Verizon granted injunction against striking union workers in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware

“Verizon Communication Inc. has been granted an injunction to limit picketing by striking union workers in New Jersey,” The Associated Press reports.

Company spokesman Rich Young said Friday it sought the injunction after incidents of sabotage, harassment and obstruction at its facilities,” AP reports. “The injunction limits picketing by members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.”

AP reports, “Verizon obtained similar injunctions in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.”

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[Attribution: BGR. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. What bozos. Times are good, let’s demand a pay raise. Times are bad, you can’t have any of my money. We’ve got near 10% unemployment dummies, and our economy is struggling to grow.

    The primary function of ANY employee is the care and feeding of the Golden Goose. When taken care of properly the Golden Goose lays Golden eggs, which are then divvied up among the employees, based on the value of their contribution to the health of the Goose. When the Golden Goose doesn’t get enough to eat (revenue) then it lays fewer Golden Eggs. When demands for more Golden Eggs exceeds its ability to produce, the Golden Goose begins to devour itself and ultimately dies.

    How many firms must close before unions figure out that the Golden Goose (their employer) has to make money before the unions can get paid? General Motors, Chrysler, Kaiser Steel, Kaiser Aluminum, Republican Steel, Bethlehem Steel, American Motors, Packard Motors, Studebaker, Emerson Electronics, Hoffman Television, Magnavox, and tons more, publicly and not publicly traded.

    1. Unions have their place. Some overstep their bounds. So do some companies. I grew up in a union household, so I saw that side of things. I have worked in a non-union company, so I know how that goes, as well.

      You are woefully mistaken if you assume that a profitable company (“Golden Goose that lays Golden eggs”) automatically divvies those profits up “…among the employees, based on the value of their contribution to the health of the Goose.” Profitable companies want to get more profitable, both because that keeps the shareholders happy and because that means massive bonuses to the upper management (mainly the latter reason). Many companies seem to feel that the best way to increase profits is to cut labor costs and keep them as low as possible without starting a major labor revolt. Others have figured out that loyalty and fair treatment result in more productive employees that end up being the company’s most valuable asset.

      There is a balance in this, as in everything. You clearly lack that balance, Gregg Thurman.

      1. “divvies those profits up ‘…among the employees”
        “massive bonuses to the upper management”
        “cut labor costs and keep them as low as possible”

        Yes, companies make money, and it’s theirs to do with as they please! You can imagine that you deserve more money or benefits all you want, but if you agreed to work a certain wage, that’s what you get. If a company is stupid and tries to pull any of this stuff, workers can go get another job. Picketing is such a waste of time!

    2. The Golden Goose has been taken care of: CEO Ivan Seidenberg, who took home $81 million in total compensation over the last four years, is guaranteed free health for life, as is his wife. Overall, Verizon paid its top five executives $258 million over the past four years. Seidenberg, takes home $55,000 PER DAY. But Verizon put over 100 bargaining demands on the table for a new contract that hits the average Verizon worker for a $12,000 pay cut over the life of the contract.

      1. Maybe the union needs to get Seidenberg’s negotiator…..

        Also, two points

        1) Verizon’s landline side is in the dirt (see what I did there…?) vs the overall health of the company. Reality is a bitch.

        2) “In 2006, Seidenberg donated $15 million to Pace University.”

        Also, look for the landline side to be spun off to someone like this
        Good luck, my union brothers!

    3. LAMBERTVILLE, MI (WTOL) – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is working to solve a case of vandalism that turned life-threatening.

      John King was shot in the arm last week when he surprised a man trying to slash the tires on the truck at his Lambertville home.The word “scab” was also scrawled on the side.

      King says he became suspicious when he saw an outside security light outside go on.

      When he stepped out of his front door, the man fired one shot and ran off.

      King is the owner of the largest non-union electrical contracting company in the area.

      Anyone with information should call the Monroe County Sheriff’s office at 734-240-7530.

    1. “anti-union stance”

      so you are supporting this type of behavior:
      “[Verizon] sought the injunction after incidents of sabotage, harassment and obstruction at its facilities.”

      This injunction came after this activity. This was not people peacefully demonstrating for their labor rights, this was acts of terrorism.

      If this is what unions are about, then lets ban all unions across the country and planet. If it is not, then you should support this injunction, as well as a heavy sanction against this union.

  2. check your history books, Gregg ..
    collective bargaining is an American right, paid for with a lot of blood, sweat and tears !

    Any rights taken away, is a right you’ll never get back !

    … and that would be …
    un-American !

        1. You are the fool and tool. Unions suck and are sucking the life blood out of the US and world. Not to mention the Government unions are money laundering for the Democrat National Party!!!!!

          1. Unions are in operation for one purpose. TO MAKE MONEY! There is nothing that a Union can provide that people can’t provide for themselves. Think about it, the greatest leader of the Union (Jimmy Hoffa) himself was convicted of jury tampering, attempted bribery, and fraud. Sounds like they haven’t changed much since then.

  3. Why is it that the people who call others “anti-American” on this forum and randomly spew out labels like “Communist” come across as the most close-minded and ignorant a-holes that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter?

    1. No Queen Smell, close minded and ignorant is exactly what liberals and unions are. They promote class warfare to turn everyone against each other. Ever hear of Saul Alinski???? Maobama and friends hero?? It’s all planned to take down the US and give power to a concentrated few in the government who can tell us all what we can and can’t do. The exact opposite of why the US was founded and broke off from England. The exact opposite of our constitution. We true US loving citizens are appalled at what is going on. You’ll see it in the voting booths in 2012. Not without massive cheating by you commie-lawyered-up scum bags.

  4. Unions suck, there should only be 2 classes in the world, rich, and poor. We don’t need a middle class.
    Minimun wage is enough to raise a family in this country. These union people got some pair of balls!!!! Who the hell do they think they are!!
    Bring back the days of, 100 hour work weeks 7 days a week!!

  5. Unions, just like government, are a necessary evil.
    If things were perfect, we would need neither.

    Problem is, both seem to think they are more valuable than the ends they were designed for and, like HAL 2000, decide the most important thing is their survival.

    I was forced to leave the IBEW 20 years ago for overworking.
    I had a wife and three little kids, and because I worked every waking moment I could, they decided I was setting a bad example.

    I shit you not.

    1. TT… same story here but without the kids yet. Working my way through university at the shipyards in SD. 1 week on the job the union rep calls me over and reads me the riot act. I had been busting my hind end to get everything assigned to me done and to do a good job. He flatly told me I was making everyone else look bad and to slow down or I would get fired.

      Took the first non-union job I could, never regretted it since. Never had to worry about benefits or pay. Just worked hard and took advantage of the opportunities that came along.

      I’m not anti-union. But I would state that they need to be reminded they are here for the benefits of the members, and keeping the company healthy also benefits the union members.

  6. I recall a year or two back that Ford Motor – which, unlike GM and Chrysler, didn’t take government bailout money – had made a profit of a billion or so that quarter. The unions immediately wanted much of that money, ignoring the fact that Ford still had $25-30 Billion in loan obligations that needed to be paid down before Ford could be considered “in the black”.

  7. Having worked for a Union Shop for over 20 years, I find that it is only as strong as its employees. (In most cases, it’s not very strong and only the ones that whine and cry that really need the Union.) I would prefer an employee owned company any day of the week. If most Employees quit their complaining and started to take ownership of their companies, they could all profit when the company does good and tighten down when it’s not doing good. This would solve a lot of issues and their would not be any need for any Union. Just a governing board of which would also be made up of its Employees. Start taking back what belongs to you and also start taking back our government. There are also HUGE tax breaks for employee owned companies. You don’t need a Union to be your Mediator. All you need are your employees and current State and Government Laws. Unions only get in the way. If my Union called for a strike today, I would cross that picket line in a heart beat!

  8. If the union gives back to the Verizon, were will the gives back go? To the customers, to infrastucte? I’m a I and r tech for verizon , I’m told to just patch the repairs , and move on to the next. They don’t care about the customer , believe me!!!

    1. That’s because you’re about to be sold.
      GTE did the same thing in 2000 before spinning off several cities to the newly formed Valor just to get FCC approval for the formation of Verizon.

      Valor then merged with what was spun off from Alltel’s landline (Windstream) right before Verizon bought them.

      It’s the ‘Circle of Strife’ all over again….

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