Woz: Steve Jobs brought a lot of life to the world

Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and the Apple I“Steve Wozniak, who started Apple in a Silicon Valley garage with Steve Jobs in 1976, says he’ll miss his fellow co-founder ‘as much as everyone,'” Rachel Metz reports for The Associated Press.
We’ve lost something we won’t get back. The way I see it, though, the way people love products (that) he put so much into creating means he brought a lot of life to the world. – Steve Wozniak
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MacDailyNews Note: Earlier tonight, Woz tweeted: “Keeping family dinner despite the disturbing news. (@ Outback Steakhouse)”

Gotta love, Woz. We’d love to see him onstage at Apple events, too. His enthusiasm can be infectious.

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  1. I am most sad for his family, then the Apple employees, and finally AppleNation, the rest of us that he made all of that great stuff for.

    Godspeed, Steve! And “Thank you.”


    P.S. We may have to swipe our iPhones to get into heaven now. 😉

  2. what an amazing influence Steve Jobs had on the creative world and now the consumer tech world, too. From kindergarten on the Apple II to next week’s iPhone 4s, Jobs has brought us the best tech experience for years and his ideas and philosophies of what can be done with technology have affected so many of us every day. Thank you, Steve.

  3. Heard somewhere(maybe Woz on Twit) that the iPad was the computer he always wanted to make, even back in the 80’s.
    He made his dream a reality.

    Thanks for the great toys, tools for those with disabilities and gadgets making life better.

  4. I can’t imagine how we could have produced our magazines all these years without our Macs. I shudder when I recall what it was like before the Mac, and shudder again when I try to imagine the PC alternatives we might have had to endure.
    Maybe Woz isn’t such a bad idea for those on-stage performances…

  5. I dont think Apple needs a CEO at Apple events. I like MDN’s take. I vote for the Woz to come back or some other infectious, enthusiastic, charasmatic guy to present and tell us how great the “one more thing” is.

    If Tim Cook is smart he’ll find that person. Wouldn’t be surprised if he does.

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