Sprint’s mysterious October 7th event fuels iPhone speculation

“Sprint poured more fuel on the iPhone rumor fire Tuesday by announcing a mysterious ‘strategy update’ for press and analysts scheduled for Oct. 7 in New York,” Brad Reed reports for Network World.

“In its email to reporters and analysts, Sprint provided no details of what the strategy update would include, leading to further speculation in the tech press that Sprint had scheduled the event to announce that it was getting its very own version of Apple’s coveted iPhone 5 smartphone,” Reed reports. “The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Sprint, along with AT&T and Verizon, would carry the new iPhone 5 whenever it gets released this fall.”

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Reed reports, “The other big possibility for Sprint is that it will announce further plans to invest and deploy an LTE network to complement its WiMax network and expand its mobile broadband reach.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” for the heads up.]


    1. Hate to burst your perception… But FaceTime is not restricted to wifi by apple….

      That would be the carriers.

      The rest, give me that and more. 64gb iPhone, yes please.

        1. And all devs would have to rewrite all there apps to fit the new screen size that’s the problem with the android market so many different screen sizes and apps don’t look all that good

  1. The question is still whether Apple will decide to build a unified GSM-CDMA phone, which they would be able to sell on both Verizon/Sprint (CDMA), and the rest of the world (GSM). On the one hand, having a single product design for the device (with the only differences in storage capacity) simplifies the manufacturing, rather than having two of everything. However, having two chipsets, one of which will at all times be idle might be a power/space compromise that Apple doesn’t like to make.

    If they don’t make that compromise, then it is virtually certain that the GSM model will be the first one to come out, with Verizon (and possibly Sprint) variant may arrive some months later. If Sprint is about to announce the device soon, they may be getting the current CDMA iPhone 4 that Verizon started selling earlier this year.

    1. The chip inside the Verizon iPhone 4 is already GSM/CDMA – All Apple would need to do to have a universal iPhone 4 is add a sim card slot to the Verizon iPhone 4.

    2. One chipset will be idle as long as the owner stays with a provider that uses the other one. Having both would allow dynamic switching to any carrier in the world. Or ala cart access, one call at a time. Or a different carrier each month, depending on who offered the best deal.

  2. I wish Apple would produce an iPhone with two sim cards — the ability to manage two different phone numbers.

    That would be valuable to those who travel overseas and want one number for their home country and another for their overseas visits, or for those who want to conduct their personal and business calls on two different lines.

    1. It’s too small of a market. I was working for a company several years ago that made me (at times) carry two work phones. One was my standard work phone and the other was the “on-call” work phone. We begged and pleaded to get a phone with two sim slots so that instead of an on-call phone that we would have to pass around from week to week we would just have to pass around an on-call sim card from person to person.

      Friends of mine loved giving me a hard time when I was carrying 3 cell phones at once. (My personal cell, my work cell, and my on-call cell…)

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