Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction temporarily suspended for all EU countries except Germany

“Dutch website Webwereld, which also raised issues yesterday concerning pictures of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 presented by Apple to the Düsseldorf court, was first to break the news that the Landgericht (district court) Düsseldorf has temporarily — for at least the time between now and the hearing on August 25 — suspended the enforcement of the preliminary injunction prohibiting Samsung’s distribution of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all EU countries except in the German market,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good news! Now Europeans will get to ignore Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 units on store shelves while they wait in line for iPads like everyone else (outside of Australia and Germany)!


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  1. This article summary doesn’t say if the stay was due to finding an altered photo, but it should be noted that the distorted photo was only one out of many photos supplied by Apple, and none of the others was altered.

    1. These photos were not “distorted” — these were photos of *different device version* from what SGT 10.1 turned out to be (older publicity images from Samsung that Apple used were with thicker “metal” border, no Samsung logo, et cetera).

  2. The whole idea that Apple would think they need to alter a photo to make their case against Samsung and would face the certainty of being caught doing so is SO profoundly, numb-brained stupid.

  3. Steve Jobs must be pissed..

    i hope heads will roll..

    The lawyers who made the case aren’t techie and will not know the their document are false.
    In any court if a judge find any evidence tampered then the whole case is turned out.

    Due diligence… not met…

  4. Relax people!!! Samdung knew that shot was 8% tweaked because they were the ones that tweaked it in the first place.
    It was a trap probably and Apple lawyers stepped on it.

    When the courts find this out they will be pissed at Samdung and they’ll get whats coming to them.

    Also, German court must have thought they had jurisdiction in declaring this ban Europe-wide. but Samdung seems to have found some kind of minor loophole making the Germans courts decision void. I expect the courts also will not like to be made to jump through loopholes when they know that eventually all of Europe will act as one. Making the courts go the long way around (one country at a time) to the eventual ban will also backfire on Samdung.

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