Apple turnovers win the tech bake-off: Most investors are unaware of Tim Cook’s mastery

“Most investors are unaware of Tim Cook’s prowess. Apple’s new CEO has been baking apple turnovers better than anyone else in the tech world,” Stephen Rosenman reports for Seeking Alpha. “Personally, I think they’re far tastier than any other technology CEO’s baking. And I can prove it. No one does it better than Apple.”

“Tim Cook, long time chief operating officer and now CEO, has been a genius at managing Apple,” Rosenman reports. “Under his operations leadership, the company has outperformed all others in one vital area, inventory turnover. For those unfamiliar with this term, inventory turnover measures.”

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Rosenman reports, “For those unfamiliar with this term, inventory turnover measures the number of times inventory is moved in a year… Apple turned over its inventory 66 times this year, four to five times the rate of most of its competition… Apple has not sacrificed pricing in order to move goods. Its gross margins have increased substantially. No discounting is driving sales here. Clearly, analysis requires a deeper look. This piece shines the spotlight on an ignored but important measure, a measure by which Apple outshines its competition.”

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  1. of course. as expected.
    because, as even ex-Apple/ex-Pepsi CEO Sculley admitted a decade later, Steve Jobs’ attention to detail in everything Apple does, is perfectionist, not perfect, at all levels. hence, a product is thought through & through, from concept to hardware to software to gui to packaging to manufacturing to distribution and perfected, german-like efficiency.

    thus apple has the most lean, mean, sex machine propagation of any industry. it does not get more efficient.

    yet, so many mistake that for monopoly, when it’s only a natural consequence, not devious plan.

    such total integration can not be copied. it’s in Apple’s DNA. that is why no one can compete. they could till 1998, but since Steve’s prodigal phoenix-like return, all competitors seem chaotic in their approach. they’re all helplessly crying over spilled milk.

    the only way their iPad or iPhone or iPod or Mac or AppleTV-killers will succeed or even compete with Apple, is if they are resurrected from death, as Jesus, or as Indian Karma reincarnated as a different beast with different genes. they have to fully reinvent themselves to understand the Zeitgeist and to form a Gestalt approach that they’re missing in all their screaming against Apple being unfair with their lawsuits.

    Apple has full right to be pissed at being copied or taken for granted for 3 decades, whilst all steal from them. no one disputes the entertainment industry for criminally exuberant law suits against copyrights, but we bitch about Apple for much less?! why should others ride on AAPL’s R&D? let them research what they claim is their inventions. inventions don’t matter as much as whose the one materializing them into real practical products first anyway.

    the 1st 21C zen-master in tech & business,
    IS Apple IS Steve Jobs IS Tim Cook.
    like it or not.

    if you’re too stubborn to admit it,
    you only fool yourself,
    maybe due jealousy or Stockholm Syndrome,
    but stop shouting or bitching:
    do it better.
    then claim.
    AND if you still can’t shut up,
    fine. be happy – use Apple’s competitive products.
    you’ll never reach nirvanana, will overpay with all the tech support, will never make Flash work,
    which by the way, Adobe just gave up on,
    so that you got ditched & abused or raped (financially, aesthetically, emotionally, spiritually) once again.
    sure, go on, keep using crap,
    but don’t poo all over Apple for being right (all the time ; )

  2. Think of the money they save dusting shelves. They don’t need any, like bananas in WalMart, straight from the shipping container to the end user, inventory doesn’t even slow down in the store. When I told the Apple Store employees I wanted two iPhones and an iPad, she went to the back room and brought them out. Never even landed on a store shelf.

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