Survey: 42% of U.S. consumers want Windows tablet over Apple iPad

“Here’s a new survey out from Boston Consulting Group, which says 42 percent of U.S. consumers would like to buy a tablet that runs Microsoft’s operating system,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD. “That makes it the most desired OS by a significant margin, trailed by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.”

Boston Consulting Group Tablet OS Survey

Kafka reports, “The BCG study isn’t an anomaly. Forrester conducted a poll earlier this year and got the same message, with an even starker gap between Microsoft and everyone else: ‘Only 9% of consumers considering buying a tablet actively prefer an Android tablet — compared with 16% who prefer iOS and 46% who prefer Windows.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: If I’d asked customers what they wanted, they would have said ‘a faster horse.’ – Henry Ford

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. It can never be said enough, especially because the media loves surveys and polls… also important for all you Team fans during the upcoming political theater season.

        All surveys and polls are commissioned, and much like you can order a burger they way you want, these are designed from the start to deliver a expected result. They do not represent any actual collection of opinion, there is zero objectivity/accuracy-oversight, and at most they made a few lonely people at the mall feel important by talking to them for a few minutes. In reality they probably just mark whatever responses they want or fake all the data and research.

        Be suspicious of anyone with a clipboard interrupting your time.

    1. This.

      i’d have to say 75% or more don’t even know which version of windows they have..

      if they asked the question windows vs iOS, i’m sure some don’t even know what iOS is..

      ask them Windows or an iPad…. numbers would be different.

    1. You are right… I agree.

      The real survey question was, “Wouldn’t you wish to have a full-blown OS running on a iDevice?”

      Then wishes were perceived as wants.

      1. This survey has the smell of a Microsoft sponsored “research project”. The kind where they keep re-working the questions until they get a result they can market. Who doubts the difference in results had they asked, “Would you prefer an iPad or a Samsung tablet running Windows 8, Home Edition?”

    1. hey, what are you going to believe? those lying actual sales numbers, or this survery by BCG, which likely has many Windows-related companies as clients?

      let’s hope MS doubles-down on Windows tablets. or even better, goes all-in.

  1. Let’s see, maybe 80% (probably more) of people in the USA use a Windows computer because they’re either locked into it at work, or have never used a Mac and don’t know what they’re missing and they’re cheap and fall for the “I could buy 2 netbooks for the price of one Mac” argument.

    So of course these people want a Windows tablet. They want a tablet as cool as Apple’s, but one that runs the OS that they know, and they think it will be cheaper than Apple’s.

    What’s amazing is that with all these Windows users in the USA, why is the number who want a Windows tablet only 42%?
    Shouldn’t the number of people who want a Windows tablet match the number of people who use Windows?
    – Okay, we all know the answer to this.

    1. Agreed. Well said. If American consumers as a whole were smarter, Apple would be in the majority of installed user base long before now, rather than just now breaking 10% or so.

  2. The results of this survey are clearly the effect of Tim Cook and the utter failure of Apple to deliver an iPhone in a different wrapping and color. Under Steve Jobs, Apple always put style over substance, and he was clearly mainly a “marketing guy” who was smart enough to take his cues from Internet Bloggers, and others who knew more than he did. Now Tim Cook just turns out a better product that could change the way people use cell phones and their information, and he is so dumb he thinks that the public will lap that up, regardless of the color choices and the fact that everyone knows the current screen is too small. Geez, look at Samsung. They know what they are doing. So, back to the poll. Now, because of yesterday “screw-ups” Windows will dominate forever. Way to go Tim.

    1. yes, exactly.

      cause when Steve left, he had the iPhone 5 all ready to go..
      when Tim took over, he just trashed all that work and decided to create the 4S.

      the 4S was CREATED UNDER STEVE’S COMMAND at Apple. it’s not like the 4S was ONLY started in the past few months…
      and besides, the blogs and media CREATED the iPhone 5 and everything surrounding that crap, not Apple.

      go back to your mom’s basement.

    2. Disagree. If Tim Cook was guilty of anything yesterday it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everything he did was pre-scripted by Steve Jobs. The product roll-out, the timing, the naming, the features, etc. That’s all been in the pipeline for a year at least. He was just running with the mission already in progress. Not his fault he was dropped deep in enemy territory.

      You won’t be able to see his influence as CEO for a least another 6 months, and probably a year. So blame Steve for getting out while the getting was good, if you’re going to blame anyone for anything.

      1. Dropped into enemy territory?

        Oh, PLEASE… Cooks been at Apple for many years.
        And even while Steve was active as CEO the last year was commanded by the man Steve put in place.

        Siri – beam me up!

    3. “Geez, look at Samsung. They know what they are doing.”
      Actually, Samsung knows and copies what Apple is doing.

      And don’t be so glum, Kent. I think Apple will do just fine.

    4. Get a life Kent! The strategy for the 4S was laid out a long time ago and SJ had plenty of input. And to say the strategy is incorrect is moronic at best. The 4S is a dynamite phone and will sell well and when it does, just like we have heard nothing from Mickie Dell, we will hear nothing from the basement dwelling naysayers.

    5. @Kent

      I think you are completely wrong. Siri will prove to be the biggest thing in a year or two. Just as we have an app store with iPhone apps, then iPad apps, we will soon see a new category of Voice Apps. Everyone is going to want to jump on the band wagon and make their Apps “Voice Enabled”. History will mark the iPhone 4S as one of Apple’s most significant achievents, and a real milestone in history of computing!

      When the iPad came out, many people called it just a big iPod Touch, but it was way more. This is more than a phone with voice, this is big!

    6. I’m going to go out on a limb here, folks, and suggest that Kent may have had a tongue planted in cheek when he wrote this. The tipoff: calling Steve Jobs “a marketing guy who was smart enough to take his cues from Internet Bloggers …”

      1. “It’s a large building with a lot of beds in it, but that’s not important now…” I guess a better line from the movie would be the repeated “Good luck! We’re all counting on you.” aimed at Tim…

    7. We love Tim Cook and his clear message Tuesday.

      Apple picked a winner we that will have a huge impact on the industry.

      We initially had some misgivings but now we know Tim Cook will do just fine.

      May Tim Cook enjoy a long and storied career as CEO of Apple.

    8. Kent, did you wake up yesterday?

      1. Steve Jobs has had a string of Apple product failures and the iPhone 4GS is not one of them. The problem is that everyone was hyped up on viral rumors of the iPhone 5. Tim Cook delivered the introduction of the iPhone 4GS as the best smartphone in the market and there is no question about that.

      2. This is an iPad discussion. The survey points out an interest of a Windows tablet but whenever Windows releases this thing, who knows.

      3. Windows will dominate the incompatible, second rate, more complicated, Apple-wanna-be world forever!

    9. Trolls usually do not use as many words… But that is almost the most ridiculous rant I have seen here. Nothing went wrong yesterday – Apple announced an update to the (already) best and best selling smartphone on the planet. The screen really isn’t too small, and new parts are far above any other hardware you can actually buy. Want more? Then wait for more, but if you think another company can put more in a phone… put down the pipe, you’ve had more than enough.

    10. You must be an idiot…. don’t you think that Cook did not know that Jobs was on his death bed…. did you not notice the empty reserved chair at the meeting…. what do you think Cook meant when he said he loved Apple…. get a life troll, your too disgusting to acknowledge

  3. If there were true, and I think others have already pointed out that most people have no idea what OS is running in their mobile device, it would just point out quite vividly that 42% of US consumers are mentally challenge.

  4. I just ran a survey and discovered that 98% of the people who think the way I do agree with me… 😆

    I get so tired of silly surveys designed to show a specific result. Conclusions published without a margin of error, without analysis of methodology are meaningless. They could have asked 50 people from a list of Win phone users finding only 21 of them wanted a Windows infected tablet. Then any interpretation of the results would be much different.

  5. I wished APPLE had more to offer us yesterday.
    To be DAZZLED by a NEW product TV or PHONE whatever…

    However, behind the scene iCloud, Siri, iPhone4s and iOS5 — is a damn lot of work – most of which is FREE to us USERS.

    I do feel APPLE did well – just not as well as hoped.
    Since there was a 3Gs it makes sense for a 4s.

  6. Humans are creatures of habit and since a majority of around 85% use Windows, I would say that only 42% means that half of the Windows users DO NOT want a Windows tablet.

    Half full, half empty, take your pick.

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