City of Cupertino posts further details on Apple mothership campus

“The City of Cupertino has revealed more details regarding Apple’s plans to build a 2.8 million square-foot spaceship-like circular office building in the city,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“According to the company’s plans, the four-story structure, dubbed ‘Apple Campus 2,’ would comprise approximately 2.8 million square feet,” Ong reports. “A Corporate Auditorium on the campus would seat 1,000 people, while new Research Facilities would take up 300,000 square feet.”

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Ong reports, “The office space would support up to 13,000 employees. Apple is also looking to decrease its reliance on electricity provided by the city power grid by building its on-site Central Plant.”

More info and renderings of the proposed campus in the full article here.


  1. I would be very interested to learn what priority has been given to environmental factors, such as waste water recycling, solar and or wind power, insulation, non-toxic building materials etc. This would be a great opportunity to showcase the state of the art in environmental technologies…

    1. Well, you can see they are using PV panels on the garage, but it doesn’t appear to be like your typical concrete garage with PV panels on the roof, it looks to be more of a solar-tree design. Also, it’s a very open, wall-less design, rather than an ugly box. You can also see that they are planning a low-maintenance, low-impact landscape with lots of wild grasses as opposed to the typical manicured lawn with pond fountain look of many campuses.

    2. Reading the documents would start to give you a clue.

      The roof of what is termed the “parking structure” has a canopy covered with over 390,000 sq. foot of PV cells: by my reckoning, that will generate around 2.75 megawatt-hours of electricity using current technology running at 7% efficiency when the California sun is shining.

      As a guide, that should power slightly more than 10,000 MacBook Pros attached via Thunderbolt Displays.

    1. Uhm, so you saw the DaVinci Code, where Mary Magdalene is buried in the Louvre under a glass pyramid.

      Dan Brown was a high school classmate of mine, where his dad taught me algebra.

      1. Well actually, I was coming from the aspect of a devout pyramidologist who believes that his mortal remains would be preserved forever so that we could continue to worship his Steveness. Seriously.

        I wonder how DaVinci would fit into the corporate world of today? He’d be an Apple guy for sure.

  2. Taking a cue from the old Walt Disney rumor, Steve has plans to very carefully be frozen upon his death to be restored to life when the technology is advanced enough to revive him….so in the center of the circle will be a large refrigerator. I hope Woz doesn’t leave the door open when he stops by for a beer.

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