WSJ reviews Apple iCloud: Worked without a hitch, plus it’s free

“Apple devices can be addictive: People buy one tiny iPod, fall in love, and end up with three or four other Apple products. Now if only they could see all their data on all those devices simultaneously,” Katherine Boehret reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Starting today, they can.”

“iCloud is designed to store and replicate documents, music, apps and 1,000 photos on [Macs], PCs, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad,” Boehret reports. “It also syncs contacts, calendars and email so all your machines and devices have the same data and content. It will back up five gigabytes of data, but certain types aren’t counted against that total. The best part: It’s free.”

Boehret reports, “I’ve been testing the 4S for about a week to see how it differs from the previous model.. iCloud worked without a hitch — well enough that I stopped thinking about which device held what since they were all updated with the same content. Over the weekend, I imported 300 photos my parents took on a recent trip to Italy, forgetting that my computer was set up with iCloud. When I picked up my iPhone later, the Grand Canal in Venice and the Duomo in Florence were staring back at me in Photos. Same with my iPad.”

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  1. The perfect match.

    Yes, imagine seamless working with applications and content.
    Thats the ios5 with icloud.
    More navigation through (swipe) gestures, oh so nice.
    The notification center, finally there and most of all:
    the perfect cloud. Using MobileMe for years, I think that application based sync is the only solution that goes togther with apples quality standards. But Steve also told us, that they learned a lot!
    And this lesson was learned well. icloud raises the bar again.
    Can you imagine computing without thinking about syncing and without thinking about saving?
    Well, on the Mac you need Lion. On your ios device you just need icloud and ios5, yep its free. And you will love it.

    Although I am enthusiastic, I would miss the MobileMe Gallery. It perfectly served my needs. And those of so many other photographers and movie makers (including the professionals, yes sir.)

    Apple, think about it.

  2. The best thing that Apple brought is that you can “forget” about many things without consequences, like with iCloud, or you do not have even “remember” anything in the first place once you use Siri.

  3. this is great…now if only we had unlimited data plans. what is the point of providing a 5gb backup when most are capped at .5-2gb per month total on their phone plans. just 2hrs of streaming Pandora and 4gb are used up, way over what tiered data plans offer.

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