Qantas trials Apple iPads as in-flight entertainment option

“Qantas has decided to trial Apple iPads as an in-flight entertainment option on selected flights from October,” Natalie Apostolou reports for The Register.

“Qantas will pre-load the iPads with content including television shows, movies and music to be delivered to all passengers on one Boeing 767-300 initially,” Apostolou reports. “The Q Streaming app, which was developed with technology from Lufthansa System, had the potential to deliver all programs currently available on Qantas’s A380 aircraft.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]


  1. Good morning ladies & gentlemen, this is your chief steward speaking. Our flight to Melbourne, Australia will take 14 hours. We’ve just taken off from LAX and will be reaching cruising altitude soon. The pilot, Bruce Barbecue a.k.a. Crocodile Dundee, will be making an announcement soon about the weather conditions likely to be encountered en-route.

    In the meantime our lovely stewardesses will be handing out iPads to the first class and business class passengers. Those of you sitting in economy class will have to make do with HP TouchPads handed out by our less lovely stewards. The TouchPads were provided courtesy of HP Australia, who have dumped a boatload of unsold TouchPads on Qantas HQ.

    Have a good flight and enjoy your touchscreen porn courtesy of Qantas. Aussies rule!

  2. The bits missing from this particular report is that Qantas wants to play vague and officially has only suggested that they’re trying out some tablet options and one of those tablets that are being considered is iPad.

    Would it have killed them to just basically acknowledge that right now iPad’s really the only contender that can guarantee that they’ll be around next year?

    iPad community should also play vague and only offer that it’s allowing some airlines from Oceania to bask in its awesomeness; one of those airlines happens to be The Flying Kangaroo, maybe, etc.

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