Lenovo: Samsung Galaxy Tab sold just 20,000 out of 1 million units shipped

“An executive at Android tablet maker Lenovo claims that Samsung sold only 20,000 of the 1m tablets that it shipped last year as it tried to ‘buy share’ from market leader Apple,” David Meyer reports for The Guardian.

“Samsung said at the end of 2010 that it had shipped 1m of its 7-inch Galaxy devices, which were seen as the first real Android competitors to Apple’s iPad. However, according to Barrow, Samsung only sold 20,000 of the tablets,” Meyer reports. “Andrew Barrow, director of consumer products and pricing for Lenovo Western Europe, told the Guardian that the problem with trying to substantially undercut the price of the Apple iPad, of which around 30m have so far been sold, was that ‘any [manufacturer] would be giving money away.'”

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Meyer reports, “Since the original Galaxy Tab, Samsung has launched a series of successors in a variety of sizes. Its flagship model, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, has a similar screen size to that of the iPad 2 and is currently banned in Germany and Australia due to ongoing litigation with Apple. Apple claims Samsung has copied the look of the iPad in its Android tablets, along with certain elements of functionality.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Hotinplaya” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. they should sell the remainder at a discount like the HP touchPad and the Apple hating Press will also spin that as a ‘success’ just like they are now saying the $99 (money losing) Hp tablet was an intelligent smart ‘strategic’ move by HP and will ‘cripple Apple’ etc …

  2. Im posting from my father in law’s 7 inch galaxy tab. he and another relative bought them through verizon, for 150. apple is over complementing samsung by suing them. this thing is an almost unusable piece of shit. just typing the previous two.sentences took forever with menus popping up at random the backzpace key sometimes working.sometimes not etc. he tried copying photos to.this and they disappeared. he went to verizon and they told him to email 600 megs of photos to himeself. fuck it too much effort to finish this comment

    1. Dude. This is hilarious. It does make you wonder why Apple is going to the trouble of suing. I mean, I get the principle part, but is it just to make an example that in addition to losing half a billion dollars embarrassing yourself competing with the iPad, you’ll also get your ass chewed the world over in court? If so, bravo. The faster it’s an open-and-shut repetition of the iPod story, the better!

      1. Widerwake, The trouble is the MP3 players did not look like apple iPods. There was no market confusion. Different stories.

        Just saw some people buying a cheap computer at walmart today. No brains, just look at prices, get specs from clerk / local geek and pick one. Of course all their plastic shell machines were Windows. I felt sorry for those people, but not sorry enough to interviene.

        People shop on impulse, looks, what the clerk says, most do not shop with their brains. But then again, Apple is not trying to sell to those people, just trying to keep them from thinking that cheap piece of plastic crap that looks like an iPad is really an iPad.

        Just a thought,

  3. Already the analysts in the story are defending Samsung, claiming if it was that bad, we would have heard about it from the resellers.

    Baloney. the resellers will keep quiet. Samsung is very good at wheeling and dealing. They have other product that they can offer the retailers with incentives to carry some inventory costs for the tablets. the resellers can hang on a little longer.

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