Best Buy slashes up to $150 off RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook

“Best Buy hinted at possible sluggish sales of the BlackBerry PlayBook by starting a new sale on RIM’s tablet,” Electronista reports.

“The deal takes $50 off of the 16GB and 32GB tablets and a much steeper $150 off of the 64GB version, putting it at the exact same price as the 32GB model,” Electronista reports. “The retailer hasn’t said how long the sale will last.”

MacDailyNews Take: Probably until amateur hour is over.

RIM “shipped 500,000 PlayBooks in its spring quarter and isn’t due to report the summer until September 15,” Electronista reports. “Like many companies, though, it hasn’t discussed actual sell-through customers and, unlike Apple, is known not to sell every unit it ships to stores.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Liquidation time for another dead end!


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Why stop at half measures? Give them away and there will be lines around the block at every Best Buy. At least RIM can then spew out press reports at how popular the Playbook is. Worked for HP.

  1. “When we introduced the iPad we said it’s our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price. People laughed at us when we used the word magical but you know what? It’s turned out to be magical. And people weren’t sure that it was an unbelievable price, well let me tell you…ask our competitors now.” – Steve Jobs (introducing iPad 2)

    1. lol. so true.

      I was tempted to grab a touchpad for $99 for the heck of it, then i played with one..

      Playbook, I first thought if *anyone* could make a decent competitor to the iPad it would be Rim.. then I (tried) to play with one.. Demo model was frozen 2 days after launch.

      only True competitor to the iPad 2, is the iPad 1..
      Android *may* someday be able to be somewhat competitive. but not until you can get a decent tablet for $99. Like a xoom/Galaxy/Etc for $99… NOT some cheap ass plastic 7″ tablet with Android. (Novel, Cruz, Dell etc.)

      and the iPad 3 will throw the industry into a tailspin again.

      I’d grab a Galaxy/Xoom for $99 just to have one to mess around with, but anymore than that… waste of money. (even at $99 it’s a throw away model)

  2. Yet another reinforcement of the public perception that, if it’s not an Apple iPad, don’t buy it when it first comes out. Wait a few weeks and you’ll get a HUGE discount.

    Meanwhile, Apple sells out its inventory at FULL asking price. And everyone knows it, so Apple’s customers don’t wait.

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