Apple accuses Samsung of violating RAND obligations; Samsung doesn’t quite deny it

“Samsung last Tuesday filed a motion seeking to dismiss Apple’s counterclaims. Since this case involves so many different motions, here’s a super quick recap to get you up to speed,” David Goldman reports for Edible Apple.

“Apple first sued Samsung in April for copying the look and feel of iOS,” Goldman reports. “Samsung fired back with its own lawsuit claiming that Apple’s iOS products infringe on Samsung patents. Apple then filed a motion which claims, in part, that the patents Samsung asserts against Apple should be dismissed and at the very least dealt with on a separate track. And now Samsung is asking the court to, you guessed it, dismiss Apple’s motion to have Samsung’s claims dismissed.”

Goldman asks, “Got that? Okay, let’s dive in.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Why is it always someone has to say “the lawyers win”.

    It’s old and very obvious unless you live under a rock, but these people love to point this out at least a few times in a write up.

    Fact is, with a good legal defense a company or a single person can prove their case, out whole system is based upon this, facts are you wold be a fool to represent yourself in court without a good legal team.

    Let’s understand that with the type of system that is put in place, winners and losers are part of the factoring in supporting yourself oe a company against legal threats.

    I have no great love for lawyers, but until the system is deemed moot or we go back to the hanging days of fast swift justice, lawyers will be here and they will get paid for the work they do just
    Ike anyone else would.

    Why do those need to say the obvious but without adding anything of importance to the subject.

    As we will see Samsung is playing a game that they are losing, the have lost face in the EU, if anyone is aware of the culture they already know that they look bad in the public eye, Samsung has multibile lawsuits showing they have tried and have paid off public office holders in Korea and in other countries going back 5 years, they will do anything to save face and don’t like to lose.

    Problem for Samsung is they have gotten sloppy, trying to scare Apple won’t work but these fools think they can control the game by changing the rules.. Samsung has lost already, damage control is in place for them now bit as we see it’s not working to well.

    Samsung now risks being held in violation of FRAND/RAND patents that Apple has already paid for, Samsung can very well lose all rights types patents when they lose.

    1. I don’t buy your argument for the lawyers. Or 99% of the people are wrong, you say … even through out history. That’s what you are trying to advocate but sorry you are dead wrong. The fat of the fat lawyers pray on human problems, misery and explore the desperation of the involved. People are forced to pay disproportionately more to get out of trouble. Even those who win their cases actually hate the lawyers. Lawer are needed in desperate situations and they explore this same fact to squeeze an arm and a leg. Of coarse there are notable exceptions … But unfortunately very few.

  2. How much will it cost to hire some local South Korea thugs to “teach” Samsung executives some lessons??

    In US, you can pay somebody some $20-baggies and get a lot of things done “off the record”, if you know what I mean. 🙂

    In China, couple hundred US dollars can get tons of things accomplished. However, murder-for-hire may cost a bit more. 🙂

  3. I have about $90 BILLION that says Apple will need to start making their own storage chips or next generation high speed RAND-like storage. Strip away Samsung’s customers and the rest of the vendors that supply something to Apple will think twice before messing with Apple.

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