Logitech Wireless Touchpad clones Apple’s Magic Trackpad for Windows

“Logitech offered an olive branch on Tuesday to Windows users who want the experience of the Magic Trackpad without having to get a Mac,” Electronista reports.

“The Wireless Touchpad provides the same basic concept of a multi-touch trackpad on the desktop with a five-inch ‘buttonless’ surface that can sit anywhere,” Electronista reports. “Special drivers give Windows the support it doesn’t normally have, including two-finger scrolling, three-finger page flip gestures, and four-finger app switches.”

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Electronista reports, “The peripheral should be shipping before the end of the month and will cost less than its Magic Trackpad counterpart at $50.

Full article with photos of the device here.

MacDailyNews Take: Late, fake, and half-baked. Perfect for Windows sufferers.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. “Buttonless”? It looks like it has two rather large buttons.

    The Magic Trackpad has two buttons too, actually. But they are the two botton corner “nubs” on the underside of the Magic Trackpad. When you press down on the tracking surface, the nub clicks down (or up) and the “button” (on either side) is pressed. The track pad is one single solid surface. Such elegance and simplicity…

  2. The track pad is one single solid surface. Such elegance and simplicity…

    Ken1W, you wouldn’t want Logitech to pull a Google or Samsung and shamelessly rip off Apple’s beautiful simplistic design for our new post PC era would you?

    Logitech has got to make it look more like old Windows PC to be safe from an Apple lawsuit.

  3. I can just imagine how clunky and slow this thing will be;

    “It looks like you are trying to rotate a photograph. Would you like Clippy to assist you?”

    “Please wait while the Windows Photo Wizard loads”

    “Please wait while Windows configures your fake trackpad”

    “Windows has encountered a General Exception on line 88685568755. Please restart and try again.”

  4. My Apple Trackpad works fine under Bootcamp install of Win7. But u don’t know if drivers exist to use with Winbloze on a WinTel machine, as I never tried. If not, Apple should release some.

  5. “Officially, the Wireless Touchpad requires Windows 7 to work, although it may have basic support on Mac OS X . ”


    why someone with Mac OS X would want this ugly thing, when we already have the Magic Trackpad?

    no way!

  6. For everyone who can’t stand this Logitech device you need not worry because I’m sure MS’s ‘version’ of the device will be shipping about the time Windows 8 comes out 😉

  7. All those “touchpads” by Logitech will end up being returned to the stores. WIndows users are too stupid and too ignorant to understand “finger gesturing”. Such a device will only confuse those sheep.

    1. I had the pleasure of trying of of these retro goodies and it did not work. I could move the thing around the mouse mat in whatever direction but it did not move the pointer. I tried restarting Win7 a couple of times, waited for the updates to download, to install, to reboot, to install again and to reboot after the restart. The help desk then told me to use my fingers! I said: This is where I draw the line! Perverts, all of them!

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