Judge: Apple may have to reveal iPad unit sales to successfully bar Samsung Galaxy Tab in Australia

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. Actually, it was Samsung, not Apple who announced they would no longer publish their mobile devices sales.

      So I can not understand where are the news in the headline. Apple never made no secret of iPad sales; they publish it each quarter or even often (on a keynote speeches).

  1. The original press story specifically pointed out that the judge said samsung did not request the data from apple. Now it is being twisted. Samsung and the WS shysters do not want this. WS, is afraid they will lose control of manipulating the pps of apple and samsung is afraid that it will lead to even less sales. Today, the cohorts in the press of these respectable and esteemed gentlemen of WS, are already saturating the news with – waves ofcheap tablets are coming. All to mitigate apple announcing 20 million in sales of iPads. The mantra will be, the wave of cheap tablets will bring down sales of iPad and reduce margins to the point apple will make nothing from iPad sales.

    1. I hate to spoil a good conspiracy theory, but it doesn’t take a web of nefarious WS greed merchants for the press to report anything. 1st: the press are typified by lazy idiots; 2nd: every tablet maker Google RIM MS would gladly produce a story that would cause consumers to delay or second-guess an iPad purchase. It is a PR war, not WS intrigue.

  2. Dear Judge Annabelle, you are not making any sense. No short term sales data can show the effect of competitor’s product, unless the first one is a lousy product (which iPad is not) and the second is a killer superior product (which Galaxy is not). It may take years to erode the first product’s sales. Case in study: slow death of RIM phones since introduction of vastly superior iPhone – you could not tell that after first year and you could still argue after 2nd year.

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