McDonald’s WiFi setup guide reads like an ad for Apple’s Mac

“Mac Prices Australia, an Australian site that lists pricing on Apple products, recently tweeted a TwitPic of a McDonald’s WiFi guide that shows the difference between setting-up the restaurant’s WiFi on a PC compared to a Mac — and the difference is pretty obvious,” Jennifer Bergen reports for

Advertisement: Limited Time: Students, Parents and Faculty save up to $200 on a new Mac.

“The relatively clean page on the right is what Mac users have to do,” Bergen explains, “the two left hand pages thick with text and diagrams is for Windows.”

Bergen writes, “I don’t think anyone in the comments can argue for the PC side in this battle, Mac wins hands down.”

McDonald's WiFi Setup Guide
McDonald's WiFi Setup Guide

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft. Making things unnecessarily difficult for people since 1975.

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    1. This is a very old problem that Microsoft never addressed. It could be a great TV ad. Stack a pile of “How to install” routines up. Then ask the consumer to pick which they would rather do. You could animate the text of only instructions linking together. Apple’s could reach up to a phone companies’ satellite and Microsoft could reach past the moon into deep space.

      1. “Never addressed”? Really? Not even in Windows 7?


        See, I gotta use Windows at work. We’re currently on XP, and I hate the way WiFi works, and often doesn’t work. I’ve managed to accidentally disable the wireless card trying to get my laptop to connect to the work WiFi network!

        We’re upgrading to Windows 7 later in the year, and I was hoping for a more intuitive, simple WiFi interface, something closer to “just working”. No chance?


  1. WiFi guide at McDonald’s for Windows owners:
    – call Morgan Spurlock
    – Supersize me
    – Buy 10 cheeseburgers and give 9 away to fat boy Ballmer
    – Tool around Control Panel and look for the Ronald McDonald icon
    – Gnash your teeth in frustration
    – Throw your Windows laptop into the fryer

    WiFi guide for Mac owners:
    – Order Big Mac
    – Turn on MacBook ‘the Knife edged’ Air
    – Eat

  2. and sadly…some people still don’t and won’t ever get it. it’s the same logic behind political party affiliation. you ask some people why they’re one party or the other and the answer’s usually- “well, my dad..” or “my family is…”



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