All eyes on CEO Tim Cook at Apple’s October 4th ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event; what to expect

“After a lengthier than usual wait, tomorrow we get the next iPhone,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

The burning question, of course, is how much of an update it will be. The iPhone 4 was a big step up from its predecessor, the 3GS, which itself was basically the iPhone 3G with a better camera and speedier insides,” Lowensohn reports. “The iPhone 4 did the camera and speed tricks again, while changing up the outside and adding a considerably sharper screen.”

Lowensohn reports, “Will the iPhone 5 represent a tuning of an already tried-and-true device? Or will the longer wait result in something that’s noticeably new? Those questions will be answered tomorrow morning, when Apple holds its ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event. In the interim, here’s a small laundry list of things to keep an eye out for as the event unfolds.”

• iPhone 4S
• iPhone 5
• White iPod touch
• iOS 5
• More iOS 5 features, including Assistant voice-recognition
• iCloud
• New carriers, including Sprint in the U.S.
• Tim Cook’s performance

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  1. How much longer can they change the hardware before it becomes like the computers?
    They got it right eh?
    I don’t need it to be rounded or tapered to be a better phone. Spec. upgraded are fine with me.
    I do want the larger screen in the same size phone. I think that will be cool. After that, lighter, thinner, etc.
    Does that matter?

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