Rush Limbaugh rewards Obama ‘tea party heckler’ with new Apple iPad, 13-inch MacBook Air

“A self-proclaimed tea party activist confronted President Obama at a town hall meeting Monday, and the media immediately scrambled to find out who he is,” Jeff Poor reports for The Daily Caller.

“But Ryan Rhodes, who lambasted Obama in Decorah, Iowa over allegations that Vice President Joe Biden has called activists ‘terrorists,’ isn’t hiding from the limelight,” Poor reports. “On Tuesday, Rhodes appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.”

Advertisement: Limited Time: Students, Parents and Faculty save up to $200 on a new Mac.

Poor reports, “Rhodes explained some the details of the confrontation and what inspired him to act as he did, and Limbaugh asked Rhodes about what sort of personal computer he used. When he told Limbaugh he had an ‘old’ Acer computer, the talk radio host offered him an iPad and a MacBook, even after Rhodes revealed that he already had an iPad. ‘I’m going to send you another one,’ Limbaugh said. ‘I’m going to send you one of only 25 EIB–Rush Limbaugh signature iPads, and I’m also going to send you a 13-inch MacBook Air.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: From a POS Acer to a new MacBook Air and an extra iPad, too. Quite the upgrade! And broadcast on over 650 radio stations across the U.S., too! More free advertising for Apple.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. MDN found an honest way to introduce the political rhetoric into the technical discussion. Yes … this kinda-sorta relates to “Apple”.
      Pirate, the high rate of unemployment, sky high debt and stagnant economy all preceded Obama’s election. The debt downgrade is unrelated to Palin or Bush, mainly due to the Tea Party’s stupidity (or ignorance?) and Obama’s “conciliatory” reaction to it. Blame to share, but not in equal measure.

      1. “Mainly due to the Tea Party’s stupidity”????? Not quiet jack ass. Everything to do with liberalism you. You sheeple need to take your heads out of your asses and look deeper into the problem. Your commie wannabe democrat leadership plays you fools like fine tuned violins…… Free will is what makes people great. Liberalism-Communism always fails. Why try when some liberal dirt ball promises you a few crumbs and takes away all incentives? Think you idiots.

        1. Kate – then why does almost every economist (including several who advise the GOP) think that the tea party mantra of “cut, cut cut” and it’s refusal to raise taxes is a really bad idea?? Under Reagan, higher level taxes were the lowest they’d been in 50 years. Clinton reduced them more. Shrub reduced them even more. Shrub’s tax cuts alone are the biggest part of the current deficit. See this chart run by the NY Times Almost all economists agree that the way out of a recession is for governments to stimulate the economy, then once it’s recovered, reduce spending to pay down the debt. Look at the chaos in Europe where they didn’t stimulate their economies enough. Is that what you want here? BTW – republican governments increase spending in recessions too – but they do it by starting wars and pouring money into defense contractors.

          1. Hey Joe, All of these “ecomunists” have been right on the money so far. Capitalism is what spurs the economy on. Not liberal-communism. How can you even like to anything to do with the NY Slimes?? Complete commie propaganda. Go to hell joe.

            1. Hey Joe Schmoe,

              Hardly FUD you imbecile. You baby communists know exactly what you are doing. You try to twist the language, government, courts, environmental movement, food health safety, you name it to your communist agenda. Take away individual rights and private property. Screw you. We know what’s going on and we are voting all of you scum of the earth out.

            2. why don’t you learn WHAT communism is before throwing terms around you no idea what they mean.

              Otherwise you would realize we have been communism since we have drafted taxes to pay for the Military, Education, roads and infrastructure, and also Social Programs.

              So you tell me, you going to return your unemployment benefits (which all the Republicans took to balance their state budgets, but made a public fuss about turning them down.

              You clearly do not understand what America is. If you think we live in a “free market”, then you are fool. It’s corporate Socialism, we live under, not free market principles.

            3. Hey rheotric.idiot,

              What are you going to do about it numb nutz. How about changing things for the better instead voting for comrade Maobama and friends???

          2. “Capitalism has produced, in the USA, the longest, fastest and most dramatic in the standard of living in humans ever seen on this planet.

            While socialism has produced, in Communist countries massive death, and in Europe, et. al. stagnancy, dependancy and slow improvements to standard of living.

            Capitalism works. Socialism ultimately always ends up with death camps.

            The problem with the USA lately, is that socialism has been growing in this country like a cancer.”

            Amen, Great post Engineer!

            1. Capitalism works? Yes, to an extent. But it’s also produced the most crime ridden and violent society with the highest percentage of poverty in the western world. That’s why it needs checks and balances. “Socialism always ends in death camps”? Nazi Germany was the most capitalist/fascist country in anyone’s living memory, and they had more death camps than anyone else. I guess your history ain’t so good either, huh?

            2. Exactly right, the last thing we need is more socialism in this country – I say we remove all forms of socialism ASAP and get back to what the founders wanted. So, let’s see, we need to axe the fire department, the police department, public libraries, streets and highways, what am I forgetting? Oh, right, public education. Let’s get rid of all that damn socialist crap that’s ruining America and put it back to the way Jesus intended! That way I won’t have to read a history book, a math book, a science book, and actually learn something: I can just listen to talk radio for my facts. Just so we’re clear: it’s Obama’s fault the Cubs haven’t won the World Series in over 100 years. You sheeple think it’s a coincidence he’s from Chicago? I mean Kenya….wait, you’re deliberately confusing me! Damn liberal commies!

            3. Nice try Boston Commie. How about the insane amount waste across the board in government? The insane pay rates? The layer upon layer of do nothing government jobs with huge retirement benefits and pay? How about the EPA, FDA, FED, Freddi and Fannie you scum bag? Why don’t we start there you commie low life?

        2. It’s funny that these right wing extremists like the tea baggers and Limbaugh don’t seem to realize that Apple tends to the liberal side of the political spectrum. Seems like the joke is on them.

          1. Conservatives are drawn to the best of the best. Buying Apple Inc. products because they are great has nothing to do with conservatives hating the you libtards and your hell bent desire to destroy the US. Stop steeling everyone else’s hard earned money. Stop growing the communist leaning government. Stop using government employee unions to launder money for the democrat national party. We are so on to you freaks. 2012 will be spectacular.

            1. Most of the extremist rightwing elements on this forum (all cowardly anonymous posters, by the way) tend to exhibit poor grammar and spelling skills. I have wondered more than once if just one or two people are the source of most of the ultra-conservative political rants on this forum.

              Regardless, let me make this clear. I am not a simple label that your ossified mind can categorize and dismiss. I am a complex individual who weighs the pros and cons of various positions and acts/votes in a manner that I believe reaches the best compromise. Some of my positions tend towards the conservative, others to the liberal. But I guarantee this – it is people like you who will alienate moderate voters and doom your 2012 objectives. In simple terms, your rants are counterproductive to your cause. In simpler terms, shut up and go elsewhere.

            2. Stuff it QueenSmell. It is a simple rant and you are simple minded communist lover-sympathizer. We ain’t got no time for you commrades, yo. Hears to a whole nother kind of Hope and Change in 2012. You liberals are the out and out mega extremists.

          2. Is this another libtard’s idea of being ‘more civil’ in political discourse? (remember the left lecturing us on ‘civility’? The left’s hypocrisy is spinning out of control, like Obama’s disastrous presidency!

            1. You talking to me, Hugh? How was I uncivil? You’re the one calling people names. You lose your own argument. And don’t forget – it was Bush’s disastrous presidency that got us into this mess. Just his tax cuts for the rich count for almost all the current deficit. And he started with a massive surplus.

            2. I am glad you Teabaggers are so angry, but you are wrong at the wrong person. You guys are mad at yourself for trusting another Republican president for 8 years that turned a Govt surplus into a RECORD DEFICIT!

              Only the brain-trust of the republican party can pull off such a scam.

              Admit it, you are a Tea Partier because you are too embarrassed of your voting record. There has not been a republican in 40 years that could balance the budget, but guess what a Democrat could.

              Have fun disputing facts, I know they are silly thing according to Reagan.

          3. Joebloggs, Apple does seem to have a liberal bias in many of its corporate policies. But, I think Apple is running most of its business decisions on a very conservative platform.

            Apple saves its money. Apple Invests in serious ventures. Apple doesn’t listen to naysayers. Apple doesn’t react explosively to every negative issue. Apple makes fantastic products and loves doing it.

            I think if the US were to somewhat mimic the way Apple operates we would all be much better off.
            To all, the 2 main parties have a SERIOUSLY vested interest in operating the current way. It limits true political dialogue and advancement for the nation. All they want is to stay in office and control YOUR MONEY.

            Name all the things that the Federal (or state) governments do that is more efficient than private enterprise. (Spend money, I know. But honest to goodness ventures.)

            1. would Nazi ideology be more at home in the progressive or conservative camp…

              National Socialist German Workers’ Party….

              Nazi ideology stressed the failures of capitalism, communism, economic liberalism, and democracy…

              Nazi ideology believed the rights of man, democracy, and individualism were to be rejected in favor of “the ideas of German values” of duty, discipline, law, and order. … that ethnic solidarity would replace class division and that “racial comrades” would unite to create a socialist society in the struggle of Germany against “capitalist” Britain. This National Socialism was a form of state socialism that rejected the “idea of boundless freedom” and promoted an economy that would serve the whole of Germany under the leadership of the state. This National Socialism was opposed to capitalism due to the components that were against “the national interest” of German

        3. You and all your greedy conservative friends need to stop thinking so highly of yourselves. “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell explains it well. But you probably won’t read it…

        4. “sheepie”
          plus a smattering of juvenile name-calling: “jack ass”, “fools”, “dirt ball”, “idiots”.

          Yep, it’s all there. Ignore it. It’s obviously not a real, thinking person, just another conservative auto-spambot.

          1. Name calling… you mean like; ‘teabaggers’ or ‘racists’ or ‘terrorists’ – need I go on?

            The difference is, the right DIDN”T lecture the left on ‘civility’….

            Liberalism = Hypocrisy

            “If you’re not a liberal by the time you’re 20, you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 30, you have no brain” – Sir Winston Churchill

            1. Hugh J – you misunderstand. English conservatism (the type Churchill was talking about) is VERY different to what the GOP practices and preaches over here. I would never vote anything but conservative when I lived in England. But what the GOP does over here is truly appalling to anyone who has seen how other countries are run.

            2. Hugh J- “The difference is, the right DIDN”T lecture the left on ‘civility’….”

              – If true, AND I DON’T THINK THAT IT IS, I wonder . . . is it because your all too commonly mentioned/asserted Right-religious holy book and God never mentioned civility? You AM radio underachievers never seem to communicate like I remember Jesus talking when I read the Bible in my religious classes growing up- of course I used to read the King James Version of the Bible, and you may have had a “more intelligent” Rush Limbaugh translation where when Jesus was talking about ‘people who help the poor other than by giving them jobs’ the phrase is simply translated more succinctly and correctly as ‘commie’. I’m sure that’s what Jesus meant, am I right?

            3. JoeBlow,

              English conservative = Socialist, completely different. Ad we Americans could care less what you think. Move back to England if it’s so great there.

        5. The only reason you have the freedom of speech you do have, you ignorant shit bag, is because liberal democratic progress neutered oppressive religious authorities and authoritarian regimes. Having fought hard won battles to have freedom of thought, speech and religion, ignorant fucktards like yourself want to turn back the clock o some imaginary right wing fantasy age where everyone marched in lockstep to jingoist ideologies. Back to the trailer park with you.

      2. Hilarious. Obama predicted that WITHOUT his “stimulus” plan, unemployment would reach “%9”. That was a lot at the time.

        He got his plan, and unemployment shot well over %9. (in fact ,real unemployment is closer to %20.)

        No matter how much Obama screws things up, you’ll all blame it on Bush.

        Reality is, economics is a science and it doesn’t work the way Republicans or Democrats would like to wish. You can’t just keep spending and inflating without hurting the economy.

        1. Engineer- “Reality is, economics is a science and it doesn’t work the way Republicans or Democrats would like to wish. You can’t just keep spending and inflating without hurting the economy.”

          1) So if Roosevelt had merely continued the minimalist-economic brilliance of the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover Republicans, we never would have had a recession (let alone a Great Depression)? The economy was brilliant when they left office, and his spending made our nation significantly worse?

          2) What nation’s economy is growing fastest right now, I mean it’s got to be the country with the smallest, least powerful government with all of the money going directly back to people who, clearly IN YOUR OPINION, care about the people of their own nation the most (like all of the Republican capitalists care about NOTHING AS MUCH AS AMERICA) . . . the faster the economies are growing has got to mean the smaller, more capitalistic the governments are, right? Which must prove BY YOUR LOGIC that the American economy is outgrowing the German economy, and, of course, certainly the communist Chinese economy! I mean, I know that people are always saying that the Chinese economy is growing, but THAT MUST BE A LEFTIST LIE!!!

          Am I right in following your logic? What kind of engineer are you? Meth-head type?

          1. You are mistaken about Hoover. When the crash hit, he started a massive program of “stimulus” spending, so much so that FDR campaigned against him by lambasting him for his profligate spending. Of course, once in office, FDR compounded all of Hoover’s mistakes, just as we’re seeing now with Obama following Bush’s footsteps over the cliff.

            The way out of a depression is to 1) cut taxes, 2) roll back regulations, and 3) drastically cut government spending and debt. That’s what got us out of the great depression, in 1946.


            1. WWII got us out of the depression
              It created jobs for everyone, in factories and in the service
              Unfortunately, we already have a few wars going on, and the factory work is in china.
              I know, let’s kill all the liberals and and destroy all the books!
              Let’s go back to the dark ages, where only a few were learned, and controlled the masses.
              I know it’s a dream I’ve had for a long time.

            2. No Joe Idiot it’s not about burning books. Conservatives could care less about that. We care about our country, rights, private property, capitalism, individual responsibility. All foreign concepts to you criminal commies out there.

      3. It was all the liberals voted in while Bush was president that caused the downfall. Barney Franks and the housing, NOT BUSH, educate yourself. Obama was elected in with a full force of liberals behind him, yet CANNOT get anything done. Explain that genius.

        1. First off, your folly is to think Obama has not done anything. The fact is that has not done enough. Pres. Obama would get more done to get the country running if it was not for the obstructionist party that brought this country to ruin and would rather completely destroy than see Obama helping the middle class that need the most help right now.

          If you think for a second we live under the free market rules then I have some ocean-side property to sell you in arizona, and thanx to deregulation it will be a legal contract.

          1. ‘Obstructionists”???? Are you a complete & total moron???? WHO controlled the House, Senate, and Presidency for 2 YEARS????? Explain to me you mental midget, HOW could the Republicans been obstructionists???? For 2 YEARS they were merely a noisy inconvenience!

            You MUST be the product of a union-controlled public education system to have turned out w/ absolutely no ability to think whatsoever!

            Libtards are all loons repeating like a parrot whatever is spoon fed to them….

            1. I am sure you do not even realize how a law is passed. Congress drafts legislation, they vote on it, then it goes to the Senate, they vote on it, and then it goes to the president to sign into law or veto it and the process states all over.

              How can Obama sign into law a Bill that never gets pass the Senate? First off they do not have the votes for current bills, but the Tea Party is even turning down their own suggestions because Obama is willing to compromise and go with them. You can not draft legislation when a party keeps moving the goal posts from their own goals and make up their own rules as they go along.

              You need to insult people that are making points only shows you do not have the intelligence to debate what I am pointing out.

            2. The Dems wasted a golden opportunity to effect change during the first two years by actually attempting to promote a bipartisan legislation process in good faith. In the end, they waited too long and the Reps succeeded in obstructing them into appearing even more ineffectual than they actually are (which is bad enough).

              But the interesting counterpoint is that the current GOP “coalition” is a house of cards consisting of a very mixed bag of reactionaries, religious fundamentalists, tea partiers, and disaffected independents and swing Dems combined with the old guard moderates. The disaffected vote tends to evaporate in the polling booth and that coalition is doomed to fragment, especially after the GOP selects its Presidential ticket. No matter who is chosen by the GOP convention, several factions within that fragile coalition will be dissatisfied to a greater or lesser degree. Perry, for instance, will appeal to the religious right, but likely goes too far for the disaffected and old guard because he actually believes that the White House is a giant pulpit. I think of Perry as “Deputy W” because he rode into the governorship of Texas on Bush’s coattails and now hopes to leverage W’s shtick to the White House. As a resident of Texas, I can assure you that would be a disaster of epic proportions. The W experiment in mixing church and state set the U.S. back decades. If Perry gets to the White House, he will be aiming for the Papacy next. After that? Who knows…

        2. It was Bush that celebrated and promoted the “ownership society” in his State of the Union address. It was Phil Gramm and Jim Leach that overturned Glass-Stegall in 1999 that enabled banks to trade in securities (like derivatives) that led to real estate speculation and the bubble.

          As always, follow the money. The lenders made a fortune speculating on perpetually rising real estate prices and they’ve convinced many suckers that it was the borrowers that are to blame.

          Educate yourself indeed. Then take a civics class and learn how a simple majority can be blocked by filibuster…then consider that the lynchpin vote when Obama had the majority was Liberman, something less than a reliable caucus vote.

      4. The Tea Party is stupid? My wife and I are highly travelled with four graduate degrees between us. We are ardent Tea Party supporters and can defend our positions logically and politely.
        Have you read your constitution? Can you articulate the intent of the Ninth and Tenth amendments? Why does our Bill of Rights (do you even know what these are?) focuses on limiting the ability of the Federal Government from infringing on the rights of the individual – from freedom of speech, association, assembly, owning guns, being secure in our personal effects, trail by our peers, and to limit our central government to only those issues articulated in the Constitution. Principles upheld by nearly every Tea Part fanatic I’ve met. On the other hand, you seem to support a Federal Government which borrows 40 cents on every dollar, has racked up 14 trillion in debt (how much is that per capitia?), ignores the ninth and tenth amendments, which gives itself free access to your medical records in the name of privacy. I’ll pick the Tea Party over your tyranny any day of the week.

        1. You can be educated and yet still support activities that are ill-advised. Fundamentally, I support some of the Tea Party viewpoints to a greater or lesser degree. In practice, the Tea Party representatives have proven to be completely intractable, exacerbating the already gridlocked government into total chaos. It took decades to get to this sad state of affairs and you somehow think that a single vote can “fix” it all. You have no consideration for the ripple effects that sudden draconian budget cuts will have on the U.S. (particularly if the DoD budget is protected). And you are also unwilling to consider reasonable taxation as part of the solution. I am a pay-as-you-go guy and I doubt that many people are more fiscally conservative than me with respect to my personal finances. But some of the Tea Party proposals are madness – it won’t help to keep the tax rate at its current level if the U.S. dollar is worthless. Your savings will be devalued to crap.

      5. More liberal union niceties….

        LAMBERTVILLE, MI (WTOL) – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is working to solve a case of vandalism that turned life-threatening.

        John King was shot in the arm last week when he surprised a man trying to slash the tires on the truck at his Lambertville home.The word “scab” was also scrawled on the side.

        King says he became suspicious when he saw an outside security light outside go on.

        When he stepped out of his front door, the man fired one shot and ran off.

        King is the owner of the largest non-union electrical contracting company in the area.

        Anyone with information should call the Monroe County Sheriff’s office at 734-240-7530.

    2. Rush is awesome. You dirt ball liberals hate that he does the opposite of the bought and paid for lame stream commie media. He exposes your horrific tactics daily to the largest radio audience in world. Thank god for that.

  1. It’s hard to jealous of Rhodes, considering we’ve all received some very special gifts from Obama: high unemployment, stagnant economy, debt downgrade, sky high debt….

    Let the blaming of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and George W. Bush begin in….3….2….1….

    1. That’s because this recession began after 8 years of W, so that’s where the blame belongs. Also, the amount of spending done by Obama pales in comparison to the spending of W on TARP and bailouts. But I guess spending is ok when a republican does it, right?

          1. I love how you glossed over the fact that I didn’t make a single mention of party, although I should mention that I am against any party (or person) that passes the buck — kind of like you did by glossing.

            1. Deny everything and counter accuse eh?

              Are you a lawyer or something? You didn’t have to mention party, your position is clear: that Obama deserves blame for this recession even though it began under after 8 years of W. Accountability is important to most of us, even if not to you.

      1. Anything is ok when the political party you belong to does it. If the outcome is negative, then just blame it on the party you don’t belong to.

        Simple formula. Very popular.

        1. People need to stop treating their political parties like their favorite sports teams. If you have a QB that’s a rapist, just because he’s on your team doesn’t make it right. The same holds true (metaphorically) for political parties.

          1. 100% in agreement. Let’s face it, our elected officials, servants of the people, have failed it’s common citizens. With no regard to the well being of the American People, they have pilphered the Abundant Social Security till some decades ago, coddled the wealthy, and polarized the mass majority with their bipartisan stone throwing. One of the most successful businessman and wealthiest investors, Warren Buffet has advised wisely, and yet it goes unheard. We continue our path of unbalanced cooperation, and we’ll continue to swirl the drain.

      2. TARP has been almost fully paid back. (And, apropos, Obama *supported* the TARP program late in the campaign.) The $800+ Billion “stimulus”, in contrast, was drafted by the Democratic House and Democratic Senate and signed by Obama. It accomplished almost nothing – unless one considers a few jobs “saved or created” at a cost of some $200-300,000 each an accomplishment. Cash for Clunkers also goes on Obama’s ledger.

        1. “TARP has been almost fully paid back. ”

          What’s your source for this? As for jobs, maybe roll back the tax benefits for companies who move jobs overseas would do much to discourage offshoring. The stimulus that Obama asked for was to stop the hemorrhaging that began under Rolling Blunder, such as the system risk caused by credit default swaps, giving loans to people who shouldn’t get them, AIG, etc etc.

          These pigs aren’t going to regulate themselves, but W and the GOP created an atmosphere where it was (and in some ways still is) impossible for the federal govt. to regulate them.

          Also, don’t forget: what’s your source on your statement?

        2. A lot of those low-value “troubled” assets are now owned by the taxpayer – via TARP. So it has not been “almost fully paid back.”

          “Troubled Assets” – another one of those interesting labels.

    2. Nope it is not the republican or democrat party..

      It is the facts that your entire system is corrupt.
      You based you humanity on $$$.

      Whether Obama wins or Michelle Bachman…
      It don’t matter…you guys are stuck in a rut.
      imperial capitalism ..

      1. You are so wrong… Capitalism within a Republic works great!!!

        Our problem is simple… we have many American’s that vote with their feelings not with their brain! They don’t understand Capitalism (just like you) and they really don’t understand the U.S. Constitution (founded on principles of a Republic).

        We have Democrats and Republicans fighting over who can spend more in different ways. Most of them make me sick.

        Obama (and others) may have finally awaken many Americans! This next election cycle with move more of these dirt bags out of Washington. Just like we did last year!

      2. Capitalism has produced, in the USA, the longest, fastest and most dramatic in the standard of living in humans ever seen on this planet.

        While socialism has produced, in Communist countries massive death, and in Europe, et. al. stagnancy, dependancy and slow improvements to standard of living.

        Capitalism works. Socialism ultimately always ends up with death camps.

        The problem with the USA lately, is that socialism has been growing in this country like a cancer.

        1. The fact that you equate Communism and Socialism (even though they are not only different, but in fact OPPOSED political ideologies) and ignore the high standard of living in Scandinavia which have actual socialist governments shows that you really don’t grasp the issue. That you further ignore the fact that communist China owns much of our debt goes that addition step to illustrate just how tenuous your argument is.

          Reagan raised taxes nearly a dozen times – and he raised our debt load from ~$700 billion to over $2 trillion…and his debt financed spending was a tremendous stimulus to the economy. Bush lowered revenue by cutting taxes and incurred far more debt by increasing expenses (including Medicare Part D and two un-budgeted wars). Obama finally put the wars ON budget in 2009 (to the tune of $1 trillion of deficit) and has indeed increased spending…but much of the current deficit is due not to new spending but rather to the precipitous drop in revenue that came from, yes, the unfunded Bush tax cuts and the jump in unemployment.

          That the Tea Party so blithely accepts the potential tanking of the US economy in a short-sighted and ignorant quest for “savings” (no matter their cost) is the problem with simplistic world views. No, wasteful spending does NOT help. Smart spending does, as do reasonable tax rates and the closure/elimination of corporate welfare like subsidies and tax loopholes. Reagan got it and worked with Tip O’Neal to get things done. Clinton got it and worked with Gingrich to get it done. Obama has compromised on tax cuts, on spending and on entailments but Boehner/Cantor all but refuse to find common ground.

          You can’t condemn the administration when it’s Congress refusing to take yes for an answer. What you can condemn is Obama continuing to attempt to find compromise with folks that truly would sacrifice the common good in the interest of blind ideology.

          1. Dude, are you a fool? Did you really study history and current events? I think not! Having been in Communist Eastern Europe in 1986 – and making many a friend. And having visited again in 1990. I know Communism. Having lived in Germany for four years and having visited Auswitchz, Daccau and the Documentation Center in Heidelberg. Having travelled in modern socialistic countries in Scandanavia, North Africa and Southern Europe. Well suffice it to say – I do know my history and current events better than you. National Socialism (Nazi, B’athist, etc) is state control over all business, Communism is total state ownership and modern socialistic states are closer to National Socialism with a veneer of democracy – they either own or highly regulate business and operate with strong union partnership. Tea Party members typically believe in limited central government, strong reliance free will and markets. Remember it is strong central governments – whether communist, National Socialist, monarchies (a form of socialism) or B’athist which have caused, but not limited to, the Holocaust 18-21M, the Gulag Archipeligo (25-56M), the Camobian Killing Fields (3M = 1/3 of the population), the Ukranian Famine (3M), the gassing of the Kurds (10K), the Armenian Genocide (3M), — shall I go on? Strong central governments are a greater risk to you and me than freedom loving, small government advocating Tea Party fanatics.

          2. Dude – what part of $16 trillion in debt and .40c on every dollar spent by Congress is additional debt. Sustainable – not a chance. In every example you gave – Reagan/Tip, Clinton/Gringrich – the Democrats demanded taxes increase up front and spending cuts down the road. Guess what, we got the tax increases and never the spending cuts. Explain this compromise?

      1. castelbuono conveniently ignores the admitted history of pot smoking and coke snorting of one Barry Soetero – aka Barack Obama – who also seems to have “got away with it”.

        1. Pot smoking, coke snorting……, include binge drinking and dodging military obligations and we can now include Alfred E. Bush aka. ‘W’….., shall we also include his, self admitted, subpar college grades?

          1. Coke snorting, pot smoking, pole smoking (Larry Sinclair), liar, friend to terrorists (Bill Ayres), Class Warfare provoking, Foreign Citizen, Barack Hussein Maobama!

            1. Hey Truth, don’t forget they we’ve NEVER SEEN the Socialist in Chief’s grades! His transcripts are mysteriously missing!

              I love it when libtards bring up the grades issue. I just ask them; ‘Er, what were Obama’s grades anyway?’ I love the blank stupid look left on their face!

    1. Absolutely not… Biden is such a moron, he heckles himself!

      Mr big fake horse teeth has his hairplugs in too tight! I am proud to say the Republicans have never had anyone who has said even half the moronic things this jack-ass has let slip out. He is a clown and a nitwit to be used for entertainment purposes only.

  2. No doubt the Obama socialist regime will send DOJ, IRS and the NAACP after that poor guy! Can’t have anyone getting ahead u know! Got to make sure all the illegal immigrants get proper health care! No good deed goes unpunished with the Obamanation in control!

    1. As opposed trying to allow the DOJ and others to use warrentless wiretaps in direct contradiction to the constitution? Or secret trials? Or lack of access to legal counsel? Or mixing government and religion to push the christian dominionist agenda? The guy was a dick who thought he was more important than everyone else and shouted when he didn’t get to ask his question, which is all tea baggers do these day: shout.

    2. I hope so. Regardless of your politics, the tactics that you neocons use are more harmful than any social agenda you have up your sleeve. You are knee deep ion revisionist history. none of these policies can possibly benefit you. You are doing the bidding of a handful of people who want to see democracy limited.

    3. I know that the Republican ultra-rich really care about me, and that I’ll be SO much better off when they’re back – as I was when Bush was in. Let’s get all this namby-pamby “regulation” stuff out of the way – protecting workers, controlling massive poisoning of food, air and water, and so on. Let’s get back when a robber baron could be a real robber baron – when kids worked all day every day at jobs that could kill them – and did. As was REALLY obvious at the time, Bush really cared about regular people and really looked after the economy. The world’s economy only crashed during Bush’s term because it knew Obama was coming.

      1. Why does Maobama go to Martha’s Vineyard and hob knob with the “Ulta Rich”??????? Why does he stay in a mansion there???? I though he was out for the little guy???? He’s a liar and cocaine abuser. He’s losing the 2012 election too before he can do any more damage.

    1. You’ve got to be kidding me! Liberal/progressives are the kings and queens of shouting down detractors. A prime example is the recent fiasco in Wisconsin.

      FWIW, Mr. Rhodes was determined – he did not shout. The POTUS was obfuscating.

      1. I consider myself a moderate, and to say that no liberals shout would be wrong since many of them do, partly because I think they enjoy it. But the tea-baggers are more like stalkers where rejection makes them crazier. I guess my point is that I don’t see much difference between the far left and the far right, and I don’t get why it’s wrong for code pink to shout someone down (and they do) but it’s alright for the tea baggers to shout someone down. Maybe heckling is annoying regardless of who does it, and glorifying it (by giving them a macbook) just encourages it.

        1. You consider yourself moderate, which is fancy talk for Democrat. All you’ve done here is say Republicans and Tea Party people are bad. You need to let go of the Team thing. I hope you’re at least getting paid by Media Matters for your online political activism, because we’ve all heard this tired old song about civility before.

          Stop hiding under your pretend blanket of one-sided civility, it’s a thin cover for your intellectually dishonest attempts at Team politicizing. You’re just jealous you didn’t get free Apple stuff.

          Here’s a clue for you, dumbass: political representatives represent the people, and when people are angry about the government, they yell at their representatives. Yelling is a perfectly valid form of expression. What kind of over sensitive, whimpering infant are you?

          1. Typical republican response – resort to name calling, insults, etc. Didn’t your mommy tell you that when you have to resort to insults, you’ve already lost the argument?

            1. insults… you mean like ‘teabagger’ or ‘racist’ or ‘terrorist’ is that what you mean by name calling? Judging from the last election, you’ve already lost the arguments and now the lefty wing-nuts (like Nancy Bag-O-Botox Pelosi & Bawney’s Frank) have nothing left to do but shout names…

          2. And I hope Rush. L gave your free Rush account for trolling.

            And since you are so good at slinging insults, Hey dumbass the Tea Party makes up less than half of the republican Party. And admit you guys are republicans, because you guys ignore Ron Paul. All you guys are for is the status quo. and the more you sycophantic rants just exposes your intention to protected the most protected class, the Rich.

        2. haha – you cannot call yourself “moderate” and then spend your time throughout this thread bashing Republicans and defending Obama. You’re a left wing liberal democrat… and that’s OK.

          I’m a fiscal and military conservative republican who leans middle on most major social issues. It’s OK to be who you are.

  3. Really? A private citizen exercises his RIGHT to question his government and the “president”. And he’s a heckler???? Where the hell were you folks when Cindy Shehan and code pink and all the leftists were doing the same thing.

    Face it…..your bias really is sad.

    1. It’s his right to question the government, and it’s his right to heckle and even shout at the president.

      It’s everyone else’s right to call him an ass for doing so.

    2. Hmmm In England and in front of a very small audience, the Dixie Chicks made the comment that they were ashamed to be from the same state as GW and they were victimized and had their careers slaughtered by the far right bozos that had the power over country music.

      1. Excuse me? The chicks never had it so good as they did after they were ‘victimized.’

        It was a clever ploy to get publicity and provoke a liberal love-fest and increase flagging record sales. Everything about their music is derivative, nothing seminal, which means it has a limited shelf-life.

    3. He’s a heckler because he wouldn’t listen to the answer to his question because he kept interrupting. As for Cindy Sheehan – nearly everyone with a brain thought she was nuts. She also lost her son fighting in Bush’s contrived war. But that’s how many republicans treat people – as expendable.

  4. I heard the while call… I knew MDN would post it lol.

    I want his MBA…

    If bite me wants to hand out apple products, good.
    There’s no need to attack rush for doing so.

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