Skype for iPad goes live, briefly

“Skype’s Internet phone and video chat application for Apple’s iPad was available late Monday, but was quickly pulled from Apple’s online stores,” John Ribeiro reports for IDG News Service.

“Skype said in a Twitter message that it had gone live prematurely,” Ribeiro reports. “‘We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting Skype for iPad and apologize for the inconvenience,’ the Luxembourg-based company said in a second message on Twitter.”

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Ribeiro reports, “It is not clear when Skype on iPad, which was reported to go live over a month ago, will now be available.”

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  1. My wife’s original Christmas Gift iPad Home Button broke in the middle of June and since the Apple Store was out of replacements, we bought an iPad2 because we were going out of town for a week. Both the original and the new one have been running Skype since Day One!!

    1. Apparently, day one is today. After on-off-on-off availability, it looks like Skype is finally officially released for iPad.

      Skype has been available for iPhone for a long time. Obviously, they took their time to release the iPad version (especially iPad 2 version, with video).

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