Apple apparently forces Samsung to remove Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch from IFA trade show, German website

“Yesterday (Friday, September 2, 2011) was the first day a trade show named IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in the German capital of Berlin,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “It’s a major international event for the consumer electronics industry, and I have seen on Twitter that a number of U.S. journalists covering mobile devices flew in from overseas. And it’s the venue of the latest episode in the world-spanning intellectual property dispute between Apple and Samsung, following an unambiguous sign of weakness on Samsung’s part in Australia: I have seen a couple of reports (, on German websites and received direct information from an IFA visitor according to which Samsung removed all Galaxy Tab samples, also including the new 7.7″ version, and all promotional material from its booth today. Samsung also removed the Galaxy Tab 7.7″ from its German website.”

There are two possible explanations for why Samsung was (or at least felt) forced to remove the Galaxy Tab 7.7″ from its IFA booth:

• Apple might have obtained a new preliminary injunction and delivered it to Samsung’s booth today.

• Apple might have asked (or threatened to asked) the Düsseldorf court to impose a fine on Samsung for contempt of the existing preliminary injunction. There could be an argument that the existing preliminary injunction applies to the Galaxy Tab 7.7″ as well, given that — apart from its size — it looks very similar to the banned Galaxy Tab 10.1″.”

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Mueller reports, “Until we all find out what the legal reason for Samsung’s removal of the Galaxy Tab 7.7″ was, it’s difficult to tell what the more likely scenario is. My guess is that Apple obtained a new court decision rather than getting into any argument over whether the existing one applies. German courts can move very quickly with these injunctions. Maybe Apple filed for it in the morning, received the document in the afternoon or today (for such preliminary injunctions, the courts are also available on weekends) and then sent someone to Berlin to serve the document on Samsung.”

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  1. Has a stand builder I can tell you that the first thing that you see when you log in to the site of the organizer of trade shows in Germany is a VERY clear warning that if you bring anything to the stand that is illegal (either regarding copyright, patents, trade dress, etc) you do so at your own risk and responsibility and may have the items in question removed from the stand among other things.
    So, knowing that there was an injunction in place against Samsung its not surprising that the tablets were removed.

  2. I got news folks. Samsung is a corporation. Apple is a corporation. They all copy each other and they all sue one another. Apple makes great products and so do Samsung. I have multiple products from both companies in my house (just bought another Samsung TV today, just bought another Mac last month). It’s silly to root for laundry. Buy what Apple does well and buy what Samsung does well. It’s not the battle of good vs. evil here.

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