The New York Times’ Steve Jobs obituary

“Steven P. Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple who helped usher in the era of personal computers and then led a cultural transformation in the way music, movies and mobile communications were experienced in the digital age, died Wednesday. He was 56,” John Markoff reports for The New York Times.

“The death was announced by Apple, the company Mr. Jobs and his high school friend Stephen Wozniak started in 1976 in a suburban California garage,” Markoff reports. “A friend of the family said that Mr. Jobs died of complications from pancreatic cancer, with which he waged a long and public struggle, remaining the face of the company even as he underwent treatment. He continued to introduce new products for a global market in his trademark blue jeans even as he grew gaunt and frail.”

Markoff reports, “If he had a motto, it may have come from ‘The Whole Earth Catalog,’ which he said had deeply influenced him as a young man. The book, he said in his commencement address at Stanford in 2005, ends with the admonition ‘Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish… I have always wished that for myself,’ he said.”

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  1. Factual error. The two Steves attended the same high school but at different times and were not high school friends as stated.
    Oh how I miss the days when news outlets had fact checkers and editors.

    That said as a long time Apple fan and follower, R.I.P. Steve 🙁

  2. I hope Apple would make Steve Jobs’ voice as standard in the voice activation component of SIRI in the iPhone, iPad and the Mac. This should be the most lasting and appropriate tribute to be accorded by Apple to the legacy of Steve Jobs.

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