Google wants marketing expert – not tech expert – to testify on value of Java to Android in Oracle lawsuit

“Damages claims are a highly controversial issue between Oracle and Google, and once again they couldn’t agree. This time they disagreed on possible candidates for the role of a court-appointed expert,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “That comes as little surprise to me.”

Mueller reports, “There’s one thing that probably will surprise many observers of this process: For the question of the contribution Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property rights make to Android’s success, Google wants the court to pick a marketing expert rather than a technical expert — and Oracle disagrees.”

Mueller reports, “A joint letter by the two parties to the court also shows that one of eight candidates they analyzed together fell through because Google objected to a computer scientist: ‘Google objects to one additional potential expert proposed by Oracle, Candidate H, on the ground that he is a technical (computer science) rather than a marketing expert.'”

Mueller reports, “This is Oracle’s take: ‘Oracle is not submitting a declaration, but notes that it disagrees with Google’s position as to the advisability of a marketing expert as compared to a technical expert on the issue of whether the claims to be tried to the jury constitute the basis for demand for Android.'”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Pretty much seems like an admission of guilt on Google’s part. Much easier to get a marketing muppet to say things unrelated to reality. Even the way it’s worded – “on the ground that he is a technical (computer science) rather than a marketing expert” – seems bizarre to hear from Google. Remember back when they had that public hissy fit over Bing “stealing” search results from Google? They sure relied on their “technical (computer science) rather than marketing experts” there.

    Mueller also has a great article on Google’s anti-patent hypocrisy, which I don’t recall seeing linked here but is definitely worth a read.

  2. And this is a surprise, why ? What the heck does a tech expert know about the economic value of a product. Do you think that Phil Schiller, for example, is a code geek ?
    Get real.

  3. Marketing Expert equals media journalist. They say alot of nothing and rarely get the overall idea accurately across. But, they do very well at providing a bill with an overrated value of themselves.

  4. Actually, this is one time that I agree with Google. The determination of the award is a commercial one, not a technical one. The value of the software, and Googles’ franchise, is what matters, not the technical merits or value of the software.

    1. WHAT…..

      Listen up, you steal you pay the price, Google just admitted quilt and side the are aware they will have to pay up, The excuses fly and the lies get even more ridiculous.

      Google has NO chance of this happening, if anyone with a law background would tell you this is plan simple posturing adding a hope to delay the outcome.

      Mark my words.. IT WON’T HAPPEN.

    2. Stealing is stealing. Google is just wanting to redefine what “stealing” means for their benefit.

      For more proof, Google is defending HTC and is claiming that Apple is “jealous” of Android’s success.

      Google is become a modern day slimy thief and is getting in bed with other slimy thieves to become a consortium of slimy thieves.

  5. The value of Java to Android?

    Google: “Well, your honour, Java is a stinking turd but using it in Android means we can cut down on all the work we have to do by like 80%. It’s really convenient for us… That’s why you should throw out Oracle’s lawsuit…”

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