resolution than the iPhone. For the way I will use my iPhone, I don’t see a real advantage in making the screen slightly larger. And I’m delighted that my older belt case for iPhone holds the iPhone 4S just fine.

    1. Exactly, exactly. And after 4.5 they would want 5″ and on and on until they were up to an iPad. Idiots who think a bigger screen is important should just get a big ass droid. Or maybe some Dean Edells so it would look bigger. I am 6’2″ with extra large hands and I think the iPhone is the perfect size.

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