RUMOR: iPhone 5 with 8-megapixel camera in production sans firmware

“Two simultaneous discoveries have helped outlined the since-started production of the iPhone 5,” Electronista reports.

“Chinese tipsters said Monday that Apple contract partners Foxconn and Pegatron were manufacturing the devices without firmware,” Electronista reports. “The step seen by MacOtakara wouldn’t be surprising given the OS’ uncompleted state but will leave Apple with a relatively short interval between having a finished OS and when it can ship.”

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Electronista reports, “A separate report from the Taiwan Economic News backed talk of Largan making iPhone 5 camera lenses. Both it and Genius would be supplying the parts for an eight-megapixel camera in the smartphone.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Looking more and more like we’ll have some kind of iPhone interval (4S) next month to keep Apple from falling behind, and a real update of a much better phone (5) with lots of great new features, including a terrific camera, better battery, better reception, more carrier competition, maybe even fewer dropped calls sometime next spring. There’s not nearly enough time to produce what we really want and have it on the shelf in the next 30 days – like just about every reliable and unreliable rumor source has been reporting every day.

    1. Where does the article or the MDN reference to it claim that a 4S will ship within the next month then a 5 will ship later? The article only references a 5 shipping within the next month.

      1. He’s just a troll.
        He is trying to discourage buyers. And, at the same time he is also inferring that the current iPhone4 needs a better battery, has reception problems and drops calls. None of which is true.
        Sad really, what the apple haters have been reduced to lately. It’s almost like the higher Apple rises, the more their insanity & delusions grow.

  2. I don’t like this new iPhone product cycle.

    Of course, I’d prefer that they delay release, rather than rush it to market, but it’s been far too long since I’ve had my fix!

    1. I think it’s great, the iPhone 5 will be available just about the time that people who bought the iPhone4 at release (last spring) will be eligible to upgrade shortly (in case you didn’t realize AT&T normally gives good customers an option to upgrade to a new phone about 16 mos. into the contract (they always have me, and almost everyone I know))
      So, I think this is far better than the once a year update cycle.

  3. Agreed, the upgrade cycle seems out of whack. The problem is exasperated with cell contracts. Mine is about to be up, and I do not want to settle for a 4S, I want the 5, my 3GS is getting tired and because of the damn cell contract I was effectively locked out of the 4. Yes, I know I can buy it outright, but after paying $800 for the original iPhone, I won’t be doing that again.

      1. Yeah, I have to agree all this angst about the 16mo update cycle, is moot because apple products are so dam easy to sell.
        Add to that, that they are bitching about a 16mo update cycle when most cell carriers allow phone upgrades every 16 mo… Don’t know, this really seems much ado about nothing.
        (my apologies to our Canadian brethren who have 3 yr upgrade cycles, but ya’ know, 16-18mo product refreshes fits pretty well into a 3 yr cycle as well)

  4. Ironic that while I cursed the 3-year contract Canadian carriers force us into, this may actually work to my advantage since I got my 3GS right after they came out (July 2009). At this rate the iPhone 5 might come out near the tail end of that contract.

  5. I’m happy to wait as I’m not on a contract and will buy a sim-free phone as soon as it becomes available.

    I’ll never get another 2 year contract, far too long to be tied to one provider. I’m now very happy with a monthly sim only contract I can change anytime I want and tune the package up or down to fit in with my needs. I like having no link between who provides me with my connection service and my handset.

    I can easily off-set the sim-free cost of the new iPhone by selling my existing iPhone for a tidy sum.

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