Three ways to fix OS X Lion’s Finder sidebar

“Ever since OS X Lion came out [there are] a couple of things that drive me nuts about its new Finder sidebar,” Jason D. O’Grady writes for ZDNet.

“For starters, Apple changed from color icons to the lifeless gray ones,” O’Grady writes. “If the gray is too drab for your taste, there’s an easy way to turn them back to color.”

O’Grady writes, “I really dislike the way Lion relegates the Devices area (where icons for hard drives, mounted servers, etc. appear) to the bottom of the Finder sidebar. In Snow Leopard (a.k.a. 10.6) Devices were at the top of the Finder sidebar and I’m just used to finding them there… If you suffer from phantom aliases which seemingly can’t be removed from Lion’s Finder sidebar, Hybridair at MacRumors Forums offers this fix which works like a charm…”

The full article contains instructions for changing the three things described above here.


    1. Totally pointless to petition.
      IF you don’t like it, vote with your money and don’t buy it.
      That is what Steve Jobs says to every whiner, and he’s right.

      In keeping with his advice I have chosen NOT to upgrade to Lion and if things don’t change significantly for the better I won’t upgrade to another Mac, ever.

      I hope Apple is happy.

      1. why?

        there’s nothing broken in Lion… Things like this, color gone and finder reordered, are just style things that some of us wish were back to the old way.
        I liked the bigger Stop Lights in SL, but honestly.. they don’t even bother me anymore in Lion.

        and if you are talking Rosetta….. Go back and READ why it was made in the first place. it was NEVER intended to be there for ever. Thats not an Apple problem, thats a software company’s lazyness.

        what other things can you be speaking of?
        Lion Roars, At first I liked it. now… I love it. The only thing I still dislike.. the Finder Reorder. I can live with it, but it’s annoying. I have two Lion machine’s, and a Leopard machine behind me.. I want the Lion Macs to be the same as my old stuff.

        One can only hope MacPilot or others figure something out.

    1. ok, looks like the Color change does work.
      the reorder of the sidebar, doesn’t work.

      It’s a workaround to put certain things at the top of favorites (i think.. I read the support thread where they pulled this from, they link to it)
      So there is still no way to place “Devices” at the top of the finder sidebar (yet)
      it’s a minor issue on my iMac, but my MBP.. annoying with a smaller screen size.

  1. Bring back the Aqua style round buttons to Lion! These buttons were unique to the Mac. Now my Mac OS looks more like MS Windows now that the round buttons are gone an replaced with rectangular buttons (like the buttons for OK, Cancel, Print, etc.).

  2. I successfully got the colors back to my Finder sidebar with this method. Unfortunately. SIMBL appears to mess up the new 1Password Safari 5.1 extension. I was having many problems with it until I removed SIMBL, but it now works well.

    Just a warning for 1Password users who also are running Lion and Safari 5.1

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