iPhone, Android, BlackBerry trade-ins expected to surge with launch of long-awaited iPhone

“How excited are people for the new iPhone that Apple is expected to announce later today? Judging from the number of old iPhones that gadget resellers are receiving, people are very, very excited — and ready to buy whatever is unveiled this afternoon,” Elizabeth Woyke reports for Forbes.

“Companies such as BuyMyTronics and Gazelle, which buy and sell used electronics, are a key barometer of the anticipation surrounding a new gadget launch. The firms typically receive an influx of gadgets prior to and immediately following major announcements,” Woyke reports. “Gadget resellers say this latest iPhone, commonly called iPhone 5, is prompting far more trade-ins than previous phone launches, including prior iPhone introductions. BuyMyTronics believes it may see five times the number of old iPhone trade-ins for the iPhone 5 as the iPhone 4, which was announced in June 2010.”

Woyke reports, “Gazelle is also seeing a ramp in submissions of Google Android and BlackBerry phones. Communications Director Kristina Kennedy says Gazelle has received 102% more Android phones over the past two weeks than it usually does and a 49% increase in BlackBerry phones… Indeed, Kennedy says, ‘…we believe rumors of a multi-carrier iPhone is driving high volumes of Android and BlackBerry trades.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Have any brave souls already traded in their iPhone 4 units already, prior to Apple’s announcement(s)?


  1. Anyone trading in today better have a backup phone, in case they have to wait for 2-6 weeks before the product actually goes on sale. Or in case 1st day sales are so crazy that it will take that long for Apple to catch up to demand.

  2. That’s the great thing about Gazelle – they lock in a 30-day offer! My box to return my iPhone 4 is on the way, just hope to get ver. 5 before my quote’s up and the trade-in price plummets!

  3. I will use my old iPhones as AppleTV, AppleTV 2, TiVo, and Optimum remotes. Why get rid of a perfectly working iOS device when you get a new one. Also, if someone looses or destroys an iPhone, you can let them use the old one until their contract ends and the can get the new one with the new contract.

    1. That’s great if you can afford it. If your old iPhone is 3GS or newer, it could be worth nearly $400 (or more) today on eBay / CraigsList.

      I would probably unload the old phone and, if I still wanted to have another iOS device, in addition to the new iPhone, I’d get a new iPod touch.

  4. Maybe a lot of Whackberries will be traded in, but you would have to be sniffing glue to trade in an Android. IOS is just now getting features Android has had for years. And still, it hasn’t caught up. Nope, I’ll be keeping my Droid thank you very much.

    1. Ha! Yes, features that barely work half as well as those that Apple have spent time and money working on so that they function properly. Keep on deluding yourself while malware continues to infect your crappy little iPhone knock-off.

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