Survey shows ‘unprecedented’ demand for Apple’s iPhone 5; iPad demand also rising

“RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky has raised his fourth quarter iPhone and iPad estimates based on the results of a survey of 2,200 potential buyers. The survey, conducted in August by ChangeWave research, showed what Abramsky called ‘unprecedented iPhone 5 demand and strong back-to-school iPad buying intentions,'” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Based on these results, Abramsky has raised his fourth quarter iPad estimate to 12.5 million units (from 10.5 million) and his first quarter 2012 iPhone estimate to 27 million units (from 24.4 million). His Q4 2011 iPhone estimate remains unchanged at 19.5 million,” P.E.D. reports.

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P.E.D. reports, “Below: A ChangeWave chart of tablet-buying intentions that should strike fear in the hearts of Apple’s (AAPL) competitors.”

ChangeWave tablet buying intentions
Source: ChangeWave

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath.



    1. And on that point, Apple’s competitors still cling to the myth the main reason buyers enthusiastically embrace Apple products is an ineffable cool factor. They try so hard to convince people they are intangibly cool and Apple isn’t. They never get it. The iPhone, iPad and Macs are popular because of the way they work. Without that, there is no cool.

    1. I bitched and yelled (oh yes, ask anyone who knew me then), particularly when I had to use a PC with no GUI and later MS’s poor excuse for a GUI. I was a MS proponent only when I bought my first Mac and they had MultiPlan (pre Excel), Word and File available for the Mac. Lotus was predominant at that time.

  1. The iPad is a freaking joy to have.

    Even and iTouch or iPhone… These devices are cheaper then most laptops and provide what most people honestly use a pc for.

    1 – browsing the net

    Looking for info – news – funny videos

    2 – social networks

    Keeping in contact all the social you need is on these devices

    3 – entertainment – games

    Some great games – definitely kills time and satisfies that area


    4 – creating content

    Okay getting work done. Reports. Graphics. Video. The iDevices do have capability yet most find the desktop or laptop a better machine for this category.

    Anything else people use a computer for?


    This is why a iPad free from the need of docking with a pc will soar and Apple devices will sell even more.

  2. Apple iPhone 5 realeased could be more lively topic among geeks. Every day is growing with a new rumor or a speculative assumption about the release date of iPhone 5. CNET UK review a website up and electronics, has attracted the attention of the technicians at the date of publication of iPhone 5 update version.

    According to CNET UK, the iPhone launch date in May is likely to be September 7, 2011. We assume that this is the first prediction of the exact date of launch of next-generation iPhone.

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