New classical music discovery app ‘iClassics’ released exclusively for Apple iPad

iClassics is a new classical music discovery application developed exclusively for Apple’s iPad. Created by Deutsche Grammophon and Decca Classics U.S. in partnership with L4 Mobile, the app allows consumers to explore the recordings from these labels’ vast and prestigious catalogues in a new and interactive way. Deutsche Grammophon and Decca labels are home to such lauded artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Cecilia Bartoli, Daniel Barenboim, Gustavo Dudamel, Leonard Bernstein, Anna Netrebko, Renee Fleming and many more.

Utilizing a unique tagging interface, iClassics offers the ability to search, mix and match composers, instruments and even moods, successfully catering to classical music beginners and established fans alike. iClassics also includes an interactive composer timeline featuring over 100 composers ranging from the Medieval time period through the present.

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In addition, users have the ability to share their classical music discoveries with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Free updates will include new recordings along with new features as they roll out.

iClasssics includes the following features:
• Interactive Tagging Interface
• Free Streaming Deutsche Grammophon & Decca Classics Radio
• Streaming Audio Samples
• Integration directly with the iTunes Music Store
• Facebook integration
• Twitter Integration
• Apple AirPlay Enabled

“Classical music is an incredibly rich experience, but the sheer variety of composers, performers and interpretations can be daunting for some,” said Max Hole, Chief Operating Officer, Universal Music Group International, who is responsible for UMG’s market-leading classical music labels worldwide, in the press release. “This new, exciting iClassics app simplifies this complex world and guides music lovers to the finest recordings of the masterpieces performed by the world’s top performers in an enjoyable, user-friendly way. Our goal is to help more people discover this extraordinary world.”

iClassics is FREE to download and can be accessed via Apple’s iTunes App Store here: iClassics for iPad.


  1. Excellent. Downloading now…

    It’s about time someone figured out that iOS (and computer users in general) don’t only listen to pop music by default.

    I hope the catalogue selection is wide enough.

        1. +10
          The interface wouldn’t work well on iPod touch or iPhone.

          I’m checking it out and it’s just a big ad for their current stars and lame compilations. Searching for Shostakovich brought up “Evening Adagios”. WTF? That ain’t MY Shostakovich!

          I did a few more searches (Messiaen, Bartok, Ligeti, Rameau) and got server errors. Mahler brought up 2 symphonies and a link to purchase from their online store. At least the Deutsche Grammophon sampling rate is higher than iTunes, but still no lossless!

          Hopefully it’ll get better.

          1. Hi Mr. Reeee – I’m on the development team for this app and you bring up so good points. The current v 1.0 of this app is really focused on the non-purist/non-core-classical consumer. The list of composers you mentioned, especially Ligeti skew a bit towards the “expert” classical music listener.

            The server errors I’m trying to replicate. I can understand your dislike for compilations and over time we will have less of those in our results and hopefully be able to give you new features that you would like to see.

            I can promise you this app will get better and I’m taking all feedback – positive and negative back for fixes, revisions and new features.

            Best – Steve

            1. Thanks for the reply.
              I’ve been a loyal Deutsche Grammophon customer for many years and if there’s one thing they’ve generally been noted for it’s doing things impeccably, sonically at least.

              I realize that any version 1.0 needs to be cut some slack.

              I was surprised at the extremely limited catalogue, though. Things like the Pierre Boulez recording series of the past dozen or so years, etc.. I did find Boulez’ Bartok Concertos recording, so maybe the search engine needs work. I have it on CD. Excellent.

            2. hi,

              i was so excited when i read about this app only to be very upset that it is only available on the US iTunes store! as a music lover and student in the UK i would have loved so very much to have been able to access iClassics 🙁 Please consider releasing it to the UK, thanks

          2. We will be adding much more deep catalog and intend to have everything that we offer in the iTunes store in here. I also need to fill in the gaps with plenty of the “classical 101” repertoire.

            Soon, we will be adding a forum to the page – I would love for you to partake there and we can definitely exchange more ideas and try to make this app better for consumers like you.


            P.S. – yes – the Boulez recording are terrific even though I tend to be an early music fan.

    1. Yeah, that’ll work great.

      When you say classical, check the Lead Zeppelin thread below. I couldn’t think of a more perfect example of the pathetic state of arts education in the US than that.

      1. Can’t remember the Deep Purple classical connection, but the Moody Blues recorded with symphony orchestras. Maybe only bands named partially after a color were allowed to record such.

        Actually, there is wonderful album of Led Zep songs performed by the London Symphony Orchestra– Kashmir is very cool.

  2. I tried it and deleted it already, it’s like what Reee says above. A basic add app to drive people to their website and purchase content. iTunes search will do you much better for finding great music. Plus, rip your own collection and put it in your library if you haven’t already. I did years ago, all 500+ CDs…

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