Rush Limbaugh: On the brilliance of Steve Jobs

Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today covered Steve Jobs resignation on what, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States. The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations:

Limbaugh said, in part:

I am reminded that I haven’t had a chance to comment on the Steve Jobs resignation since I was away when it happened. I was away. He resigned as CEO. He’s staying on as chairman of the board. TMZ, the gossip site, published a picture of Jobs a couple of days ago after he resigned (ostensibly a couple days after his resignation), which portrayed Jobs as very ill and not looking good at all. I have told people… In fact, I was in Hawaii last week when all this happened, and when it happened, I said to my golf buddies, “Steve Jobs is one of the five people that I haven’t met that I would like to meet.” They said, “Who are the other four?” and I said, “I don’t know. I can’t name ’em off the top of my head.”

But I want to reserve my comments on Jobs. Everybody is talking about Jobs writing obituaries, practically, and I don’t want what I would have to say sound like that at this stage, but what he’s done is amazing, and his stated philosophies. If you haven’t seen it, one thing you should try to find… In fact, you know what we’ll do? We’ll find it, we’ll link to it at He did the commencement speech at Stanford, I believe, in 2005, and it is in the annals as one of the all-time great commencement speeches.

The full transcript, along with Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech, is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. Well, I never thought I’d applaud anything Rush ever did or said, but it was touching to see him posting the commencement address, and to say the things he did about Steve Jobs.

    1. Which is nothing new.

      He always praises apple and steve jobs.
      His comment about the five people he wants to meet… Says a lot.

      “I can’t name the other 4 of the top of my head”

      Now I return you to the regularly scheduled Rush bashing in this thread.

        1. What’s most frightening is that the Big fat Idiot actually has listeners. Liking Macs and Steve Jobs is about the only thing I’ve ever agreed with him on. Still, I can’t respect him, or like him, or not throw up in my mouth and spit it at him. No one is all bad or all good. This site and some of its fans have people who not only tolerate but admire this guy. meanwhile, the Big Fat POS likes Steve Jobs. That doesn’t make him Not guilty by association.

        2. Wow. You sure are full of hatred and biggotry. I’m a libertarian and agree with very little of what Rush does but to quote Penn Jillette when he spoke about Bush Jr. “He’s wrong, not evil”

          Do you think all of this frothing about and insults actually accomplishes anything? Does it convince anyone to examine their positions?

          No. It is just hateful, public masturbation that reveals the venom in your heart.

          1. Oh My! Don’t point out to the “Liberals” the hypocrisy of their “tolerance” plank that they throw away at the very mention of ANY popular conservative. Yeah, it is ugly.. It’s also just what those in power love, every one bickering with each other rather than fixing the real issue: a two party system where all the politicians are bought and paid for by corporations. Keep bickering folks, things will only get worse..

        3. I reserve my scorn for all of the liberal-scum that are destroying the US as fast as they can. Druggie? How about Maobama the COCAINE user among other things???? You liberals are sick, sick, sick. We capitalist, conservatives will crush you at the ballot box in 2012. This will be great. Liberals will incite race riots and lawyers and lie, cheat, and steal as usual. But we’ll still landslide this one!

          1. You guys can’t even get your
            party to vote with you?

            Tea baggers are gonna ruin it for the GOP.

            Idiots will not know which idiot to vote for. Mass confusion Hey, maybe Rush will run!

            Dems win again.

    2. The fascinating thing is that the genesis of Rush’s view on Steve Jobs and Apple, his love and praise of both, is predicated upon the same principles of excellence that are the foundation of his conservative leanings. Like it or not, Apple is one of the all time great monuments to capitalism. They compete in a free market and show what happens when you do a better job. Almost everyone, if not everyone that reads this board and comments here believes that Apple success is due to their competitive practices, not government regulation or oversight. Apple is capitalism incarnate. Are they evil? Do they hate people? Are they racists? Are they (insert typical liberal insults here)? No. Of course not. They are simply a business that makes great products. Products that are so great they have crushed their competition. Pure, unadulterated capitalism. (The operative word there is “pure.”) This is not to say that there are not some companies that achieve success through uncompetitive practices. (See AT&T Rant below).

      So I wonder, just what is it, that we (those on the right and those on the left) truly disagree about. Why will so many, especially those who do not listen to him, spew venom at the mere mention of Rush’s name, when he admires companies like Apple and people like Steve Jobs. All he is saying is that left to their own devices (no pun intended) organizations such as Apple do better with less government. That geniuses such as Steve, no better what to do with their money than the government, and that he has faith in the market to produce more Apple’s.

      Is that truly evil thinking?

      1. If only most other companies practiced such disciplined and ethical business practices, I agree, we would need hardly any government regulation (utilities would be one major exception to keep regulated). But the fact is, most giant bloodsucking corporations ONLY care about one thing (money) and do not give a rat’s ass who they have to step on or exploit to get there (and please their shareholders). Yes, if Apple couldn’t make a profit they wouldn’t be doing it, but the passion of innovation and discipline to pull it off ethically are what separate Apple from the rest. What Apple practices is as close to ‘pure’ science (and yes, capitalism) as you can get – innovating for innovation’s sake (and to blindside competitors before they even see it coming).

        As long as there are greedy CEOs and stock market investors, pure capitalism cannot be. Steve Jobs’ official salary was $1/year, so if he wanted to make any money it HAD to be based on his performance and the performance of his company – you didn’t see him taking multi-million dollar bonuses (sometimes in the 10s or 100s of millions) while his company is losing billions, did you? I hear too many stories like this to have faith in modern capitalism.

      2. Right on. Compare Apple, which has never accepted government handouts, with Solyndra, a posture child for Obama’s “green jobs” push. Last year they received over $500 million in government loan guarantees and just this week sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The US taxpayer is on the hook for most of that loss.

        Or consider the Boeing and Gibson Guitar cases. In the first case, the NLRB set out to block them from opening a plant in (non-union) South Carolina. In the second, another agency seized pallets of hardwoods and guitars based over a question of how much labor value-add had been done in India!

        And people wonder why jobs aren’t being created…

        1. That is not true. Apple has accepted all the government handouts in Ireland. At one stage Apple was ready to close the factory in Ireland, but the Irish government said that Apple has to pay all the money back, so the factory is still there. Apple also really quickly remembered that with place in Ireland they can skip paying taxes in Europe. They just suffle the money via Ireland and Luxemburg. All the American companies including Google uses this loophole though.

          Then again…
          Stupid is not who takes. The stupid is who gives and the real idiots are the ones that don’t take.

          USA’s capitalism is really great because it means that you give government handouts to the companies worth hundreds of billions annually. We do it here in Europe too and as does the USA we give farming subsidies worth of something like 300 billion euros annually. That messes up the world market for food.

          Only thing that is better here is that we aren’t so stupid to spend that 670 billion dollars annually to army. Instead we focus on the health and education of the people. (Exclude Greece that just wastes all the money it can get and is not willing to change.)

          1. No money for the Army?
            Better hope the 4th Reich never takes hold.
            Oh wait…
            You’ll just call America for military support.
            Don’t worry we got your back.

            Victory favors the prepared.

      3. You are missing 90% of it. If you have to ask, you’ll never know. Unbelievable! Take Apple and Jobs out of the equation. This guy makes sense to you? You condone his ignorance, hatred, and bigotry? Would you have your children thinking and speaking like him? Is he a soulmate of yours, a peer? If so, you have my deepest sympathy, and there is nothing ever more to say.

        1. Can you provide one single example of Rush Limbaugh’s alleged hatred and/or bigotry? I mean an actual example, not a paragraph of platitudes or ad hominem attacks.

          This is a perfect example of the left’s bankruptcy of ideas and substance. When your arguments are defeated, just resort to name calling and non-specific complaints.

          Just one example?

          Rush, on the other hand, fully well knowing Steve Jobs’ politics, has no problem putting that aside when commenting on Steve’s business success.

          1. He got fired after one day on the air at ESPN for making racist remarks about Donovan McNabb.

            He lasted 1 entire day. Not the brightest bulb? Or his racisim seeps through in everything?

            ESPN and Disney reached back like a pimp and bitched slapped Rush!

            1. His comments were NOT racist at ALL. If we cannot have open conversation and debate on race, racism will never die. I think he was right BTW. Donovon McNabb is NOT an ELITE QB. He has been propped up and used as an advertising tool by the league because he is black. He was simply marginally better than the other terrible black QB’s. It’s not racist to say that any more than it is racist to comment on the lack of American born White NBA players.

              here is his comment:

              “I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL,” Limbaugh said. “The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well … McNabb got a lot of the credit for the performance of the team that he really didn’t deserve.”

              Nothing racist at all, merely an opinion based on observation. Nothing he said is untrue here.

            2. @ truth
              They asked for 1 example. I gave it.
              He lasted 1 day.
              1 DAY PEOPLE!
              Hiis mouth got his ass canned!
              Maybe it wasn’t what was said, but the tone it was delivered.
              Why didn’t ESPN or Disney give him a 2nd chance after his 1st day on the job?
              Because they saw the writing on the wall.
              An the writing was RACIST.
              Rush being the blowhard he is could have taken your position and defended hdimself and sued, but didnt? He knew he was caught live and didn’t want anymore public embarrassment.

            3. No, you did NOT provide an example.
              You merely regurgitated something you don’t understand to get some points when no one is even keeping score.

              Also, I believe he worked for ESPN for more than one day AND he resigned

              Besides, he was hired for color commentary….
              (oh, my God, I am SO racist…)

    3. I’ll go with that and add that if Rush Limbaugh can set aside his asinine politics in favor of the human element, then it’s time he showed a national example of this, daily, on his show, of how we can and should still respect each other on a one to one basis that unites, rather than divides.

      1. “…I’ll go with that and add that if Rush Limbaugh can set aside his asinine politics in favor of the human element…”

        Please (no insults intended in anyway) tell me what you mean by this, for my own education.

        I think praise of the industrious, the “crazy ones” if you will, is appreciation of the finest of what humanity has to offer. I.e. look what free women and men can do without the fear of government oppression or the tyranny of the majority. Yes there is some need for a “referee” if you will. A body that helps to maintain the level playing field necessary for capitalism to work, but am I being asinine here? I don’t know you, but I respect the “breeze” personae you present here. I am sure Rush would also. Where do we begin to disagree?

        I was just thinking that Apple has $80 billion dollars in the bank, give or take a few billion. I wonder if anyone here believes that our Federal Government would do a better job of spending that money than Apple will do?

        1. I think exremities tend to go overboard especially these days and that being asinine is kind of like throwing darts that inflame and detract fro the points of view people have. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and I might add is entitled to one. But when it gets venom and begets lies and character assassination and righteous and indignant and….you see the point?

          There’ s a lot more to be said for solving problems by doing and innovating and giving something to benefit others that dig it.

          It used to be people were friends and shared opinions respectfully and regardless of left or right. Today nobody gets a chance at real interaction and discussion without the political poison.
          This might sound stupid, but there more to life than political idealism and dogma. Together we stand divided we fall one and all.

        2. “I wonder if anyone here believes that our Federal Government would do a better job of spending that money than Apple will do?”

          Isn’t that like comparing Apples to lemons?

    1. Very true … all you have to do is listen to the guy and you’ll realize he doesn’t lie, he knows what he’s talking about, and all the BS put out by the liberal-hacks is false (and I’m being politically with the term hacks!)

  2. I got to listen to what was about 7 to 10 minutes of praise and respectful admiration of both Steve Jobs and Apple during today’s broadcast. Rush has long been an Apple product user and has given Apple many hours over the years of FREE on air advertising and praise. Rush, as always, has taken the high road with Steve Jobs and Apple.

    If someone gets to ask Steve about it, he might like to meet Rush also.

  3. liberal |ˈlib(ə)rəl|
    1 open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values: they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people.
    • favorable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms: liberal citizenship laws.
    • (in a political context) favoring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform: a liberal democratic state.

    I’m a liberal. I’m also a fiscal conservative. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Liberal doesn’t mean what most seem to think it means. Rush is a Liberal and may or may not know it.

    1. And ‘gay’ means happy and carefree.
      Look, we all know liberalism is not the same as a liberal democracy.

      So, yes, if you want to make a play on words, and keep some of the meaning, go ahead.

      If you want to discus the differences between Liberals and Conservatives, throw that definition out.

    2. Liberals are only respectful of other’s opinions if they are the same as their own. I work at a liberal University, and the Open Mindedness they brag about only goes as far as their OWN viewpoints. Any variance from a liberal view is ridiculed, you’re looked at in a different way, and the first in line to go when the lay-offs come.

      1. And… I have learned to keep anything political to myself. Meanwhile I’ve endured photos of George Bush compared to a monkey posted on office fridges here. Anti-Bush political cartoons and degrading republican signs on doors. If that was done to Obama, the person putting the pictures and signs up would be in big trouble for disrespect. Open minds and opinions—ha what a joke.

    1. I happen to listen to Rush and I agree with much of what he says. I have never heard him spew hate toward anyone. I’ve heard him disagree with certain kinds of ideas, but never hate toward an individual.
      Why is it when I hear him labeled as a “hate monger”, the hate actually feels like it’s coming from those who diagree with him?
      I myself, believe along many of the principles that Rush exalts. I can tell you that I have no hate toward anyone, to those who disagree with my views, even those who would want to label me as a “hate monger”

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