22 essential Mac tools for IT admins

“Deploying and supporting Macs presents distinct challenges, particularly in organizations where Macs are in the minority or are being introduced for the first time,” Ryan Faas reports for InfoWorld. “As with many aspects of IT, having the right tool for the job is the key to managing a new or existing population of Apple desktops and notebooks.”

“The good news is that there are many tried and true solutions for handling common Mac deployment and management tasks,” Faas reports. “The better news is that many of the best are available for free, whether from Apple, as open source projects, or as free/donationware creations of other Mac administrators and IT professionals.”

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Fass reports, “Here you will find the top 22 tools — most of them free — for managing the Macs in your IT environment. As you’d expect, the list focuses on the core areas of systems administration: deployment, client management, and directory integration.”

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