Rush Limbaugh: Steve Jobs epitomized American exceptionalism

Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today covered Apple’s impending “Let’s Talk iPhone” event on what, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States. The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations:

Limbaugh said, in part:

Over all of the years that I’ve been hosting this program — 23 — I have been an evangel for Apple Inc. products. I love them, and one of the things that I have always done on this program is talk about my passions and share my passions with all of you. I think a large part of life is passion. When you find it, when you have it, it’s fabulous. It’s a magnet for other people, and it’s self-invigorating, and sharing those passions is something that I thoroughly enjoy. Over these 23 years, each time I would discuss Apple products — a new one that I couldn’t wait to get or one that I was having problems with or frustrated with — I’d always get e-mails from people, “Would you stop talking about Apple? They’re nothing but a bunch of liberals! I don’t want to hear about Apple. Why do you talk about Jobs? It’s nothing but a bunch of liberals.”

I talk about Apple and Jobs because I love greatness. I just love greatness. I am fascinated by it. I am intrigued by how it happens. I’m intrigued about every aspect of greatness and excellence, because it’s so genuinely rare. It is genuinely rare and exciting, and I am mesmerized by it. I’m inspired by it. I’ve many times told people (and you, too) that one of the greatest perks of the good fortune that I’ve had has been to meet people. I have had the opportunity to meet people who are the best at what they do, and that is exhilarating and fun and inspiring to me. So I attach myself to these things that create childlike wonderment in me. It’s difficult as an adult to have childlike wonderment. How soon do we all outgrow the excitement that as children we all felt on Christmas Eve, and how many of us wish by magic that we could recapture it?

To find out — to rediscover that total, unbounded passion of childlike exuberance, excitement, innocence, uncluttered by the rigors of life lived as an adult. And for me, speaking honestly, the introduction of every new Apple product ignited that in me. That’s just me. I am fascinated by what Apple products do; how they do it, the invention process, the whole way. I would have loved — and I would never get this opportunity; it would never happen, but I would have loved — to be the guy to write Jobs’ biography. I would have loved to have had the chance to just pick his brain and find out what it was about him. Because he wasn’t very self-revealing. I guess the most he revealed about himself was that Stanford commencement speech in 2005. It didn’t matter to me that Steve Jobs was a liberal. It disappointed me for his sake, but that is not who he was to me.

Steve Jobs epitomized American exceptionalism. His life epitomized it. His philosophies epitomized American exceptionalism. The fact that he was a liberal, to me, was one of the greatest contradictions. But that is of no matter and no concern now. This past Tuesday they introduced the iPhone 4S, and I told you that on Monday I felt like it was Christmas Eve — and it was for me — and at age 60 I was able to feel like I did as a kid on Christmas Eve when I was eight or nine. There hasn’t been, in the last ten years, an Apple product that has not created wonderment in me, that has not exceeded my expectations. Using Apple products is genuine fun for me; and at the same time, they have increased my productivity. I know I’m making this sound like it’s a lot about me but it’s the best way to explain all this to you. What Jobs did literally changed the way human beings receive-transmit-enjoy all media. One guy did this. He had a lot of great people around him, but one guy did it. One guy’s vision. To me, it’s mind-boggling.

I’m sad that he’s dead.

Much more in the full transcript here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. I listened to Rush today, figuring he would talk about it. He did a really marvelous job in capturing what is special about Apple and Jobs. He truly and deeply admired Jobs and was eloquent in his talk.

    1. same here.
      I noticed how he meant to take a few moments to speak about Steve. which turned into over an hour… (off and on)
      took the break at the bottom of the hour, came back and tried to move away from Steve comments… lasted what 1-2 minutes?
      took a call.
      did a “One More thing” moment about Steve Jobs, 10 minutes later… he started another Comment about Jobs.

      To say Rush respected Steve Jobs, is an understatement.

  2. Rush and Steve are both passionate and evoke responses from people. What impresses me about Rush — as opposed to the likely dozens of Rush haters that will post here — is that he is still open-minded. He doesn’t let the fact that he and Steve shared differing political ideologies get in the way of the fact that Apple products are incomparably great. So Rush uses them, and admires Steve for his passion, vision and business sense. Rush is a success, and deserves some respect, too. If for nothing else, then for his ability to recognize and appreciate greatness.

    1. I agree with your point, but I think Rush was quite wrong about Job’s politics. Jobs was a liberal only in the classical liberal sense. Jobs was a libertarian, and objectivist. He was a pure capitalist, a believe in human rights, and a principled man.

      Those three qualities are all three rejected by both Republicans and Democrats who do not support capitalism, human rights, or have principles.

      Jobs was a “liberal” like Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, Goldwater, Ludwig von Mises, etc, were “liberals”.

      Liberalism is the belief in human rights over the state… something that the people who today call themselves “liberal” don’t believe at all.

      In that sense, Jobs really was a Liberal, and Rush limbaugh really should be one. (and Obama isn’t one, by a long shot.)

      1. “Jobs was a “liberal” like Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, Goldwater, Ludwig von Mises, etc, were “liberals”.”

        I child of the 60’s would never, ever, be a liberal like the ones you put.

      2. I contest your assertion, your definition (or counter-definition) of what modern “liberals” are and what they believe. You somehow seem to have convinced yourself that a large group of people favor the “state” over human rights. I seriously doubt that.

        I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative. I refuse to be labeled and categorized by people who use it as a tool, as a weapon, to steer the sheep. I guarantee that the harder you push, the more stubborn that people like me will get. I demand reason over ideology, moderation over extremism, and freedom in much more fundamental ways than the far right can ever grasp.

        The political parties mean very little nowadays. They are tools in a game of power and money.

    2. That is one case, DMac. It is a stretch to extrapolate one instance of recognition of greatness into true open-mindedness.

      Many people are “successes.” Not as many deserve respect. Rush says quite a few things that are reasonable. He has undeniable intelligence. If he would just quit going off of the deep end in his efforts to appear incontrovertibly correct in all things, then he might be tolerable for longer stretches of time.

    1. I know you are long time fan, as so many of us here, let’s not pick a fight or compare Steve to anyone just to elevate him. I think it’s classier to just appreciate the man amongst all the positive accolades being poured in from around the world.

      Besides, Mr. Gates was being exceptionally gracious with his quick tribute to Mr. Jobs earlier. I’m sure we can also extend him (and all our usual adversaries) our showing of being a classy bunch.

    1. Yes, AMERICAN exceptionalism:

      The country that shocked the world by breaking from England and establishing a democracy based on freedom;

      The country that created the Industrial Revolution and made it possible for people other than aristocrats to own things like cars;

      The only country capable of fighting and defeating fascism and imperialism on two fronts simultaneously and saving democracy and freedom for the world (WWII);

      The country which invented the computer and personal computer;

      The country which gives more humanitarian aid and support than the rest of the world combined;

      The country where two men in their garage can have a dream, pursue it, and build it into the most valuable company in the world (Apple);

      Yes, all due to AMERICAN exceptionalism.

      1. whoa! hold your patriotic horses!

        Germany/UK/France had a huge part in Industrial Revolution!

        where do you think most of the formidable US military & NASA power stems from?! German Nazi scientists whom our country brought illegally after WWII.

        it was the Brits that deciphered the Nazi Enigma!! that is when D-Day was possible. Am. had it easy after that.

        the PC was invented in UK not just US. Berners-Lee who invented the Internet is a Brit. the 1st marketable PC was an Apple PC made by a Polish Wozniak & Syrian Steve Jobs.

        most of the Am. humanitarian Aid, instead of spreading to over 200 countries, lands in Israel! plus we waste billions each year in sending $ & womd to that country to ethnically cleanse their opponents – as if that’s humanitarian, whilst it ruins our economy.

        we saved the world in wwii but we police it & annihilate others thereafter?! we invade kuwait, iraq, afghanistan, democratize them yet open cans of worms & leave them in worse conditions of civil war?! these countries have nothing to do with us, and if they affect Israel, why should it affect us and us sending our hard-earned money & kids to die a war on land that will never affect us?

        other countries are dumb, don’t invent things? in europe, is it against the law to invent things in a garage?! amongst the biggest entrepreneurs in the world are from europe incl. Brit Richard Branson etc.

        exceptionalism is an exception in any country. it has nothing ado with a nationality. that’s patriotic bs. it’s rare. hence the human exception. it’s not a guarantee of cultural heritage or in anyone’s blood! otherwise you’re talking of Arian race.

        not to mention, there is no such thing as American people. it’s not a race. it’s a hodgepodge of people from all over the world.

    2. If you are American, CitizenX, you and those like you are part of the problem, not the solution.

      Go elsewhere if you don’t believe in American Exceptionalism. You’re ruining an otherwise exceptional country.

        1. Idiotic, obviously you’re still trying to win a centuries old, European aristocracy argument that was lost long before George Washington routed the British army.

          PS. Ben Franklin says you’re a retard.

          1. footprints were American in spirit but not fully American.

            1. the Soviets pushed us to further challenge each other.
            2. the Am. spirit of competition drove us
            3. the technology though, the science stemmed from WWII German Nazi scientists we bought and/or brought into the country illegally. we inherited that technology.

            1. to TheMacAdvocate,

              thanks, but why should i STFU?
              1. it’s a democracy with freedom of speech. we can all say whatever we want. that should be the beauty of our country, right?
              otherwise, i should STFU, same goes to you.

              2. what is your point about 1, 2, 3, which all says Apple didn’t invent all these, when the discussion is was to cool down CitizenX’s ultra-fanaticism?

              3. back to your pt 1. GUI.
              indeed Xerox invented it.
              but Apple never claims to have invented all they do.
              the point of inventing is its pragmatism. if it’s not practical, so what if you invent something. the more useful an invention, the more people can use it intuitively, affordably. As Steve Jobs used to say: simplifying stuff is harder than complicating them. Like ancient Greek philosophy, it takes much time, effort, thinking, & sophistication to derive to the essence of a product or service, to reach a zen simplicity.

              the point here is Xerox’s GUI was useless. all nerdy. it took Apple to envision how it could be used for the masses. IBM was the only computer then, but Apple’s Lisa, Apple I, Mac 1984 are the 1st PCs. Apple was much bigger than Microsoft then, Windows came out Nov 85 or 21 months after Mac.

              Xerox also invented the laser printer & mouse. Xerox Parc launched 1970 but opened its door to licensing 1979. their problem was not being able to materialize commercial opportunities in their inventions. Apple & Microsoft did.

              but why did you mention Xerox? because i negated Apple being purely American? well, how do you know everyone at Xerox was American? there is no such thing as an American race anyway. American people are an idealism from people all over within an artificial border. it’s a beautiful concept.

              2. OSX is FreeBSD. so what?
              a. OSX was born out of Steve Jobs’ NeXT Computer, which is based on Unix, which is based on yours
              b. open-source means it’s from all over the world, nothing to do with American Exceptionalism.

              3. sure Apple did not invent the MP3 player. Diamond / Creative Labs (Nomad) / Sony did. but like Xerox Parc, their inventions flopped. but Apple again to the rescue, popularized a complex product into simple beauty. the inventor of the iPod, was a Lebanese engineer, Tony Fadell, not born in the US.

              see where i’m going with this TMA?!

              i’m a white american.
              but i can’t act like a suprematist elitist.
              the reason for our American Concept is idealism.
              centuries before the world had nothing but wars.
              we brought peace, initially.
              but since our founding fathers, we have been increasingly about policing the world, defining freedom & democracy, defending capitalism…but look at us now, how we ended up with all this Disney-like, unrealistic expectations. we were bloated with super confidence, felt superior, like Hitler’s Arian race, though we’re all mixed breeds, and our experiment to free the world, turned upside down.

              how is our human evolution exceptional because of our efforts? the world is a shittier place than ever, more volatile as we opened cans of worms, and our insistence on making the dollar the world currency, killed us & most of the world economy. our politicians are lying bastards.

              we’re the least free country, as we’re being recorded 24/7. exceptional freedom, right.

              for the love of our country, we have our own governmental departments, police, fib, cia, nsa, homeland etc., all compete instead of sync like Apple’s integration. hence 911! we missed all the signs. exceptional security, right?

              for the love of our country, if you see my arguments and others’ like it, you jump to conclusions & stupidly say, if ya’ don’t like it get the f out, or STFU as you put it. wow. smart. how manly of you. you don’t deserve the name MacAdvocate. Apple’s about real freedom & intelligence.

              the irony is that people like i are the real patriots. we defend the original decree of our country. it’s like this: a latino macho is supposed to be manly. yet come a guy that looks at his girl, he flips, is enraged, loses control, uses muscle & gun power to overpower his opponent, little realizing that cool wins, not hot temper. where is your mach manliness, if you’re not man enough to handle your “enemy”? a macho or brawny American is nothing but insecure.

              a little smart, lean, mean fast Chinese martial artist beats all the muscle in the world. had we payed attention to being smart instead of brawny & loud, our country wouldn’t have lost on all fronts (culture, education, politics, infrastructure, finance, real estate, R&D etc.).

              the point is cool it. you can’t think if you’re in love with yourself or your country. every country has something to offer. we’re the youngest nation. let’s be patient. but killing our competitors financially & politically is stupid. then no one will buy or import our products. you see?!

              the whole world is worth it. every country deserves success. there’s room for all of us. none of us are exceptional countries, all countries & humanity is.

      1. I’m as American as you and that was never the question.

        Jobs was the antithesis of American Exceptionalism. You do remember “computers for the rest of us” don’t you. That doesn’t sound like any kind of exceptionalism to me.

        By the way, I met Jobs at Apple in early 83. One thing he wasn’t was better than everyone else.

      1. 1. exception:
        exceptional by definition is the exception. it’s a rarity in society. hence not many of us Americans or in any other country are exceptional. genius is not mass-produced.

        2. jingoism.
        to event think we are freer than other nations is blind patriotism. we have the most “1984” culture in the world. every inch of our lives is watched, recorded in video & sound. we invented political correctness to not tell the truth, as political brainwashing mechanism. we police the world. we force our definition of democracy & freedom without consent, without knowing what it means in the 1st place.

        if we see the rest of the world as black & white, as dumb Bush’s either you’re with us or our enemy, either you’re good or evil, there is no hope for real freedom! we’re 100% brainwashed & ignorant.

        in which case we did not evolve humanity.

        where’s the freedom when we send our own kids to die for other people’s wars i.e. israel that does not affect our security or welfare as it’s so far. or when we invent wars i.e. kuwait, iraq & womd to hide behind doing it as war historically stimulates economies. is it free & just to kill our kids for no reason? it’s always about false interests, in oil & $.

        right now our economy is at its worst in history. there’s not likely a solution. had we less government, less patriotism that spoils it all due to fear, had we less enemies, were we smarter & less ignoramus, had we many more Steve Jobs, only then would we be reborn.

  3. Never thought I would say or think anything nice about RL. In this piece he has spoken he is 100% spot on. Now, Steve Jobs didn’t have a hateful bone in his body, and for me thats where the mismatch is hard to reconcile.

    1. If you If you think Rush is full of hate, you obviously haven’t listened to him much.

      If you think Steve Jobs couldn’t hate anyone, you’re wrong. He could hold a grudge with the best of them.

      SJ was a great man, innovator and visionary, but not a saint.

      1. Oh yeah Rl is a real Gandhi! Well not really, I was being sarcastic in case you failed to realize.

        Heres the thing….RL hates people for who and what they are in terms of patriotic measurements. Steve Jobs gave some people a hard time because they failed to PERFORM or they STABBED him in the back. When someone does not show the same dedication as him or is a complete judas, of course Steve would not like them. Wheras Limbaugh is a complete and utter “Red-Necky” type of beast.

  4. A lot of people think they’re Liberal, but when you talk to them, you find out they’re really conservatives or, at least, leaning more right than left.

    It’s like the mass media has brainwashed some people into actually believing that Republicans want to starve old people (as if we don’t have grandparents, too) and shoot anyone who’s not a 50 year old white male (as if we don’t have wives, mothers, and daughters, or support Herman Cain).

    We just value self-reliance, states’ rights, personal charity, and individual freedom more than we do centralized federal government which we regard as too far removed from the people and therefore inefficient and wasteful. We prefer that out tax dollars be put to good use locally, by people who are much closer to the issues and in a better position to solve them.

    Listening to Steve Jobs all these years, I’m convinced he was conservative in fiscal issues and republican in some social issues (witness his comments on public teachers unions), he was just a product of the ’60’s and could never admit or call himself anything other than “liberal.”

    The most liberal people in the U.S.A. are Libertarians, who are much closer to true conservatives than they are to big government Libs.

    1. Most people want to help other people who are having a tough time (traditionally a liberal position).

      Most people also don’t want the government telling them what to do (traditionally a conservative position).

      The problem is reconciling the two, because we have been conditioned sincenthe Great Depression and The New Deal that the government is there to help us. After all, the government has the money to do something. The problem is that government, by it’s very nature and charge, has to restrict people in order to do something to help.

      Because most people really don’t understand economics and government, but they do understand helping someone who is hurt or hungry or a victim, they identify more with liberals than conservatives.

      What this really shows is that we need much, much more financial, economic and governmental studies in our schools. And not to be politically charged, but to give kids the basics of how it all works together so they can make smart choices in elections or even run for office themselves. Because the ignorance that permeates our public schools now on these subjects is appalling.

      1. Conservatives want to help people through charity and by helping them learn how to help themselves, not consign them to generations of subsistence living in federally funded ghettos.

        Obviously, the government can’t afford to be everyone’s mommy and daddy. There are too few actual producers and far too many social leeches today. The federal gov’t is supposed to do a few things well — sound familiar? It’s Steve Jobs’ philosophy — not try and fail to be all things to all people.

        If we took 75% of the tax money away from the feds and left them to protect the borders, etc. — stuff they should be doing according to the constitution, as opposed to running ponzi schemes like social security — and gave it to local governments who are close to their citizens and can better help them and deploy the money much more efficiently, then EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY would be way better off.

        But, the D.C. politicians want all the money and the power that comes with it, so they’ve bastardized the way the country is really designed to work.

        1. You’re absolutely right, and unfortunately, most people are too stupid or uneducated to believe it. They are taught in government schools that only government can provide…. healthcare, schools, roads, protection, “justice”, etc.

    2. Liberal. Conservative. Christian. Black. White. Racists…. just labels. Labels to divide people. To conquer them. To make them feel like they’re special. When in truth we are really all the same.

      Children of the Earth. Steve was simply an exceptional one.

  5. It is to bad that neither Steve Jobs or Apple ever used the support of people like Rush. Rush has been a regular supporter of Apple for a very long time. I do not know if Tim Cook will see this opportunity or not. But, many conservatives and republicans buy and use Apple products and services. I have from the Apple II, Mac 128K, … MacBoor Pro, iPod touches and iPads.

    Some things should just be about business. Rush would have loved to meet Steve Jobs and said so a long time ago too. Tim, you should say hello some day.

    1. Tim Cook would never ask anything of Rush. I’ve never heard Rush say anything positive about gay rights. In case you didn’t know, Tim is gay. Rush would deny him basic civil rights. Screw that.

      1. You advocate for “civil” rights that violate basic human rights.

        Liberals don’t support human rights for anybody, straight or gay. What’s the point of having your marriage recognized when you’re a slave?

        Tim Cook would never ask anything of Rush, or any politician, because, as a genuine believer in Human Rights, Libertarians like Cook and Jobs know that the two parties are scams and its best not to be tangled up with criminals.

        This is why Apple had no PAC, and almost no lobbying.

  6. How ironic.

    Rush’s career was built on obfuscating reality to hold back the masses.

    Jobs’ career was built on cutting through BS to further educate the masses.

  7. rush limbaugh?
    too anti-liberal.
    too patriotic.
    he did love everything Apple though.

    but his title is disturbing:
    “Steve Jobs: American Exceptionalism”

    1. what makes the rest of the world unexceptional?!
    do we Americans have exceptional genes?
    are we chosen people by God?
    is our culture perhaps exceptional or superior?
    this is too Arian an argument.

    Germans has 2 miracle economies.
    Japan had it.
    now it’s China/India.
    many countries had nobel prize winners.
    Berners Lee = British (invented the internet).
    Stephen Hawking = Brit
    Einstein = German
    sure Am. have Edison etc.
    but the point is all countries had many inventors.

    the biggest inventions ever, changing the world were:
    the wheel (centuries before Am. existed)
    the print press (german 1436)
    the web (brit 1991)

    2. American Exceptionalism?
    it means it’s exceptional.
    exceptional means it’s rare.
    if it’s rare in Am., how are Americans mostly exceptional?
    it’s an exception! for any people.

    3. if the exception of being exceptional is that it is to be or not to be American, then guess what:
    Steve Jobs is his adoptive name.
    his adoptive parents even changed their Armenian name to Jobs.
    his bio parents were: Syrian dad!! German mom!

    most people don’t realize this.

    Steve Jobs was only Am. in growing up, in culture. yet his blood was not. his intellect was not. his education was not since he dropped out.
    he just did it all against the status quo!
    so he’s a prodigy. a genius. on his own.

    if you mean it’s about Capitalism, well, that’s quite American, yet capitalism is not taught, it’s self-taught, as its success is exceptional. and capitalism was not invented here.

    if you call my comments anti-american, then you’re closed-minded and prove my point. i’m not anti-anything. just pointing out the reality without the media distortion or hype or disinfo.

    bs is bs i any language or culture.

    the point is Steve was it.
    the buck stopped with him.
    the world rotated around him.
    not due to his totalitarianism,
    but his genius to simplify life like no other.
    he was the only CEO with universal appeal.
    all he touched turned ubiquitous.
    that omnipresence is godly.
    hence he’s the iGod – deservedly.

    loud mouths naysayers can scream or bitch,
    but none of them could do it better!
    they all failed miserably.
    it’s a mirror effect of their complaints.

    Steve is immortal.
    thanks Steve Jandali!

  8. And Jony Ive, possibly the best industrial designer of his age, is also a Brit. Turing, Berners-Lee, Ive. All Brits, not American. And as a Brit I’m incredibly proud of the fact it’s one of my fellow countrymen who has designed such outstanding products that the world has taken to in such huge numbers. It took an American citizen to recognise that fact, though, which shows that America posses a spirit of experimentation in industry which is generally not recognised over here, with one or two exceptions, like Dyson.
    CitizenX, you really are an asshole, you know that?

    1. Walk into the service area of any vacuum cleaner dealer in the U.S. and there are lines of Dysons tagged and waiting to be fixed. Shoddy product quality.

      1. wow. how blind you are.

        the other brands are so perfect they do not require repairs?

        Dyson is the 1st innovation since vacuums were created. at least they’re aesthetic, do not look like dinosaurs, are easier to clean & don’t suck to then release dust form bags when being cleaned, beating the point of vacuuming.

        the thing about vacuums: not a single brand in the world really sucks well. but if we can reach the moon or mars, it’s obvious none of the manufacturers want their products to suck well. just like the pharma industry that does not want cures or they fail.

        but “First 2010”, you’re such a blind jingoist patriot.

        give me 1 American product we can be proud of, that’s made 100% here. also, most developed countries produce their own tv, we don’t. and we’re the TV nation.

        what do we manufacture in better quality than any other nation?

        peanut butter sheets? wow. innovative invention. but useless to human evolution.

        the best we did or most advanced tech we accomplished was NASA but that’s thanks to nazi scientists. the ny skyscrapers were thanks to german Bauhaus architects & the invention of elevator by germans too. the world runs on not Donuts but oil – there, Americans have the best technology for horizontal drilling (tracking), yes! that we can do. and yet the 1st car was not Ford but germany’s Mercedes. Ford was just mass-produced but like Microsoft to Steve Jobs, was tasteless, and Ford quickly lost to competitors.

        but let’s not exaggerate.

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