Why are Apple’s icons on the wall of Samsung’s store?

“If Samsung really does plan to take a bolder stance in its intellectual property battle with Apple, it best clean up its own operations first,” John Paczkowski writes for AllThingsD.

“Consider the wall of apps in this photo of the company’s new shop-in-a-shop in Italy’s Centro Sicilia, which appears to feature not only the iOS icon for Apple’s mobile Safari browser, but the icon for the company’s iOS App Store — three instances of it,” Paczkowski writes.

“Embarrassing, particularly given Apple’s allegations that Samsung ‘slavishly’ copied the design of its iPhone and iPad devices,” Paczkowski writes. “It’s hard to imagine there’s a reasonable explanation for this.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s nothing at all new. See our April 2008 article: Samsung’s ‘Instinct’ is obviously to make Apple iPhone knockoffs.

Perhaps “intellectual property” has no adequate Korean translation?

Samsung shop in Italy’s Centro Sicilia features Apple icons
Samsung shop in Italy’s Centro Sicilia features Apple icons (photo: AllThingsD)

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MacDailyNews Take: Even more reason to continue avoiding Samsung crap:

Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. Thanks for “boycott Samsung” take, MDN. I no longer need to harp on that anymore. 😮 )

    Btw. for those of you keeping scores at home, many of us are still boycotting anything Netgear until their CEO publicly apologises.

  2. In a nation which sends falun gong refugees back to china to an almost certain death, why would be surprised by aggressive illegal theft of intellectual property? Perhaps they thought this was normal business practice in the US – after all Microaoft, and now Google have been doing this for years.

    But a little bit silly to steal from your largest customer…

    … er, your ex-largest customer.

    If Apple is buying anything from Samsung in a year’s time I will be surprised…

    …and Samsung’s patents are not going to pass muster either – they are industry standards. And so they must licence to Apple at a fair price. However, I suspect Samsung may be excluded from new industry patents after this…

    High stakes game… I don’t see the thieving koreans coming out of this at all well…

  3. Why is anyone surprised? Didn’t Samsung back in 2007, show off a prototype phone with icons lifted from the iPhone? The same sunflower for photos, etc? They’re habitual copiers.

    1. Yeah, it’s likely this was intentional. Most people are familiar with iPhone icons now, so Samsung is capitalizing on the “familiarity” to get customers to buy into the ecosystem.

      It is almost definitely intentional… they see the “A” App store icon and say: “Oh, I know that app… and that one too… hey this phone is kind of cool and has similar/same apps as my iPhone. I also heard that there are more free apps… I like free.”

  4. Yea but show this picture to the phandroids as evidence of how they want to confuse people into buying their products by copying a successful company, and they’ll say “yea but app icons are too general apple just claims they invented everything” I can’t believe they can be soo blind

  5. What’s telling – more so than the use of Apple’s icons – is the REUSE of all those app icons over and over again! Is this indicative of Samsung’s (or rather Android’s) painful AppLack?

    I see the CNN app three times. I’m surprised about the NASA app being displayed (three times as well) for a shop in Italy. Poor Samsung isn’t even really trying to be original here.

    1. Other icons can have a genuine spot inside the Samsung store; i.e. the Facebook App, NASA App.

      However, chances are less than slim that Apple authorised/will ever allow their App Store to be available inside Samsung store. The implications are nonsensical.

  6. Yankee Dog symbol on our wall.

    We took shots at Apple Dog everywhere and expect to soon carry them off as trophies too.

    Yankee Dog stupid, give us money for parts than surprised we sell copies Apple hardware.

  7. Vice Chairman & CEO of Samsung -> Mr. Gee-Sung Choi

    President & CEO of Samsung Electronics N.A. -> Yangkyu Kim

    President of Samsung Telecommunications America -> Dale Sohn

    President & CEO of Samsung Semiconductor -> Charlie Bae

    President of Samsun Austin Semiconductor -> Dr. Woosung Han

  8. Vice Chairman & CEO of Samsung & Boards of Director -> Mr. Gee-Sung Choi

    President & CEO of Samsung Electronics N.A. -> Yangkyu Kim

    President of Samsung Telecommunications America -> Dale Sohn

    President & CEO of Samsung Semiconductor -> Charlie Bae

    President of Samsun Austin Semiconductor -> Dr. Woosung Han

    Boards of Director -> Yoon-Woo Lee

    Boards of Director -> Ju-Hwa Yoon

    Boards of Director -> Dong-Min Yoon

    Boards of Director -> Char-Woong Lee

    Boards of Director -> In-Ho Lee

    Boards of Director -> Oh-Soo Park

  9. Wait wait wait…..
    Your boycotting Samsung because “Oh look, a picture on the wall”
    And your SAYING that “Apples Devices Came First”

    I’m sorry, but you are a moron.
    First of all, Apple stole the iPhone’s look of a Samsung Device first announced a YEAR before.

    Second of all, Apple STOLE the “iPad” from…. Eurgh, Microsoft.

    Still, Idiots will be idiots and support Apple, even though they have stolen pretty much ALL of their ideas, and are now suing all their competitors.

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