Microsoft Zune manager quits

“Microsoft’s Zune media players faced an extra setback Tuesday after Zune HD business development manager Dave McLauchlan said he was exiting the company,” Electronista reports. “The company veteran resigned last week and will finish Friday. His ultimate destination is Buddy, an early startup that will help make mobile apps ‘cheaper, faster & easier.'”

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“The shift comes after a string of senior-level exits from Microsoft. For McLauchlan, it also carries a degree of irony as he had promised half a year ago that the Zune HD will live on,” Electronista reports. “While the project isn’t known to be ending, his withdrawal will still cause some disarray at a time when many are questioning the survivability of an MP3 player that hasn’t been given a hardware revision since 2010.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How do you end a high-profile failure whose name long ago became synonymous with fecal material and/or the act of expelling such material and whose end would trigger yet another PR nightmare? You let it wither on the vine and hope everyone forgets about it just like Microsoft is doing with their Zune players. Microsoft PR Think: If there is no definitive date of death, it never died, even though it’s dead.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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    1. Zune? What Zune? I have heard and read about this mythical Microsoft Zune player for about a decade. To this day, I have NEVER SEEN ANYONE WITH A Zune IN REAL LIFE! I once saw Zune accessories on a shelf in a store. That is it.

      Has anyone ever seen a Zune? (If you got one as a gift, I am sorry about that but that also counts.)

        1. Yeah, but that doesn’t even compare to how many MicroShat has sold in their own mind. You need to check other peoples’ delusions man before you spoutin’ reality at everyone, m’kay

  1. They still make those things?

    I’ve heard a couple people say they own one, but I have yet to see one in the wild!

    I sell Mercedes-Benz.

    I was once showing a customer the built-in iPod support, and he asked, “Will it work with my Zune?”

    My answer: “Zune? You’re one of those two guys, eh?”

  2. Move along, MAC lemmings. Nothing to see here. Microsoft is simply clearing out the dead wood in management to bring I-Pod killing Zunes to market faster. The already nimble and efficient Microsoft will innovate and move even more quickly to complete their conquest of the personal media player market while MAC sits there flummoxed. Hey MAC, doesn’t it suck to be saddled with 10-year old media player technology while Microsoft blows past you? It won’t be the first time.

    1. Zune Tang, you’re gonna lose your cover one of these days. Why don’t you just come out of the closet and reveal to us that you’re Ballmer. It all makes sense now. MicroShit never goes anywhere because you spend your days pouting all the time on tech forums. I can smell you from here. Try water and vinegar next time Pune Tang.

  3. MS just talks BS and their mindless robots are set loose on the net regurgitating their BS. Then the clueless journalist or Apple haters jump on board and promote the crap from MS. Guess what… guys are the laughing stock of the industry. Hahahahahahaha…sucks to be you! Zune…LOL. What stupid POS from MS copy cat playbook.

  4. “…hasn’t been given a hardware revision since 2010.”

    Did this POS ever make it past the borders of the USA? WTF is Microsoft expecting this fly covered turd will do in the future besides feed hordes of hungry maggots?

    Flush it already! It reeks!

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