The consumerization of IT bodes very well for Apple Inc.

“Throughout the information age, the corporate I.T. department has stood at the chokepoint of office technology with a firm hand on what equipment and software employees use in the workplace,” Verne G. Kopytoff reports for The New York Times. “They are now in retreat. Employees are bringing in the technology they use at home and demanding the I.T. department accommodate them. The I.T. department often complies.”

“Some companies have even surrendered to what is being called the consumerization of I.T. At Kraft Foods, the I.T. department’s involvement in choosing technology for employees is limited to handing out a stipend. Employees use the money to buy whatever laptop they want from Best Buy, or the local Apple store,” Kopytoff reports. “‘We heard from people saying, ‘How come I have better equipment at home?” said Mike Cunningham, chief technology officer for Kraft Foods.”

Kopytoff reports, “Encouraging employees to buy their own laptops, or bring their mobile phones and iPads from home, is gaining traction in the workplace. A survey published on Thursday by Forrester Research found that 48 percent of information workers buy smartphones for work without considering what their I.T. department supports. By being more flexible, companies are hoping that workers will be more comfortable with their devices and therefore more productive… Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, have long dominated the workplace, but Apple and its consumer-friendly blockbusters — the iPhone, iPad and MacBook — have made major inroads.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Citymark” for the heads up.]


  1. No one ever brings in their own Asus or Dell. They bring in Macs.

    Because it’s become the only way to successfully get around the corporate IT doofuses and their productivity crippling one size fits all policies.

    1. lol yep.

      I have some very good friends who are microsofties and one could not wait to show me the Win7 phone that MS gave him. I played with it, worked well for a MS product.

      A week ago I noticed an email he sent me had this at the bottom “Sent from my iPhone”


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