Microsoft claims Windows Phone now the only ‘equal opportunity’ platform

“Microsoft’s Windows Phone president Andy Lees seized the opportunity of the Google buyout of Motorola to claim perceived superiority in smartphones,” Electronista reports.

“In a statement, he argued that Android now couldn’t be trusted because Google would invariably give Motorola preferential treatment,” Electronista reports. “He sidestepped the question of whether the patents would help Google and instead portrayed Windows Phone as the ‘open’ platform.”

Electronista reports, “‘Investing in a broad and truly open mobile ecosystem is important for the industry and consumers alike, and Windows Phone is now the only platform that does so with equal opportunity for all partners,’ Lees said. While Windows Phone is now more equal, the statement carries a degree of irony given Microsoft’s attempt to replicate the tightly integrated but more closed ecosystem of Apple, not Google.”

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  1. Didn’t they call the Magnum .357 ‘The Equalizer’? The first broadsides are being fired, less than 12 hours of the announcement being made. How many body shots can Google take before the whole edifice collapses? Perhaps Apple will administer the head shot coup-de-grace.

    1. Perhaps Apple will administer the head shot coup-de-grace.

      I think it’s more Apple’s style to stay out of the way.
      Keeping its hands clean and robe unsullied, Apple can just wait patiently as the lesser members of Tech society tear each other down.

    2. Actually, no. That would be the .45 Colt Peacemaker. That particular revolver spawned such sayings as “God Created Men But Sam Colt Made ’em Equal” and “Be Not Afraid Of Any Man No Matter What His Size. When Danger Threatens Call On Me And I Will Equalize.”

    1. Yeah, but Microsoft is a lot more entertaining… or maybe I’m the only one that finds their posturing hilarious.

      I guess I just can’t take them seriously these days. Meanwhile, google is a real threat, if they are able to get away with their theft.

  2. The spin never ends…

    Google’s move would actually help Microsoft, IF people were buying phones with Windows Phone 7 in any significant numbers.

    (What the hell is wrong with Nokia? Where are their new phones? I can’t believe they didn’t have those phone nearly ready to go, back when they announced their “billion dollar” deal with Microsoft.)

  3. The Linux community will sink Android, because the rights to use the OS has been pulled. Manufactures are not keeping up with the terms of the license. They are effectively open for claims by all Linux contributors.

    Apple, due to the nature of BSD does not have this issue. This was the main consideration made day 1 of Mac OS X / NexT Step.

    Forward thinking by Apple management (Steve J) saw this coming, yes?

        1. BSD is Unix, Linux is a ‘unix like’ operating system that just happens to have buried most commercial Unix systems in the market.

          I’d say they both are unix in nature.

          If AT&T had not sued the University of Cali over BSD there would likely be no Linux today. It was a lack of availability to source code for a modern 32-bit Unix kernel that largely drove Torvalds to make LInux.

  4. Well, there is nothing “Open” about Microsoft, but I do think hardware manufacturers now have a better chance of equal footing with that platform. I’m with the MS mouthpiece here. You cannot trust Google not give Motorola a “bonus” version of Android. The only way this works if Google keeps the patents and divests itself of the hardware manufacturing element of its new acquisition.

    1. Well, Microsoft is as open as google because both are open platforms– any manufacturer who wants to license the OS can ship devices with it.

      If you meant “open” as in open source, then, yes, only Apple and Google have open sourced their phone OS.

      (iOS is as much open source as android is, while both companies keep their high level work closed source… for Apple that’s the UI, and for google that’s the apps.)

      1. No iOS and Android are nowhere near the same level of open as in open source.

        iOS is not open source at all. I can download android right now and make changes to it and release it as dude OS if I chose. That cannot be done at all with ios

          1. Ice Cream sandwich is not even finished, its in development.

            Honey Comb was delayed (source release) as they stated they did not want to see it shoehorned onto devices. The last I heard they are going to not release the source to honeycomb, they are going to just do a source release of Ice Cream sandwich which is reportedly going to cover both Phone and Tablet.

            Everything up to Gingerbread can be downloaded right now, that is as current as it gets for Android on a phone.

            I “get” their reasoning with honeycomb, but I still feel it should be available in source form.

            1. Whether or not we “get” their reasoning, DANILKO1 is correct. Because the source code has not be released back into the Linux community, those companies have violated the GPL, this is not a good thing because the software freedom foundation (I think that is the correct name), can and will litigate the licenses.

      1. In fact WAY below Apple & Google. Nothing has really changed and this asswipe MS Spokeshole is trying to create something or an advantage that doesn’t exist. It sounds too like there will be mostly one manufacturer of WP7 phones anyway – Nokia. These guys seem to think consumers need a bewildering number of choices instead of one or two well thought out models of smartphones. And that is why they fail.

  5. They can attempt to copy the basic software-hardware aspect of the Apple iOS ecosystem. But that still leaves them *way* behind. And now Google is both poorer and a lot more bloated. How long will it take Google to digest that Motorola meal?

  6. I don’t think that MOTO patents can protect Android from infringing on Apple and Oracle’s IP… I think this is just smokescreen to distract the other partners from jumping the android ship.

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