iCloud pricing revealed; iCloud.com opens up for devs with iPad-like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iWork apps

“Apple has just opened up the iCloud.com web interface for developers. The website is in beta and features all new web apps for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and more,’ Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“In addition, it appears that iCloud.com will offer a portal for users to view their iWork documents that are stored in the cloud via iCloud,” Gurman reports.

More info and screenshots in the full article here.

In a related article, Gurman reports, “As a part of today’s iCloud.com launch for developers, Apple has revealed the price points for extra iCloud storage for end users.”

Gurman reports, “iCloud will come with 5GB of free storage – as previously noted by Apple – but users will be able to upgrade their account to up to an extra 50GB.”

iCloud pricing:
• 5GB – Free
• 10GB – $20/yr. (15GB total iCloud storage)
• 20GB – $40/yr. (25GB total iCloud storage)
• 50GB – $100/yr. (55GB total iCloud storage)

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


      1. exactly.
        itf iCloud is at leat as good/flexible as DropBox ot’s a winner despite some bickering of $1.60/GB/yr!

        if you add the Apple flair to iDropBox loud, if u add all the Apple integrated ecosys, then u get the X-factor of cloud done right.

        the missing…
        1. Find My iPhone will be implemented in final iCloud version

        2. iDisk: if iCloud does DropBox, u got it

        3. MpbileMe Gallery or photo host: it has nothing to do with iWrb, so if iWeb no longer exists, surely there will be some form pf photo slideshow feature, esp. when iWork slready exists in beta & iLife should

        4. shame iWeb is cut, but who knows if Apple is planning a better wysiwyg app (html5 ; )
        at least, in Apple’s mote open attitude & to switch more Windows users they should continue the trend & maybe at least make 3rd party wysiwyg apps compatible to be hosted on iCloud

        5. remember iCards? before MobileMe?! they might not bring that back, but iWeb is more regrettable if not rebamped from scratch or if iCloud can’t host sites by other apps that could integrate for content into iBooks or whatever…

      2. It will be better, and more integrated than Dropbox. Oh yeah, and cheaper. Dropbox is $10/mo. ($120/yr) for 50GB and Photos and Music can take up much of that. iCloud is 100/yr for 50GB and Photos, Music, Videos are free space not towards the 50gb. This could be magnificent for small businesses also.

    1. How can it be better than MobileMe when there’s no photo hosting, no iDisk and no Back to My Mac. Whatever iCloud is, it’s not even close to MobileMe.

        1. That’s what I’m afraid of too…
          I’ve been using iCloud beta version for past couple weeks, and I don’t know if I like it more than drop box.
          Apple just should buy off Dropbox.

          1. why buy DropBox?

            DB has become big & is hyped as so amazingly cool yet it’s nothing that specisl or sophisticted. it’s actually just plain old online backup with a little mor programming than its competitors. it is not rocket science. it”s much cheaper if Apple codes it from scratch + Apple has its own server farms.

            + Apple can easily improve the UI. but Apple definitely would benefit from the practicality of DB and its speed which was horrendous on .Mac + MobileMe.

      1. iCloud blows MobileMe out of the water. OTA updating and automatic syncing are huge for the layperson. 50% of iPhone users have never connected to iTunes after the initial sync.

        Photo hosting will come. Photo stream is a great addition.

        Just what do you think 55GB of storage is if not iDisk (even if different in name)?

        Whatever you thought MobileMe was isn’t even close to iCloud.

  1. FatCow is a great host. neat. easy. affordable. green servers.
    they charge for hosting $4.67/mth ($56/yr) but with unlimited HD!
    iCloud, if compared similarly, costs $40 for 20GB or for $56 would give 28GB @ $2/GB, that’s much too little generosity for iCloud users.

    nevertheless, no host and no cloud competitor offers the facility, ease of use, automation, stability, bandwidth, software solutions etc. that Apple does.

    one can’t say that iCloud sucks bad or fucks well against others, it’ll all be relative. it depends on each of us.

      1. oh my god, any educated person by now should know that by green servers i mean driven by ecologically energized servers’ you two took it litetally. ian’t it eniugh that we americans diluted the word ecological to hust green because we always simplify things for the dumb masses? but we don’t get our own slang?!

        1. I surely wrote about the Ecological “green”. You know, a funny fact is that even though the word Ecological is the greek word “Οικολογικός” we use the word “Πράσινος” (green) nowadays far more often than “Ecological” which proves about the dumb masses are not only Americans. Eco-Logical. Οίκο-Λογικός. It translates from greek exactly as “Common-Sense” nothing more.

  2. FYI, you can actually log in to icloud.com now, even if you’re not a developer. Obviously without iOS 5, you can’t really actually do anything with it, but you can check out the very slick interface.

    Curiously, Find My iPhone still uses me.com. Maybe it’s just temporary.

    1. Nothing curious about Find My iPhone still using me.com. iCloud hasn’t been released yet, and Apple has already said MobileMe will continue for current users for a year. I’m sure iOS 5 will bring about iCloud as the host for Find My iPhone.

      1. And if memory serves me correct (and it does – just rechecked – see June 6, 2011 WWDC Keynote on apple.com and scrub to 110.45 time mark, and hear Steve Jobs say that the 5 GB’s is for mail, documents and backup BUT purchased music, apps, and books are NOT included towards that 5GB, as well as, photostream (and all those digital pics) not included as well!…

        That has got to stand for some value so maybe that “$1.60/GB” pricing needs to be revised once again?…

        1. exactly what I was thinking. The final cost is way less than $1.60. More like $1.00 per GB given that documents and pictures and music can easily take up close to another 50GB. My music alone takes up 30GB and I don’t even have a large collection.

  3. I’m going to miss my iDisk. It was slow but useful. I need to go back to Steve’s speech and learn again what features I’m going to loose and what will still be covered with the new iCloud.

    I am looking forward to syncing that works.

  4. People can haggle over the costs, but I’d rather do one-stop shopping and stay with Apple’s unified and tightly integrated ecosystem. To me, $100 spread out over a year is next to nothing. I just hope it runs well without too many teething problems.

    1. What about it?

      As a software package, it is no longer supported but still useable to upload to hosting services like GoDaddy.com or Fatcow.

      Apple is no longer providing an iWeb hosting service, however.

    2. … major fly in this upgrade. Given that Apple is still supporting some of the iLife package, I don’t understand why they would give this one part a pass.
      Still, it’s great! that they seem to be including the iWork.com functionality in the new package.

  5. ahhhh. After all those years of mobile me, finally this actually fulfills the promise of the cloud. I edit a numbers spreadsheet on my phone and it’s just there on the computer and iPad. Even with the cursor in the right spot. All I can say is yay!

  6. It’s still not working for developers. When you try to migrate your MobileMe account to iCloud, the link takes you to a dead link page. It’s been like this for a couple of weeks. Slowly but surely Apple is bringing all of this up, but they still have a ways to go. There’s really not much there to see yet, but the functionality will be slowly added through August.

  7. $40 gets you 25GB total in iCloud, which is better than the $100 per year for 20GB of MobileMe. Not a slam dunk by any means given the cost of HDDs these days, even enterprise quality HDDs. I was hoping for 100GB for $100 per year. Your purchased iTunes Store music tracks, apps, etc. don’t count against you. But the vast majority of my music is in the form of ripped CDs, so not much help there.

    If the iCloud functionality is compelling, however, then I am willing to give it a try.

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