JPMorgan hikes iPad share of tablet market to 70.9% in 2011

“Investment bank J.P. Morgan raised its estimates for tablet shipments in 2011 to 51.9 million units, citing the strength of Apple’s iPad, while slightly lowering 2012 estimates because a ‘formidable number two tablet maker’ has yet to arrive,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“The firm raised its 2011 tablet projection from 46.1 million to 51.9 million units, while also reducing 2012 numbers from 76.3 million to 72.4 million. Moskowitz now estimates Apple’s unit market share will stand at 70.9 percent at the end of this year [up from 60.8%] and 62.8 percent in 2012,” Ong reports. “He predicts worldwide tablet revenues will reach $28.9 billion dollars this year.”

Ong reports, “Moskowitz did note that a rumored Amazon tablet could be ‘interesting,’ possibly providing a lift to the non-Apple tablet market. He went on to say that the OS would likely be a weak spot for the device, though ‘brand name, content and distribution capabilities of Amazon’ could threaten Apple’s lock on the market.”

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  1. Apple has effectively “iPoded” whatever “competition” there may have been and now dominates the tablet and smartphone market.

    This domination will continue to be reflected in increasing Macintosh sales. Apple is in control of the paradigm shift away from the “pickup truck” PC era.

    1. So true. The only reason the iPhone’s “dominance” dosen’t look as stark as the iPod & iPad is the subsidy model which rewards devices that are less than user friendly.

  2. Hilarious.

    What will Moskowitz say when apple reports 15 to 20 million in sales this September Q. I predict this much, if the other analysts come out with numbers close to 15 million, he will come out with a – after additional checks our initial estimates were a little low blah blah blah.

    It is ridiculous that he says apple will sell just 21 million iPads in the last 2 Qs of the year. They are trying to limit the price move mention of apple. Probably the clients are heavily exposed to written calls. He better hopes that apple does not release it’s report earlier than expirations for the October options.

  3. Wow! What? “slightly lowering 2012 estimates because a ‘formidable number two tablet maker’ has yet to arrive …”

    What “formidable number two tablet maker”? Why not just say that AI will dominate 2012. Who cares if we have no idea how to make an AI (Artificial Intelligence) device yet.

  4. The Amazon Color Kindle and Nook Color are just glorified eReaders and certainly not iPad-class tablets. These tech-pundits calling for iPad challengers are just grasping for straws, trying to play the Devil’s Advocate, deliberately trying to drive Apple’s share price down or maybe just clueless. There is no radical underground revolution where consumers are demanding Android tablets or alternatives to iPads. This cry for Android tablets would only exist on a tech-head level measured maybe only in the tens of thousands. There may be a possibility that a number of consumers are looking for tablets less expensive than the iPad, but I wouldn’t expect those to be in large numbers if they’re merely replacing notebook or desktops with iPads. iPads offer the highest-quality bang for the buck with the best customer support and the deepest ecosystem. Why would consumers not want iPads?

    Apple is selling refurbed iPad 1s and iPad 2s at a discounted level so most consumers can afford them. If Apple decided to lower the price of new iPads (I’m sure that won’t happen) it would kill any chance of rival tablets of gaining traction. Apple has so much reserve cash and rival tablet makers are so scared of losing money, there is almost no way that Apple can lose major share of the tablet market at this point. I don’t believe Amazon can build a quality tablet for $250 and fool consumers into thinking it it is a high-quality tablet. It might be an OK device, but certainly nothing to warrant the hype it’s been getting.

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